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Overrun is an RPG based on the Shadowrun universe (FASA, 1989). The objective is to complete missions of sabotage and data extraction from corporate systems. Overrun has a random mission generator as well as a main story.

This is a remake of a game I made in 1996 using QBASIC. This version has a turn-based combat mechanic and extended dialogue.

Overrun community · Created a new topic English version

Link to the English version of Overrun: [BR Portuguese]

Um RPG cyberpunk baseado em Shadowrun.

No female base?

Não precisa pedir permissão, o código está aí pra isso. Editar é mais fácil. Se precisar de ajuda ou tiver alguma dúvida, me avisa pelo e-mail

Infelizmente não. Não pensei em fazer com essa intenção.

What did you used to make it? 

Thank you!


It is possible to integrate some solutions using mouse inputs. For example, right click to look, left click to move/interact, mouse wheel to change the verb.

Yeah, it's a demo of a "point&click" choice system for Twine/SugarCube, so it's all about the code and not at all about graphics. But it could be used with graphics too.

Thank you. I've played a lot of your games, they are very good.

Thank you. I've played your game too, I liked the story and the art a lot. I hate those jerks too.

Thank you. I loved the art in your game, it's really good.

Great game. I got to room 60.

I can make a lot more than this with Twine.

Thank you.

Wow, Osmos is great 2009 game that would fit this theme perfectly.

Will do.

An insightful commentary on the dangers of feline domestication. ;)

Spoiler Alert

My score: 99.

Great game.

I'm 39. Yes, I remember all of them, and I'm from Brazil, lol. I liked Nirvana and grunge in general.

Great game, reminds me of Osmos.

This game reminds me of how old I am.

I couldn't go very far because my English vocabulary is very short, but nice game.

Wow, it's amazing. Congratulations. The engine and the game are both awesome.

Are you using TADS?


Nice game. I liked the drawings and the music too. 

Thank you for your comment.

The Verb is a short experimental interactive fiction based on this post. The concepts used in the game are inspired by Paul Tillich. It has a little challenge in the end.

The link to Secretary Simulator seems broken: 0 bytes.

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Please, I'd like to be an Approved Translator for Brazilian Portuguese. I have a decent experience with translations like this, and I want to see the pt-BR done as soon as possible. My username in weblate is janosbiroleite.

Hi, I made a game, it takes less than a minute to play, please give some feedback:

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I translate games from English to Portuguese-BR. Here are some games I've worked on.

A tiny twine anti-fascist game