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Hello there! I use godot and have worked in plenty of Gamejams before, twice in a team. I was hoping to work with a musician this time who can help make some nice sfx and songs! Perhaps we could work on other games in the future! 

lets see how it goes! I might post some devlog comments here, you can share your experiences here too, especially if its your first jam!

No problem! And thanks for the code! I wanted to check something out real quick. Hey, by the way, would you mind rating my game as well in the meantime please? 

the game was already in my playing list for a while now XD. I don't know why I kept putting it off. Welp, here it is then!

Don't worry too much about it! I kinda exaggerated, it only happened once or twice lol. and it was in a pretty random spot where nobody would go to so its fine! Hey, would you mind checking out my game too in the meantime please?

Rated! A fun game with a well thought out set of graphics and GUI! Out of many games, this one feels more complete to me, a 4.5-5 star effort, amazing job! 

A very enjoyable experience with many little features and juices. Slightly jittery at times due to intensive resource allocation, but besides that the core concept was very well made and the art was used well. One thing I would recommend is a better tutorial and GUI since sometimes I don't even realise that I finished a level!A 4 star game! By the way, could you provide a code link? 

An interesting explorer like with a very very very neat concept. One toy could have used for gmtk personally! The audio was very good and provided excellent feedback to the player. More juice could never hurt can it? The gameplay did slow down and got boring later on since the player was moving so slowly and I occasionally clipped into a wall and got stuck so I had to reset. But overall, a 4-4.5 star game, well done! 

An interesting game with an effective use of lighting. Though I would have preferred for some more feedback in terms of better audio and game juice since it could really liven up the game. As for the idea and controls I found both quite intuitive, though I noticed quite he few errors on the console page. The dialogue and overall use of assets give of a perfectly eerie atmosphere. However, I couldn't find the game engaging, since I could see no point in the game, but exploring on its own gave some enjoyment, so alas engagement will have to get 2 stars on my behalf, but everything else 5 stars from me, well done! 

Welp, I guess that's what jams are for! Sometimes UI juice can liven the gameplay itself! Hey, would you mind rating my game too in the meantime please?

Nothing happens, I waited for about 30 seconds

jesus christ. Finally someone who overcame the difficulty curve. There's actually an easter egg if you reach 1k. I was planning a boss there, but its unfinished lol.

Isn't working :(

A very well polished idea with easy to use controls. It was a tad bit easy though for me which made gameplay feel slow. Perhaps a better difficulty curve? Well done! 

I really like the editor mechanic, really opens up for some fun gameplay to a previously common idea. The art was well presented in a somewhat creative fashion and the feedback was ok. Well done! 

Probably loading image files

Doesn't work for me... Remember you can fix game breaking bugs it's all owed 

my devlog, more of a quicklog!

Hey man! Thanks for your efforts in playing games, we all appreciate it! Would you mind rating my game please, if you don't mind?

No worries! You should try finishing 5-6 hours before the jam and have some online friends to test it out for you (not from the jam). I ran out of time completely to even do that! Would you mind rating my game in the meantime too please?

Don't worry, a big map has its pros too. Loads of people didn't like the small map for my game, and thought that the excess detail made it hard to concentrate on the individual aspects of the core mechanic.

Thanks a lot! Works like a charm! The Idea for the game was pretty neat and I liked the freedom you get with the game mechanics, though the gui was  a bit small and I kept missing. Overall, awesome job! A 3.5-4.5 star game! Well done!

wait wait wait. I replayed it again and the problem wasn't there, probably because I had too many tabs about! Sorry about the inconvenience, I bumped up the rating to 4-4.5 stars! Well Done! Hey, would you mind rating my game too in the meanwhile please? It would mean a lot!

No problem! A good settings system can boost a game definitely! Hey, would you mind rating my game please? It would mean a lot!

No problemo! Would you mind rating my game in the meantime?

A fun game with lots of little ideas. I had to keep restarting, getting stuck between the walls, but other than that pretty sweet. a 3-4 star rating from me :)

I love the different juices in the game like the rotations, alongside player attacking. Ran swiftly on my PC. One thing I would recommend is scaling down the world to make room for some more detail on the map! An overall 4 star from me, well done!

A very active game with tons of characters and juice! Love the idea and rhythm based action! Would have hoped for more juice and sfx though in the future. Besides that, excellent work! A 4-5 star experience worth paying for with further development!

A great game with a well thought out gui.

One thing I would recommend is more feedback (like game juice in terms of particles) on how accurately you hit each beat, for example a screenshake and flash on a perfect strike . Also some more progressive speed ups would work out! Well done!

Well I guess that's what jams are for! I loved the game, seems like something you could make big, keep at it! :D

Have to agree fully with morphic here. A more fast paced game always brings room for engagement! 

It keeps crashing for me since I was converting it from Windows to mac. Would you mind adding a mac export? 

The music and juice adds a neat aesthetic to the game, perhaps you could have explored it a bit more with the rest of the game! It ran a bit slow for me so maybe a disable particle option would have been to some avail. The idea was simple but well progressed, adding to the engagement. A 5 star game, engagement wise, but there could always be room for improvement in the art category, well done! 

A lot of art popped into this one bit game! I love the aesthetic here and how smoothly It ran on my pc with the extra juice! The mechanic was interesting, and I think among other card games, yours does stand out quite the bit! I do however agree with Hugo here with the card spam, so maybe increased difficulty could be the solution? Anyways, a solid effort, I will put this in the 4. 5 to 5 star range, well done! 

A nice 3d game with a very fluid axe handling! Reminds me of minecraft! There was a lot of juice in this game, which made anything satisfying to do, really bumps up the engagement. Though some things weren't from the Kenney pack, particles would have worked instead. Overall, great job! One of a few 5 star engagement games! 

I like the feel for this game, the way you lay out the text and music. The ocean is a lie ending was real creepy too XD. Perhaps a better tutorial would work since I got kind of confuzzled in the beginning, but overall, great work! A 4 to 4. 5 star effort! 

A great game with an interesting slash mechanic, though I did keep on forgetting how many I had left. The game was full of neatly placed dialogue, but having a way to fully skip it ould be nice. Overall a great effort! 4 stars! 

The random difficulty spike is a bug with the game, basically you end up skipping 300 seconds in to the future, and im not sure if I'm allowed to fix it 

Thanks for your detailed feedback! Spikes deal 1 damage to an enemy, so enemies with say 3 health can stroll past 2 spikes and die on the third one. I still don't get how the difficulty spike keeps persisting, since I keep trying to fix it! I'll try once more! 

A fun game with a core idea which you can build on in the future! Lots of juice on catching the fish but the difficulty curve does ramp up quite the bit