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Visumeca - Ludovic Servat

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Here's an Indie Insights video about Pharmakon from Highsight on Twitch!

I am very happy he did this, it was really interesting to have new opinions about the game!

Don't forget to have a look at Pharmakon, get the demo and rate it up here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883402376

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Hello! It's time to share some great news about Pharmakon!

You don't know Pharmakon?

Pharmakon is a roguelite turn-based game about tactical battles between puzle-powered drones and elementary beasts.

It mixes traditional puzzle and combat strategy in a sci-fi world ruled by technological exploitation of nature's elements.
The game challenges players to counter elementary beasts infesting their faction territory.
To achieve that goal, players power up a drone with element puzzle parts to setup tactical attacks against dangerous packs of beasts. Along battles, victory will bring meetings and discoveries revealing the entire situation behind players' mission.

Demo Available!

I just uploaded a demo of my game Pharmakon that you can download for free at the bottom of its itch.io page : https://visumeca.itch.io/pharmakon (Pharmakon_Demo.zip)

Steam Greenlight running!

If you would like to see Pharmakon available on Steam, you can help by rating it up clicking this link leading you to its Greenlight page: Follow that link, vote and comment!

Call to action!

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Steam Greenlight running!

Do you want to see Pharmakon release on Steam?

Follow that link, vote and comment!


Call to action!

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Pharmakon is a game i started to develop 3 years ago after years of hard work and failures on amateur projects.
At the beginning of the projet i was experienced in game design and art but i wasn't able to code anything solid.
But this game idea was absorbing all my thoughts so i decided to buiild a prototype made of cardboard :)

Pharmakon is on Steam Greenlight!
VOTE here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883402376 and help the game to reach Steam store!

Description is also updated:

A roguelite turn-based game about tactical battles
between puzzle-powered drones and elementary beasts.


  • Become an agent dedicated to his/her faction
  • Fits elements' puzzle parts to power your drone
  • Coordinate attacks against elementary beasts
  • Push beasts'position with attacks to order battlelield strategically
  • Setup tactical combos with collateral damages
  • Strategy based on tight puzzle-ressource management
  • Use lasers to configure special abilities to improve your control of the battle
  • Face new threat every game
  • Tactical depth in a simple and precise set of possibilities
  • Great 80's dark music by Janek Roeben (U-GameZ)

It is a challenge for your mind calling on skills of Evaluation, Adaptation, Optimisation and Anticipation.

The story unfolds in a sci-fi universe ruled by echnological exploitation of nature's elements

The world has been infested by threatening elementary beasts.
To face the problem, territories decided to counter the infestation and developed drones using elements as source of power.
Over time, this divided the world in 5 factions dedicated to the elements of Water, Fire, Ice, Earth and Electricty.
Now, trained agents equiped with such drones represent each faction security agaisnt elementary beasts.
Today, you are an agent sent on an urgent mission to protect a new territory from infestation.

If you like to Think, Measure, Calculate, Adapt, Coordinate, Manage space, Manage ressources, Optimize, Anticipate and Combine then Pharmakon is for you!

Hey, i listened and i like some parts and other less.

To sum up, i don't think the drum part fit with the mood i want. It's like a march, that make it too much military/industrial. And i am not sure 80's sounds fit as expected.

I would prefer you stay on the description you did before i show you the bandcamp of the other artist. When you said :

"futuristic / electronic layers combined with "primitive" wooden instrument beats to give it a natural-but-alien feel ? :Not too aggresive (because itΒ΄s a turn based game), but a little dangerous sounding."

I would like to see almost what you did but with a more natural mood.
Also, t is nice until 00"45. Maybe it could be even more slower for some instruments, for example, space between hi-hats hits could be bigger. I think the same thing but more ambient and a bit more natural could be nice.

Can you send me a mail (contact[at]visumeca[dot]com) in order to share specific aspects of the story that could really help you to match the game feel ?

However it is a good start :) !

Can you tell me if you are ok to work again on that and how much time you can afford on it ?

Thanks !

Damn i didn't saw you already post something, i will check that when i will be at home tonight (i need better headphones) !

Wow, i didn't expect that :) Thanks !

If you wanna talk about things privately, you can PM me on twitter or send me a mail at : contact[at]visumeca[dot]com as you prefer.

Maybe we should talk about our schedules.and to see if they match.

So, from what i see of my project i think i will need extra time to work on Pharmakon.

If you're still interested in helping me with the music of Pharmakon, i would appreciate it a lot.

But it depends always in what time you have to do it (if you wanna to, indeed) and see it that can match with our planning.

So what's your feeling about it ?

Oh and i forgot to say that i've changed tutorial ! (Don't press F1 or you'll be stuck ;) )

A long time i didn't post (and i didn't participate on others topics in weeks, sorry about that, i was a bit off) !

Currently, i am working on the screen providing a mission to the player.
To do so, i designed a machine providing missions. The machine has a summary design on purpose to highlight that it is built to its sole purpose of giving missions.

What do you think of it ?

Quick advice :

You should add a link and a small description to make it easy to look at your game.

The way you wrote your post doesn't encourage me to check your game. It looks like a bit lazy/sloppy. It's almost like reading a post that someone's told you to write as you didn't want to.

I'm happy this video helped you.
Maybe you can use subtles links drawn from a card/block leading to all others it can interact with ?
After your explanation, i understand that the value aside any card doesn't mean the amount of this card i got.

To understand that i need hope to do things, i would like to see that information shwon in the info box like :

Alex (needs 1 hope)
Description here ...

Also, one thing that maybe it lacks is to explain what is the concrete use of our cards.and to fullfil what goal. I mean, i understood i will bake cupcakes but i don't have any recipe to follow or i don't know what to use to try by myself.

From the explanation you gave, i have the feeling that i am still lost because i don't understand what to choose 1st and what to do after. the only thing i know is i need hope. But am i justing cooking a cake or fighting something ?

Thx for the link for pronunciation :).

Yes, i never had this message of "region problem" before i tried to download your game :s.

I did a little video feedback :

However, i have to try again the game when it will be playable with a gamepad.

Additional comment : i would like to see Ro_bit character design more distinctive. I mean, i can clearly see him but it/he lacks a bit of identity. I would like to see an appealing distinctive sign. I know it's not an easy task but seeing your character as an icon can help. Because when people will see your Ro_bit anywhere, they will think of your game. (i have same kind of issue with my game).

I hope it will help.

Here you will find my devlog topic of Pharmakon (feedback needed (video is best))

I did a little video feedback :

To summarize : i didn't get it. You will see why in video.

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Do you need any feedback on the Game Maker Studio's DEMO ? Or is it useless because of the way it will become ?

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Download was a bit tricky because i think you are a resident of a specific country blocking your download. To be able to download your game, i had to click on "Downloads not starting?" shown on this download page.

Then a box appeared suggesting :

Some regions have been known to block itch.io's download host, Google Cloud Storage. If your downloads aren't starting then you can try enabling alternate download mode and trying again.

(box) Enable alternate download mode

I had to check the box and click again on download.

I'm 95% sure most of players will not try what i did so i encourage you to upload your game directly on itch.io rather than keep it on your personal server.

Ok thx for proposition anyway. If i see that i couldn't reach the deadline end september, maybe i'll come back to you :)

(Edited 1 time)

That's almost what i'm looking for except for the alien aspects. In my researches, i found something like this coukl works : http://ogresound.bandcamp.com/album/195 but it doesn't have to be exactly like it.

I am really interested into finding a musician for my game who can match perfectly the mood. If you wanna work with me, i would like to know what are your conditions and when you are able to start working on this and what's your porduction pace. To be honest, i hope to release the game end september. If it sounds workable, maybe send me an email at contact[at]visumeca.com to discuss (or on a discord or something else).

Thanks for your feedback :)

Just look at your video again and look at the top left corner and you will see all the pieces taht you could pick but you didn't see. Maybe you should retry to play with picking new pieces from ground ;).

It is really weird players don't see them, even if they are 3 and of different colors. I need to work on that.

The part on the bottom right with white symbols elements just show the relationship between elements. In that circle of relationship, the most close symbol element to the right of another is the most weak against the latter.

And the rectangle shape on the total bottom right is the repair tool. It moves on damages when you hover them.

About game windows size, i have a major issue with wondows 10 that i have to fix soon but it requires a huge update asking me to copy all my code on a new project. Boring but i will do that. Usually, game is always set to fullscreen.

I could need help with music on the game, i plan on taking someone to work on it because if i do it myself it will take a lot of time. I have already some idea of what type of music i wnat but i am curious about what type of music you could see on my game :).

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First image(A) without arcade fx : it looks like actual mobiles game style. What i see as the equivalent to pixelart in the 90's.

Second image(B) with arcade fx : Distribution 's uniformity of the fx on screen's surface is kind of dull. And there is too much fx. Maybe if you lower a bit opacity and curve slightly the live it can give a nice fx. I am not sure of it. Maybe you can search for other games using that kind of effect. I know last Doom has a film grain option with sharpening thing pretty sweet.

Hey, i tried your game Error Ware 2 and i find it really cool and well polished !

I would like to see how it can be fun 4 players playing simultaneously !

I made this feedback video to show you what i think of the game :

Sometimes you will hear that it was hard to express myself corectly because i'm french, sorry about that.

I think i could be a future buyer :)

(My game Pharmakon is looking for feedback too :) )

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Hey, i like a lot theme soundtrack.

I tried the game but because i'm a single player it wasn't interesting. Also, game is too early to provide a thorough comment.

What i can say :

- aesthetic works well. We really feel to be in a consistent world where characters belongs to it.

- i like the way you sho the win/lose by getting closer to palyers. It would be nice to see the winner move at that moment.

- I don't see where will come the fun because of lack of interactions at this stage of development

I think you should focus on gameplay right now and making an A.I.

I hope it'll help :)

(My game Pharmakon is looking for feedback too :) )

Hey, i have managed to make a (beta) demo of my game Pharmakon (download).

It's a turn based puzzle-tactics about drone management.

In-game screenshot :

I'm working alone on that project since February 2015. I learned to code with that project. It's made with Monogame.

It's a game i wanted to be (almost) as simple as chess with a wide amount of problem solving possibilities.

I am at a development stage where I need relevant feedbacks to validate what i've done to choose what i will improve, add or delete.

The game is subject to changes coming after playtest sessions.

Gameplay of the game will not change but i am still balancing difficulty and combats.

Content will be added or removed according to relevant feedbacks.

For now, there is no music, no sound fx, there's only story background instead of full story and traduction is approximate (i'm french). And the game lacks a bit of staging.

How to play : Use Mouse to play.

Drag and drop pieces on drone to equip it and increase its power. Target beast you want to attack and click again on the target selected to launch the attack. You can also click on the green button on the command. Click on drone's damage to repair them with repairs you have.

My twitter @repstyle_