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Suicide MadnessView game page

Low poly 3D game about finding ways to die
Submitted by Matthew (@pixelfirexy), Tudypie (@tudypie1) — 1 hour, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Music Source

Tudypie and PixelFireXY

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The models are amazing and the music is great. I think it should be more clear to the player how to find hazards but once you figure it out the game is really fun. Outstanding work!


really nice :D the game is quite simple, has a good music and looks very nice. well done =) 


Neat game! A cool interpretation of the theme that makes a lot of sense. The movement was quite smooth and the low-poly look fits great. The music was very fitting for the atmosphere as well. I had a lot of fun playing. Great job! 


This game is great! Beautiful design and music! In some places, wonderful sense of humor! one of those games that you can put 5 stars on everything!


Thank you so much :DD


Fun concept idea :) to find hazards!

Nice visuals (synty assets?) and the happy music was very catchy for my ears.

The mouse sensitivity for the camera could be a bit less for me.

Good work, enjoyed exploring the hazards


Very nice graphics, funny deaths, but camera way too sensitive


Was pretty fun, gameplay was nice, and level design nicely coonnected different areas (at least the desert one)
I scored 700 points but thets the main issue, dying is the objective, so, its not really a failure, since its desired. Overall very good game, it not necesarily covers the topic fully :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

this was fun in a ... disturbing sort of way XD. The low poly models were beautiful to watch and i liked how the playful music eased-up the "controversial" theme of the game XD. Well done! Check out my game if u can ;)


3D games in a game jam are always a nice change of pace :) maps look great and pulling two big areas in 72h is pretty impressive!


Awesome game! Loved the graphics and the core mechanics really made the game unique!


Great work with the environments, I love that low-poly aesthetic. Impressive, especially for such a tight timeframe !

I was a bit confused by what could and could not kill me, I expected to drown in that lake near the bear for instance, or kicked by the horses in the desert. 


you have something against pineapple pizza? Why does it kill you?

Reminds me of an Adult swim game where you have to kill yourself in five minutes in an office (because of boredom at work). 

Great graphics, like the low poly look and the stage layouts are easy to understand. Would have loved to see different animations for the deaths. 


What the actual fuck ,this is insane! How did you do THAT in 3 days?? Very good graphics and cool concept . I totally expected getting kicked to death by the horse :D Very well done!!


Thanks for the feedback :) It is great to know that you liked our game :)


Cool game, really impressive for just three days, great job!


Thank you! I hope it wasn't too buggy. >.<


Great game! animations could use some work, jump animation for jumping, root motion. But either that loved the art, the game looks amazing!


Thank you very much for your feedback! :)


Interesting game, but needs a tutorial at least, or maybe more obvious hazards


Thank you for the feedback, we will think of a good implementation to help find the hazards.


The concept is good and the world is very rich, nice hamburguer bushes btw. I usually can't play the games smoothly on the browser, so I downloaded the .exe and after playing 1 turn it got really dizzy due to the camera. Also I got a bit overwhelmed without knowing what could be an hazard, so I went off interacting with everything. If the bear is an hazard, which I suppose it is, when I died it didn't show as found.


Thanks for playing! I know this game is really buggy and there should be a lot of things fixed. Maybe making a 3D game in 72 hours with 2 giant maps isn't the best idea xD. But anyways thanks for the feedback!


Worst game from the jam . It is so rage quitting(because of all the bugs). At least the idea was good. (Topic is 4/5, the rest are a 1/5)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

If you are here just to insult the other games you are in the wrong place!

FIRST: This is not the Google Play store, this is a game jam, so if you want to give feedbacks give it constructive and not just insult the game for no reason.

SECOND: You are insulting us and you say that the game is the worst but you neither complete a project for the jam and your game page is just a blank page with a stock photo.

This is a place where people enjoy to stay together and not a Fortnite toxic playground.


Great concept. But camera is insanely annoying.


Thank you for the feedback! Actually yes, after the week vote we will try to maybe fix the cinemachine camera. :)


This Masterpiece made by Tudypie and  Matthew is my favourite game of this jam. It is funny, smart, full of easter eggs and overall a great experience.  Good Job to both of them.

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