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Bladequest is a welcome gift (limited amounts) for signing up the letter to get notified Phodex Games new game.

According to Markus as Phodex Games leader and the only one in the team, there will be a new game he worked on very hard in the past 6 months.

Please give him some support or feedback whatever you can do and share the news when the new game launches.

Sign up here:

And get your gift at your mailbox after confirming the subscription.

Info of Bladequest:


Who is Markus:

Hi DaedalusMachina, 

It is good to see someone still discussing about the issue since I was not more often hanging around at, only for some special games exclusively here. still allows company or dev provide only Steam serial key here without a Drm-free version. As you can see, such as this one, provides Download Instruction.pdf.

It is just like you said, isn't really meant to be a Steam key purchasing store. I feel that it is true that many indie games (small team with huge creativity) are connected with Drm-free, it is a very similar ideal for every games should be individual and unconstrained with DRM (a stupid thing to restrict games and gamers) I am sure many people who support must care for Drm-free too. But maybe is not so ideal to be praised as a great kind indie game platform, it is always about the money to freely allow them to do that. 

First of all, I appreciate your kind intention. 

Although it is a satire that you beat a rich guy in the game for what he was a dick to someone poor than him to make the players become another dick, I would rather like to discuss the other part of the content. 

At first sight of the game trailer, it let me think if you could add the realistic element in your game, it would be more interesting and meaningful, such as the whole spitting animation (the moving image and sound). 

Also I wonder why you would like to let someone receive the homeless' picture, video or shopping list as the exclusive content, it did not make sense with the game, unless if you only want the donators to get honor or pity from them, I suppose that you could use these materials in the game to present a real situation of the homeless.

In my awkward situation, I already had two on steam, two on This bundle is not held for donating any organization, it is really difficult to pick up.  Maybe it is nice and fair to cut the percent of price for people who already had some of them in it, rather than turning it as gift because these are not some kind of team group games, such as Invisigun Heroes which would be better to stay in the gift system reversely.

there is a bug that when surfing the sale list, it can't show anymore photos of the games below.

This is a nice list to look up some games, but too boring to become a stock market calculation, not really indie stuff or intuitive review.

Honestly, I don't really feel so much different of new homepage,  I prefer the front page color as dark, it is more comfortable in the old time. 

And you can check some developers seeing as the beta testers only but not so willing to sell here for the full release, yes, Aven Colony is currently unavailable because they are already going to Steam.

Also I have said that the distributor's problem which would be a risk for individual developer and players.

In last year, I also found out some problem when we support the games.

Anyway, I still like a lot, but I really think there are much more things can do better.

Thanks for reply. I have said that I talked to one of the dev, and some others I wrote but not reply me yet. Seems that some of them are not willing to let the distributor selling their game as I know Mini Metro will end the contract and do it by themselves. I don't really think every one will care this issue as me,  but it does make me feel important that maybe this thing will be getting worse in the future. 

This problem is not really in the same situation of people who bought the games and sold steam keys. These company (maybe one to two is enough to be huge) would have much more resources than individual one, like you said, the players will be very often to see their products everywhere in, such as front page features or sales, bundles. If there is a player going to and want to pick up some nice indie games, and only can saw these big company's products at the first sight. And for my top worry, that they don't really be careful on managing their product own pages, that means the players don't have the same treat as in other selling platform, such as the update news. 

I don't believe that when the free open platform grows, these kind of problems will happen, and we don't have any way to help. I believe that if every individual try to the best on the game and communication with players, these games should get more people to notice their brightness, so that is the reason I keep writing these kind of post and reply to let more people know and effect the manager's mind.

It would be better if you make some short video clips for people to know the way to play. :)

Thanks for reply, we nee more people to be informed and stick together to let know the issue is important.

I definitely joined this giveaway ! How can I miss again the chance to get the physical copy of Dujanah ! 

And jackspinoza, please take care yourself, keep creating games !

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Sorry leafo, I didn't have too much time to reply soon.

It seems like these days player already knew this issue often.

 And you are right and wrong.

First, you should correctly name they are distributor not publisher.

These developers have their own publisher (usually themselves) and they corporate with these distributors Plug in Digital and 4EversGames let them set the market.

There are not many distributors on indeed, only two as I saw, but they are too often making sale, and care nothing about the store page and further support (such as update news, dlc and main game that are only published on Steam for people)

In this 2017 holiday sales, it is the first time I feel that these distributors set the sale for long time already, and put so many sale titles (almost 16, and no different introduction and details), the most important problem is that their huge amounts are reducing and threatening in every section visibly.

That means when the players want to see some indie game made by hardworking individual developers, will have to pass through these big company' stuffs.

I have discussed this with Mini Metro which is one of the game distributed in, and the publisher told me that they will soon cancel the corporation and do it by themselves. should be careful on this issue, at least there are many possible way to try, such as creating a Distributor section for every distributor, and for those who only sell their products as only Steam key, that is something conflicting main idea.

I just found your word in an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which is the original motive that seems be breaking now:

"It gives you the ability to design a custom page where people can download, play or purchase your games."

discuss this issue with me in the post ;)

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check my post, you will know more about the problem.

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That is the problem I discussed before, allows this thing happen for its own profit  these day. leafo

I suggest everyone who likes to stay in buy the game through individual developers directly not these careless distributor.

And to LorenLemcke

I don't believe there is no way to have standalone version of the game, Steam don't insist DRM into every game on Steam. There are many instances for DRM-free games on Steam. And since your game is not MMO, there is no problem with server.

I would like to quote the developer of The Norwood Suite's reply: "Under what circumstance would getting a steam Key through itch be preferable to getting the game through Steam directly?"


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Hi again, GrimTalin

Thanks for reply. Yes, it would be nice to have a same title game in different machine/system if I have extra budget. But I am worried that the players would feel lazy after they have tried 3 machines so far. It is because this game is not like Evoland (made by Shiro Games) which exactly have the same idea but it changes the graphic style when the levels change too, so you can have different puzzles and levels in the whole game. And I am afraid if no one appreciate your art works, it would be a pity for such great idea of childhood and memory museum.

After all that is just my opinion for this game's future, you could follow your own way to create it :)

whiteblack, a game critic nearly.

Hi GrimTalin

I just finished it, at least got 20/20 coins and passed all rooms, but it look strange when I got these achievement, and the system didn't tell me win or the end. Just a empty room for not available right now, would it be the reason for this is a demo, so I can't actually complete the first game in the museum? It is still good to see something different in the retro game, like this slogan which usually can be seen in metagames to communicate with players.

Here are my other opinions that the coin finding puzzle is good to lead the player come in and go back to the same room. It is a little bit hard for controlling the character to jump by preventing the nails but at least it is easier when the player died and rebirthed in the near place. The limited bullet amount is nice strategy to beat the snakes and buttons. 

I like the retro music (8 bit?), it would be great for each game in the museum at least for one soundtrack, the keybound sound in the ending part of music is decent. 

My other concern for the formal version of the game, specifically the other games look like the same design of the levels, but only difference between the art style, is that true? Or it does really conclude other design of levels in other games?

At last, it is a perfect game without any bugs, I run it on my Mac smoothly, but when I type Ctrl twice more will get my screen jump off to the desktop.

whiteblack, a game critic nearly.

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At least, I saw Plug In Digital and 4EversGames are coming on for sometimes, they are not developers but distributors, and I totally understood some developers need distributors to help them make profits, maybe because they are too busy or have no knowledge about the market?

But it is still weird to see many distributors hang around where is the land almost belongs to the indie game and individual small group of developer.  

The games they distributed are not bad games, some of them like Shelter, Kingdom are already famous indie games in the world on Steam platform. And you can see there are so many strange behind, like if the developer already has their own publisher, why don't the publisher publish or distribute them on without through the other companies to cost you other fees. And why don't the developer or publisher state the games can be bought at on their official website after they hired distributors uploaded the games on, such as 

Another issue is that I am afraid that politics is too free and open, so if the distributors try to use discount many times, how much money actually return back to developers but not the distributors' pocket, and how much effect will threaten on the other truly indie game developers on 

As I saw, the distributors are not careful to design the page on like other create many gorgeous and unique store page, such as Localhost and Planetarium. Every game page is not just a store to sell or ask supporting the game, but an important communication between the developer and the gamer. 

Just check Northgard or any page made by distributors on, it just a product in the market for them, paste some pictures (even in low quality than official can provide), paste a short introduction which is already stated on Steam platform or anywhere(even Steam provide more detailed information), and if it is still an early released game, they don't even tell you more about the progress right now or plan in the future. I believe the distributors think the gamers already know these famous game at other place, so just buy it and don't ask them anything, go to Steam redeem the key, and see what is the news there too, or just ask any support on Steam, but don't bother them, for distributors, is just a store, buy and go away.   

How about the Shelter store page?  Paste only a Steam store link at the top for extremely short introduction that exactly means: "Hey, you gamers already know this game on Steam right? Just bought it on sale and closed page to redeem them on Steam." Even in the second picture concludes something isn't belonging to this page if you purchase: A DLC of soundtrack you can't own it if you buy in this page.

If we compare to the website from original developer, you will know the difference.


My conclusion is that is a very kind place for any developers, and it is not so difficult to publish here, if the developers can come here by themselves to ask for support or communicate with the gamers, it is healthier for the entire environment of indie game to move on.

whiteblack environment issue: Notice 1. There is something dangerous on supporting works in Notice 2. There are many distributors coming on now.

Indie game critic:

Game feedback:

Daniel, I am not saying your game is not made by RPG Maker, I mean your game doesn't look interesting because you use the same materials in Undertale, you should use some hand-draw by yourself, not using the materials which are provided by Undertale itself, the internet or RPG Maker. This is why sometimes people saying game looks too much like a children's school homework.

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OK, seems refund policy change after last time I was declined by the support. So the potential danger would be the seller account which passed 3 months can sell something that buyer can't ask refund from support but the seller.

For the second issue, there are so many reasons that the seller  could have no prove to sell these games.

1. As the seller mention, these games are from Finnish game brand PocketPlayCard Game, and I detected that the company is no longer working, the official website is shut down, and you can check the other information of this company in the E3 2001 Guide book.

2. the seller only uploaded some casual photos to sell them that it looks like the seller didn't have official product print.

3. the seller used the masked email but not their official email ( which makes me sceptical for what kind of reason the seller didn't want to be found.

4.  the seller uploaded them and made a bundle for sale, then just disappeared.

All of these can't give a explanation too, so why don't close down the page for clarification. You don't have enough information to believe that the person illegally distributing the games but you also don't have enough information to believe that the person can be legally distributing the games. If there is any misunderstanding, I believe when the seller notice the store page is closed, he/she would come up right away to explain for necessary.

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I have to say is the best platform for any individual developer, but it is not safe for gamer, supporter or buyer for some condition.

Yes, when we supported the works, that means we support the developer and his/her works. But doesn't like Steam or any huge commercial game platform have strict and secure rule for preventing people who want to put some pirated or unauthorized stuffs here.

There are already many examples in before, Stardew Valley, Oneshot or other popular indie games are illegally uploaded by some gamer who bought the Drm-free version game in GOG and sold them here, even some of them are sold in the Drm version which means the games can't be played without the owner account.

I don't have screenshots of these pages but I can remember they lasted not too long, 3-4 days after I reported but they have been already supported for many dollars (you can see the contributions with the goal system) (already removed)

What I want to say for the most important part for anyone who want to buy or support the games on,  in the new payment rule for using Paypal to pay, the seller account which lasted 3 months can sell something that buyer can't ask refund from support but the seller. So you could have chances to get refund, but it is not 100% if the money just directly go to the seller ( I think illegal seller would indeed choose get the money through Paypal directly, not collected by and get later) But if you trust this developer so well, it is good to use credit card, there is some transaction fee to cost developer, and paying directly by credit card always can get refund if trouble comes.

Here is another example for my personal experience, I bought a bundle for some rare old games I never heard in 45 days ago, but after all I noticed that it could be illegal by someone who bought it for long time and shot a bad photo to sell these games. 

After I talked to manager, he attached the seller's email that we can have the discussion, I no longer have any bad or good news, but the most striking thing is the store still keep alive, anyone could buy these sceptical things and get in danger with no refunds.

As I saw it is still online and can't be double-checked, it would be not safe for every supporter on who bought or played anything unauthorized games, even it could be dangerous to include virus or blackmail stuffs, we don't know. Honestly this is old issue, but I think should take more serious way to consider for this kind of issue, I understand is a small team, but it doesn't make sense for this reason that cause you do nothing and wait the trouble coming again. I think anyone who upload anything should be examined first by volunteer or the simple online virus detector or after reporting, please close down the page soon to check details. It doesn't need to be so hurried to get donation or support, if developers already take so much hard time on works, why we care to wait few days or a week to check right? :)

Btw, the post writing has bug, I pasted some words and links and it messed around with my finished sentence. :(

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I can agree your MUGMAN FAN GAME picture is a fan work for respecting Cuphead, but Angrytale looks like nothing creative, even the cover, soundtrack, trailer , character design are copying or intimating the same materials and style in Undertale, you are misleading anyone who like Undertale in that way (there is potentiality for infringing copyright), I am not asking you to do a historically amazing game, but at least I suppose you can use RPG maker to make something individual by your true heart after your experience on Undertale if you insist to do some games can be connected with it.   Thank you, and wish you make a good game.               whiteblack

Btw, I bought this member's games few months ago and I have doubt about the legality of these games, already wrote the mail to support but it has been long time no hearing any news, this member is using a hidden email which makes me more sceptical. Could you help me to check it, I am afraid anyone who will buy or bought these too.

Oh yes! That is cool!

Hello, I am huge fan of games, but it is not so possible for my situation to buy most of them, I found out there was an very good bundle before, I wonder if it will be available to buy again or pay more to get it? Thanks.

Is it more beneficial for game developer if anyone choose to pay with credit card directly? 

Hi jackspinoza, is there any chance to get Physical Jack in the Box!, I like your games and art a lot, it would be great to collect them for review and my collection. :)