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yup that was a booboo, thanks for reminding me

ty sir, if you have a game for me to play and rate, post it ill play it for you.

yeah i had issues with the balancing of when the difficulty kicked in, so i chose around 40 seconds when it got harder, to let ppl get used to shooting and what not. thanks for playing!

yeah took me awhile to get them all myself :D

the temporary theme until the real theme gets released is cactus 2

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Just managed to find this game, and its pretty interesting, specially when you get the shotgun. I found some bugs with the shotgun, put your self against a wall, aim the other way, shoot, and your in the next room. This works for the edge of the screen too. You can shoot your self outside the area bounds.

a few things wrong with this games execution. firstly its a bit too hard, i just got the hoe and a bunny got my thing. let the player get used to the game before you ramp up the difficulty. secondly you have collider and z index issues, i shouldnt be able to hoe anything but the ground areas. i was able to hoe everything including my self. and when i hoed my self i hoed my self off screen and i couldnt get back on.  so one thing, put colliders at the edge of the screen so the player cant leave the screen. also make it so you cant hoe any part of the game except the dirt parts, including the bunnys. the idea of the game seems fine for a starter farming game, but just need to fix some of the issues with the execution

the key isnt in the room after the guards, unless im supposed to unlock it some how but the room is empty

uhm... i may be a bit thick, but i didnt know what i should be doing other then moving the ball around. i would add some instructions to let the player know what the objective is other then to move a ball around.

nice game concept. though i would not choose to use backgrounds like that. i would probably just use one color background and just use different colors for the levels. the wall jumping was not very fun. i would just add a non friction material on the walls and just have the player double jump. then make the levels compensate on difficulty for the double jumping

i really like the concept of bouncing things off other things. but for some reason this was a bit more tough to make skillfull shots due to some of the angles on the planets. most shots had to be REALLY precise to get the angle you wanted. maybe a bigger ball for better angle reflections. most the level victorys were from lucky bounces that i didnt even plan. i would also add some feedback to when you actually hit the right planet to win the level.

i cant seem to do anything with the web version. i tried clicking squares and i tried to push all the buttons on my keyboard and nothing would happen.

the controls felt ok, the characters jump and movement was really good. the one thing that bothered me and it was a small thing that the walking sound didnt align with the characters foot placement. but most games dont have perfect sound effects for that but with this game it was really noticeable. i cant really say much about the rest of the game since it was pretty short. would like to see where this could go with more time.

18 seems to be my average that i cant seem to beat. i laughed at this so it was fun to play.

this clicker game was pretty simple, but yet had you make interesting decisions to try and win. i dont really like clicker games but i played this one till i won

the controls felt wierd, like if i didnt move the mouse far enough to get over the orb closest to me i lost it. i think if you put a object on the screen to let us see when we hit the orb, and to give some feed back on when we hit the orb that might make it more interesting. this game has some potential, i seen sky diving games like this where you have to hit rings on the way down.

interesting game, its more like a quick clicker game.

i cant get the game to go past the title screen, i see the 2 buttons but they dont respond

the graphics look nice and the music is ok. now on to the cons. i dont like the jumping, it feels a bit off. like when i jump on to a platform you have to exactly jump the right distance or you over jump it. i would have it where you let go of jump you fall right down or maybe a less harsh arc on the distance you get when you let go of the jump. that way you can actually jump on to platforms with out having to aim your jumps too precisely. the other thing is with the camera. i would not have it attached to the character i would have it where there is camera control points in the world for each side of the character and when you touch one of them it then moves the camera. im blanking on what this technique is called but play a few other platformer games and you will see what i mean. other then that not a bad game the concept is pretty good.

none of the mobs worked for me, all i did was walk around  and collect the trapped things

this isnt a bullet hell game, its just a normal twin stick shooter. bullet hell is when there are so many bullets on screen, and with patterns, that it makes it hard to move around

interesting game, but i couldnt figure out how to shoot, or if there was a shooting mechanic in the game at all.

not sure what the slow motion thing was, but it didnt feel fun when it happend. 

the box character kept getting stuck in the ground for me. and sometimes it glitched and went off in a wierd direction and never came back


im a noob when it comes to music, my current iteration of my game is here, if you think you can add music to it let me know.

this is what i currently have sofar.

im trying to figure out what i should do with it next, add more levels, random levels, better scoring system etc.

sorry!!! :D

needs to be run in firefox, it wont work in chrome, and in some instances wont run in some browsers on mac

i dont know if its just me, but this feels a bit way too hard. you run out of match a bit too fast. might be better to ease the player into the game with more fun and less stressfull levels

all i get is a black screen after the text of the kid. i tried to walk around for a while but nothing happend, still a black screen.

yeah sure, i was thinking about revising some things to it, since i can only do particle effects for the ball in a downloadable version. do you have a website with entry rules and such?

not quite sure i understand this game. but a 3D pacman when polished would look really cool

nice game, it felt like an asteroids game

was a fun idea and fun to play, not sure i liked the controls, but it didnt bother me so much because this wasnt a regular pacman game. nice job

i really like the idea behind this game. was fun to play. the one downside is that pacman didnt have the feel of the auto grid movement.