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Demo feedback Sticky

A topic by GrimTalin created Dec 01, 2017 Views: 528 Replies: 5
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Hey, everyone, or you, that single person that played my demo! I hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit! I would love to know your thoughts on the game.

Hi GrimTalin

I just finished it, at least got 20/20 coins and passed all rooms, but it look strange when I got these achievement, and the system didn't tell me win or the end. Just a empty room for not available right now, would it be the reason for this is a demo, so I can't actually complete the first game in the museum? It is still good to see something different in the retro game, like this slogan which usually can be seen in metagames to communicate with players.

Here are my other opinions that the coin finding puzzle is good to lead the player come in and go back to the same room. It is a little bit hard for controlling the character to jump by preventing the nails but at least it is easier when the player died and rebirthed in the near place. The limited bullet amount is nice strategy to beat the snakes and buttons. 

I like the retro music (8 bit?), it would be great for each game in the museum at least for one soundtrack, the keybound sound in the ending part of music is decent. 

My other concern for the formal version of the game, specifically the other games look like the same design of the levels, but only difference between the art style, is that true? Or it does really conclude other design of levels in other games?

At last, it is a perfect game without any bugs, I run it on my Mac smoothly, but when I type Ctrl twice more will get my screen jump off to the desktop.

whiteblack, a game critic nearly.


Wow, thank you gor the extensive feedback!

First of all, the lack of a true ending is because the game is still in development, the plan is that with all the gems collected you'll be able to open a door to the final area of the game where you can properly finish the game.

There will be more music tracks and I want to implement a dynamic music manager that changes tunes based on elements in each game screen, while keeping the baseline the same. Until, of course, the whole arrangement changes.

As for the various machines in the museum, yes, it's the same game “ported” on those machines, so the only differences will be in the visual style. Like how if you played the original Prince of Persia it would look different depending on the system you played on, like the Macintosh vs Spectrum vs Game Boy vs MS-Dos. While it would've been great to have a different game on each system, it's way out of my time and money budget - 7 games worth of content would take me a crazy amount of time to pull of, since I'm making the game all on my own.

Regardin the Ctrl issue on Mac, I will look into it, you can alternatively use the E key to shoot, I'll put all the key mappings in the help section for the next version.

Thank you so much for trying the game and I really appreciate the feedback!

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Hi again, GrimTalin

Thanks for reply. Yes, it would be nice to have a same title game in different machine/system if I have extra budget. But I am worried that the players would feel lazy after they have tried 3 machines so far. It is because this game is not like Evoland (made by Shiro Games) which exactly have the same idea but it changes the graphic style when the levels change too, so you can have different puzzles and levels in the whole game. And I am afraid if no one appreciate your art works, it would be a pity for such great idea of childhood and memory museum.

After all that is just my opinion for this game's future, you could follow your own way to create it :)

whiteblack, a game critic nearly.

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What a lovely warm feeling I got from this when the music kicked in, felt like I was in my old bedroom again back in the 80's! Got 18 coins and the diamond, no bugs found as of yet. Have you thought of employing a different filter over the music for each system too, or different instruments so it's still the same tune, but sounds like a different machine? Best of luck with the rest of development :)


Thank you so much for the kind words! About the music filter, I did considered it, but didn't focus on this so far.  There is a slight difference in the sounds pitch on the Pomo D'Or, the black and white TV one, but that's about it for now. Will think more about this after I finish all the content and I get to the polish phase.