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not quite sure i understand this game. but a 3D pacman when polished would look really cool

nice game, it felt like an asteroids game

was a fun idea and fun to play, not sure i liked the controls, but it didnt bother me so much because this wasnt a regular pacman game. nice job

i really like the idea behind this game. was fun to play. the one downside is that pacman didnt have the feel of the auto grid movement.

pretty nice game was fun to play

interesting game, but i had a hard time moving the critter. what i did notice playing is that this could probably be made into a rhythm game, and you have to hit rhythm cues to move the beast. the only thing i was able to do is move the critter to the left of the screen and he got trapped behind the rock :D

pretty nice game. found a bug where if you accidently clicked off the game window the ship wouldnt stop moving in the direction of that off screen click, even when i clicked back into the window. 

this was a pretty interesting take on pong, i really like the mechanics here

so atm i ran into some problems getting a web version to work. i got a downloadable for windows to work right now. the game code isnt complete yet, but you can walk around in all the rooms and see what i have done sofar. i discovered some problems with my pixel art regarding one bit size for all the images. thats a pixel art noob mistake that i wont make again on the next project. but since this was my first pixel art game i think ill give my self a pass. so for now enjoy what i have, and ill continue to work on the game code and get a complete working game out.

you can play the version of the game i have sofar here https://jcmonkey.itch.io/manor-of-deception

if you have any tips or advice on my pixel art let me know, it would be appreciated :D

Mashup: Clue with Maniac Mansion

I had fun with both of these when i was younger.

Im going to attempt to make a click based adventure where you solve a murder!!

I will try and do pixel art for this, since i want to learn it, and i figure i can give it a go here and see what happens.

im switching from 3d to isometric 2d, me and blender are having a moment right now and i think we need some time apart.

yeah ill be using unity. ill be making mine ether FPS, or isometric style. i got a really good idea for my game. it will be like doom, and minecraft put together. with a splash of star trek. :D

i been a fan of star trek for as long as i can remember. i will totally make something amazing for this. i may actually use this to try out my 3d skills. i havent made a game in 3d yet, so now might be a great time to start practicing. :D

hi, since your half way there, i would say check out unity3d, start with 2d, and watch all the tutorial videos. should take about a week, then start playing. unity works with c# so you should be making amazing games in no time. :D

due to real life issues i have to postpone the making of this game.

i wont be able to make the deadline, but i will still make the game and post it to the site at a later time.

i wish i could have finished, but some things happened that i need to take care of.

sorry for any inconvenience.

ok so ive been feeling kind of crappy because of my head cold, but i will be streaming later on, and i am in the process of salvaging my old game code into the new one.

i am going to work on the game today, but no streaming. my head cold got worse and i cant stop sneezing and sniffling. :(

ill try and stream tomorrow.

yeah, nothing i do to it works while its all acting under the same thread. and unfortunatly i dont know anything about multithreading in unity.

so i will definatly be scraping the multiple towers style tower defense and make it so i dont have fight with synchronization issues.

i have no idea what i will be doing with this atm, i will get back to you all on this.

ok so that new state machine worked and fixed the first problem.

now, there is a new problem. the towers only shoot one at a time. and they bug out when they cant shoot. :/

ok, because i dont like quiting, or just giving up on something, im going to give this one last day. i got an idea to redesign the tower into a better state machine, and this should keep the bugs out. or at least i hope.

so the day 3 stream will begin shortly.

oh and i had a few snafus with monodevelop, and had to switch to a different code editor. :/

so yeah. im having too many issues with the towers in this tower defense style. i think im going to switch back to my original idea and just lob things at incoming donkeys.


-when i click on a board spot, it Instantiates an object

-this object shares the same code script between them all.

-i dont know a way to force each tower to act independently of events that happen in other towers.

-if the first tower reacts to an event, the other towers need to not react to it, but this is harder then it seems.

-i got it working some what, but there are so many bugs when i start to add more towers that i just get a headache trying to fix this.

i created a monster and i dont have a way to fix it.

so im going to go back to my original idea of one launcher doing all the shooting, and not multiple ones.

at least this way i can properly control the shooting and synchronization properly.

i dont know everything about unity, so fixing this escapes me at this time, and i want to finish a game by the end of the week so this is my only solution at the moment.

im taking the rest of the night off, be back tomorrow with the new game design.

ok going to be going live for the REAL day 2, got my bearings mixed up a bit. :D


going live right now on http://www.twitch.tv/jcmonkey to begin day 2

-What is the game?
the game is a tower defense style artillary shooter where you need to suppress
the incoming onslaught of donkeys.

-donkeys follow a path
-donkeys come in one at a time
-donkeys may come in groups, or individually

-place turrets and assets along the path to stop the incoming donkeys

-you win the level by killing all the incoming donkeys
-you lose the level by letting more then half get by

-you gain resourses by killing donkeys, or harvesting the area

-resources let you buy new assets or upgrade current ones

Calling it a night here, day one was a success.

Got the environment all setup, and got the donkey code working.

So the donkeys come in, they follow the path, and they get despawned at the end if you let them by.

So all is good.

For now...

Tools that i will be using:

Unity for game engine, with c#

Inkscape for drawing

spriter for some animations

gimp for any other art stuff

Lmms for music

Audacity for audio editing

Im going to try and stream every day. Im going to start tonight to get the sound and video right, then ill start designing my game and setting up the game environment.

you can find my stream at, http://www.twitch.tv/jcmonkey

you know i didnt think of that.

Random Game Seed: 92115900605
Random Game Idea: An artillery game where you prepare for donkeys, and you have to stop them.
Qualifiers: the genre was like art, but i figured artillery was perfect for this one
Title: Invasion of the Jackasses
Idea: what i can probably do with this is shoot bombs from a cannon at incoming donkeys. or do an angry birds style game where i shoot bombs at donkeys and stuff. :D