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Hello! Possibly?! I'll have to look into it. :)

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Panmorphia: Awakened

Panmorphia: Awakened, a point & click, puzzle adventure game where you transform into a cat, bird, and fish, is out today!

To celebrate the release there is a 10% off sale!

You can check the game out here:

Sorry to hear that. It was exported for 64 bit. I'll look into it for a 32 bit option. :)

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Ah, I see. Unfortunately handles the payment options for us, we have no control over what they offer. 

I'm not sure I understand, what is the error that it gives you when you attempt to buy it?

Sorry to hear that!

Are you getting a specific error?

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game. :)

Sounds good! Glad you're enjoying the game! :)

Hey there!

What form are you currently in? The fish statue is inside the cave door, there won't be an arrow there. You just need to click the cave opening!:)

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I'm not entirely sure how it'll work as I've never done it, but I think it allocates them automatically?! We'll see! :)

No worries, didn't have a chance to update the page with new screenshots, logo and do a devlog yet, as I wanted to update the demos too first before doing that! 

Yes! I'm going to port all of my games to PC, and also currently working on Panmorphia 3.

Hello! Yes! Changed the UI so the game fits wider screens better, there’s bug fixes, art improvements etc. Haven’t had a chance yet to update the screenshots. :) 

I just updated it again, so please redownload if you got it before right now. :) 

New version is out! :)

Yay! Good to hear. :)

Can you try playing it through the itch app? Someone mentioned that may work! Otherwise the new version will come very soon. :)

Thanks for letting me know! I'll amend the disclaimer. :)

Steam is still planned, should be in the next couple of weeks! will update you once it's out. :)

Hey kitty!

Sorry to hear that. :( I am working on a new update with some changes, so I'll add a disclaimer for now and update this reply once it's out. Thanks so much for trying my game and letting me know! :)