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I can agree your MUGMAN FAN GAME picture is a fan work for respecting Cuphead, but Angrytale looks like nothing creative, even the cover, soundtrack, trailer , character design are copying or intimating the same materials and style in Undertale, you are misleading anyone who like Undertale in that way (there is potentiality for infringing copyright), I am not asking you to do a historically amazing game, but at least I suppose you can use RPG maker to make something individual by your true heart after your experience on Undertale if you insist to do some games can be connected with it.   Thank you, and wish you make a good game.               whiteblack

its real guy I'm not lie is rpg maker mv


Daniel, I am not saying your game is not made by RPG Maker, I mean your game doesn't look interesting because you use the same materials in Undertale, you should use some hand-draw by yourself, not using the materials which are provided by Undertale itself, the internet or RPG Maker. This is why sometimes people saying game looks too much like a children's school homework.