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Hi GrimTalin

I just finished it, at least got 20/20 coins and passed all rooms, but it look strange when I got these achievement, and the system didn't tell me win or the end. Just a empty room for not available right now, would it be the reason for this is a demo, so I can't actually complete the first game in the museum? It is still good to see something different in the retro game, like this slogan which usually can be seen in metagames to communicate with players.

Here are my other opinions that the coin finding puzzle is good to lead the player come in and go back to the same room. It is a little bit hard for controlling the character to jump by preventing the nails but at least it is easier when the player died and rebirthed in the near place. The limited bullet amount is nice strategy to beat the snakes and buttons. 

I like the retro music (8 bit?), it would be great for each game in the museum at least for one soundtrack, the keybound sound in the ending part of music is decent. 

My other concern for the formal version of the game, specifically the other games look like the same design of the levels, but only difference between the art style, is that true? Or it does really conclude other design of levels in other games?

At last, it is a perfect game without any bugs, I run it on my Mac smoothly, but when I type Ctrl twice more will get my screen jump off to the desktop.

whiteblack, a game critic nearly.