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The Norwood Suite

Journey to a hillside hotel brimming with odd characters, old secrets and head-nodding music. · By Cosmo D

Do buyers get Steam keys?

A topic by Leaffar created Nov 06, 2017 Views: 754 Replies: 4
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If I buy The Norwood Suite on do i get a Steam key?


You get a standalone version of the game.   Under what circumstance would getting a steam Key through itch be preferable to getting the game through Steam directly?


Many people prefer to buy via itch so they can be sure the developer is getting a the percentage they chose, rather than one imposed on them by a platform-holder. This is one of the major attractions of itch for a lot of people, including myself.


I can look into a Steam key redeemable setup (like Humble) for those who would prefer to buy from itch but access the game through the Steam client.

That would be really nice although I've bought the game on steam already :-P But other people would probably be more eager to buy on itch if the key is an option.