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Did you just see the rope swing screen and then completely stop playing any further? It really isn't.

Hope it gets sorted soon, it's a great game!

Your download page has been quarantined by itch.

This was SO good! I would very gladly pay again for more content. I really loved the idea of you being able to flesh out the stories of characters by adding more channels. Anyway, thank you for making this, it was a horrible great experience ;)

NOOO!! I was really looking forward to this, I didn't realise there was a time restriction :(

Controller works with new update! (3.4.4)

Thank you very much :)

Hey, sorry for the late response (didn't see the email notification!). Thanks for the reply but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working still.

Just to clarify, It's a wireless Xbox One controller (connected through wireless dongle), I start the game up (with the controller already connected), use the keyboard in menu to select Settings->Input->Select controller->XBOX One S controller #1 but there's no response. I can see that the buttons are assigned there too. I wonder if the fact that it's wireless (not bluetooth) makes a difference?

Anyway, thanks again for the reply :)

I can select my Xbox One controller in the input selection option in settings, but it is unresponsive. Is this a known problem?

Hey there chum! Yeah I haven't really been too active on the internet for a while to be honest, had a few things going on but it's all good :)

Congrats on the release Sarah, it's fantastic from what I've played so far, thank you so much :)

What a lovely little place!

That was bloody excellent, thanks!

Well that was bloody superb! Genuinely gasped when Ashley had her revelation in science class :) Well done, really enjoyed it, top marks for the sprite work and choice of soundtrack too :)

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What a lovely warm feeling I got from this when the music kicked in, felt like I was in my old bedroom again back in the 80's! Got 18 coins and the diamond, no bugs found as of yet. Have you thought of employing a different filter over the music for each system too, or different instruments so it's still the same tune, but sounds like a different machine? Best of luck with the rest of development :)

That was super unsettling, the entity which surges towards you was horrible. Thanks Dan, great stuff! :)

That was really good! Loved the artwork, and the mechanics are just right. Thanks for that, really enjoyed it :)

Thanks for all your hard work making this, just played through and loved it :) Had such a wonderful sense of atmosphere too!

Nice, that'll be a fun project. Good luck :)

Enjoyed that, well done :) Any more planned?

Thanks for making this, it's great! Point and click pixel art style game is the perfect fit for this show. Any thoughts on continuing or adding to this? Cheers again :)

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Avast is my main Antivirus detector too, and it hasn't detected anything thus far (although I only downloaded the Zip). I think it's a false positive to be honest. (And having played for a few hours, also seeing the file structure of the game, e.g, A few standard Microsoft dlls and a data directory with just the expected .pcx, .wav and .ogg extensions, I think this is as clean a package as you'll get!).

Also, it's a great game :)

My pleasure, You should be well proud of it. Loved the few hours I've played tonight. Really intuitive UI and the Abraxas Guide is such a lovely extra. Horrible feeling I'm going to run out of torches in the Den of Blood... ah well, time to fight some Orcs in the wilderness and back to town to train up a bit I guess... :)

Hi, (Last post I promise!) Sorted the problem, it was simply the fact that the recommended latest drivers I downloaded from the Acer website were NOT the latest from the Intel site. Installed them and all working fine. Game purchased :)

No problem, Thanks for taking another look at it anyway.

All the best with your future games :)

Nah, no need to be sorry! Screen resolution is usually 1366x768 (Usual res of past few laptop iterations), and tried all resolutions down to 800x600 with same result. If you need any more info (dxdiag, etc...) just let me know. To be honest, it's just good to give you some platform information so indie developers such as yourself are better equipped for your future releases :)

Looks really great, although I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to run :( When I double click the .exe I get a blank screen with music. Alt Tabbing out and back in results in the menu screen showing, and I can hear the click of the menu items when I select with the arrow keys but the display is not updating to reflect this :(

Probably the rubbish Intel integrated graphics I've got on this potato ;)

i5 2540m

HD 3000 chipset


Direct X 11

Have tried fullscreeen, and windowed from a shortcut, although curiously when I select options ingame (by alt tabbing out and back in between cursor presses), the fullscreen option is greyed out and shows only "on".

Anyway, All the best :)