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If you won't force flat pricing anymore, they'll go with the rotten "industry standard" as they do everywhere else... :(

You may consider this off topic, but since it was mentioned in the OP, just wanted to ask to please NOT add regional pricing. It's an absolutely rotten industry practice, charging people differently depending on which lines on a map some bits go to. Some may argue for regional discounts for some countries, and I guess it could be tolerable if they choose to make their work more affordable there, but there's no way to do even that properly, since there are plenty of poor countries not getting discounts, or getting lower ones than better off countries, and there are also lots of poor people even in countries considered wealthy. But more importantly, overcharging (compared to the standard price, generally considered to be the US one) any country is of course way worse, even more so when you have that standard model of EUR = USD for EU countries, including those not using the Euro, even the poorest ones.

Since you support multiple currencies and developers can set the price in the one they choose, it'd be nice for the customer to be able to pay in their currency of choice if among the supported ones, at the current exchange rate, but other than that, or if even this would for some reason imply actual regional pricing, please don't. Now with GOG even removing their "fair price package", five years after deciding to allow regional pricing after having "one world, one price" as the 2nd clear, specific pillar of their mission statement for the first 5.5 years of their existence, as far as I know it's just you and Zoom that still push back against this (even if without making a point of it)...

Would be a very good thing to support more payment methods though, including as part of a localization effort, as there are various ones that are popular in certain countries. And starting with prepaid cards, like Paysafecard (or something else if equally widely available, that's the one I know of, and use for any such purchases, so can't make any here yet...).

Hope this wasn't too much of an off-topic rant...

I think you accidentally set the platform to Linux only instead of adding Linux now. May want to fix that, since it greatly hurts visibility :)