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Thank you for playing the game, happy you liked it!

Unfortunately, I dropped support for the Mac version after v1.2.0 and the new dungeons were introduced in v1.3.0. There were multiple reasons for dropping Mac, like requiring notarization which meant I'd have to get a Mac and a registered dev account with them, as opposed to being able to just build from Windows as I previously did. Difficulty in testing and the fact that less than 50 people bought the game on Mac so far meant there was no justification to keep supporting it.

I am sorry that you're unable to play the other dungeons.

Thank you for the help! I'm just waiting for one last piece of information, but this should be solved by mail now.

I am a business and it wasn't a direct pay option, it was made through PayPal from funds that added up in my account. As a business I need to emit an invoice for those money and present it to my local authorities. I need the company data for that, the company that made the payment to me, it's what I do with Steam, Nintendo and everyone else. But for some reason no one from bothers to give me an answer...

Anyone? Doesn't have to be from itch, if you're from EU you must've needed this info too, no? It's kind of important.. :(


I was wondering if anyone from itch can help me with their company data, including company name, EIN and business address. I need to emit an invoice just for my records, to justify a payment from itch to my local authorities, and I need to include that company data on the invoice. I tried sending a mail to support, but I had no reply yet, so I was hoping maybe someone notices this thread and helps me out.

Thank you and have a great day!

If you want to join the Closed Beta for The Adventures of Elena Temple please leave me a message. You'll receive a Steam key that only works until March 8th.

The final release trailer for The Adventures of Elena Temple:

The Adventures of Elena Temple is content complete! Check out one of the craziest levels in the game! Do you dare step forward?

Designing a level in The Adventures of Elena Temple. The new level will be available soon in v0.6.0. You can also briefly check out a new mechanic: the pressure moving platforms.

This is how the map in The Adventures of Elena Temple looks with all the secret scrolls collected: Shortcuts, Chests, Completion. Coming soon in v0.5.0!

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Update 0.4.0 is going to be live very soon! I don't want to fully commit to a release date, but chances are really high that you'll be able to play it tomorrow. New mechanics and new levels are coming your way, stay tuned!

Check out a new level from the upcoming 0.4.0 update:

Great news! v0.3.5 will be live tomorrow with 3 new dungeon screens, dynamic music with more tracks and an updated pause menu. To celebrate, here's the final version of the above level on a different machine:

I did notice, thank you so much for featuring the game! I sent you a thank you mail at support as soon as it was featured, didn't know of a better way to get in touch.

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In this topic I'm going to post random small sneak peaks on the game.

Like this new level I've finished today:

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The Adventures of Elena Temple is available in early access. You can play the free DEMO and if you do, please leave me some feedback!

Ever miss being a child, playing games at your grandma's or in your old bedroom? Well, I got you covered!

The Adventures of Elena Temple is the classic you never knew existed. And the best part is that you can play it on virtual old machines that kind of sort of maybe existed. It's not like you can remember for sure anyway, right?


  • A dungeon of 50+ screens to overcome, each its own mini-level
  • Open exploration, you choose which way to go, but don't worry, a helpful map is just one button away
  • Challenging, old-school platforming
  • Collect as many coins as you want, but we both  know you'll get them all, you're a completionist, don't even try to deny it!
  • Coins will make you rich, but there's no escaping the dungeon without all the gems
  • Secrets for the more observant player
  • Best of all, you can play the game on any of the included 7 virtual old machines, from the Pomo D'or 4, to Maple and Some Toy and all the way to the NS-Bos PC

Thank you so much for the kind words! About the music filter, I did considered it, but didn't focus on this so far.  There is a slight difference in the sounds pitch on the Pomo D'Or, the black and white TV one, but that's about it for now. Will think more about this after I finish all the content and I get to the polish phase.

Wow, thank you gor the extensive feedback!

First of all, the lack of a true ending is because the game is still in development, the plan is that with all the gems collected you'll be able to open a door to the final area of the game where you can properly finish the game.

There will be more music tracks and I want to implement a dynamic music manager that changes tunes based on elements in each game screen, while keeping the baseline the same. Until, of course, the whole arrangement changes.

As for the various machines in the museum, yes, it's the same game “ported” on those machines, so the only differences will be in the visual style. Like how if you played the original Prince of Persia it would look different depending on the system you played on, like the Macintosh vs Spectrum vs Game Boy vs MS-Dos. While it would've been great to have a different game on each system, it's way out of my time and money budget - 7 games worth of content would take me a crazy amount of time to pull of, since I'm making the game all on my own.

Regardin the Ctrl issue on Mac, I will look into it, you can alternatively use the E key to shoot, I'll put all the key mappings in the help section for the next version.

Thank you so much for trying the game and I really appreciate the feedback!

Hey, everyone, or you, that single person that played my demo! I hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit! I would love to know your thoughts on the game.