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What's the 33 - 45 cent fee with PayPal?

A topic by sitebender created Oct 15, 2017 Views: 637 Replies: 4
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When someone makes a purchase via,  it seems like its only a fee to the seller. I've never noticed it until now. Then takes its fee. So from $1, it comes out to be 55 cents. 

Paypal says its a "fee amount" with no other description. I took a look in itch's FAQ and couldn't find the answer.

Moderator only keeps the percentage you set in your preferences. But since they send you the money via PayPal, the latter applies their own fees. Which, as you've noticed, include a fixed portion. That's only like 30 cents, but it's going to be very noticeable when taken out of one dollar (the percentage they take on top of that is reasonable).

The solution is to let more money accumulate before requesting a payout. You'll also lighten the workload of transaction reviewers, which means the money will be transferred faster.

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Thanks for the reply! It doesn't seem to be a fixed. I would say maybe a money conversion fee, but its two Americans and I'm an American (and David Bowie is Afraid of Americans).

I didn't even know it was possible to let money accumulate or to adjust the percentage. I'll dig through the FAQ again. * edit * Its easily in the settings. Done.


PayPal's fee is generally 30 cents plus 2.9%. You can read more here:

I recommend trying to get people to pay more than a dollar, since the 30 cents is a huge percent of that. PayPal's fee is applied per transaction and has no effect on payouts.

Is it more beneficial for game developer if anyone choose to pay with credit card directly?