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Excellent game, great difficulty curve! Small complaint would be that theres no undo button, so when you accidentaly remove a dice from a pressure plate you dont have to start over

Really cool assetpack, I really love the chest-monster!

It is just a cool game, very satifying controls and art, especially the slash animation. I think it does not fit that well to the theme though, because you dont really fail, you're objective is just (sometimes) to die. But thats not that important becaus ethe game turned out so well :) well done!

Very funny game, the graphics are pretyt good too, the music is kinda repetitive.


played it through, very cool ideadoing th corpse mechanic with cars. The respawn system feels kinda slow though

I love it, very small but effective concept, very cool graphics and animations and good sound. Overall just a very good submission!

I mean you kinda dodged the theme a bit but its very engaging and fun. I think what could have improved the game would be to randomise if a red or a green cube spawns! But decent submission!

Very unique concept and good sounds! Only a bit annoying that you're so slow, but thats kinda point of the game i guess so its fine :)

Dude, this is sick! Seriously! The music is very fitting, the graphics look  EPIC and the controls fell very good. The idea is not that creative, but for your first game this is amazing! Keep doing games pls

Pretty neat concept, very slow player though! (music is kinda funky :) )

Veery cool concept, nice graphics. The AI is also very impressive because you did it in this short amount of time, I once did a chess ai and it took me weeks, of course this one is kinda dumb sometimes, but 3 days, holy shit!

Very interesting and unique take on the theme, I like the music and the tilting when yougo forward.

But it was still pretty laggy for me, I think you put a bit to much particles in the game, even though they don't necessarily look bad, they make it super laggy for idiots like me how play on toasters!

Thank you!

Naww, very nice of you! Poor Doris always just recieves hate!

Poor Doris.. :'(

Haha best game ever, the art is ust so cute! EggSalad is the best

What the actual fuck ,this is insane! How did you do THAT in 3 days?? Very good graphics and cool concept . I totally expected getting kicked to death by the horse :D Very well done!!

Art and concept are brilliant!

There are many games with this idea in the jam but this is the best one of them! Very satisfying controls and very good level design! Great submission

Haha thats hilarious! And you threw in a minecrat reference, what could you possibly want else from a game :D

The art is phenomenal!!!! Very cool game.

Cool idea, the voice over adds so much to it, probably whats missing in my game!

Nice game, the anamtion ist pretty sick! Just a tutorial would be helpful. Also i found this bug (quite funny):

Ok nevermind im and idiot! Great Job!

EPIC music, neat idea and actually a good practice for 10 finger writing. The difficulty curve ist also done very well. Not sure how it fits the theme though.

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Thats a pretty cool idea with nice graphics, but hte fact that the asteroids don't move the same when you die makes the line feature kinda useless :( But the idea is great and it was fun to play nevertheless(or they are not, then im bumb, sry)

Very cool concept, cool little game when you're bored!

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Cool game, cute character (i really like the touch with the eyes). Buuut: I think you sohould make it so if you're slightly over the edge you can still jump, makes it feel more fair. Also in the level with the trampolin jumps at the beginning, the camera moved way to slow so you couldn't see werethe trampolin was. But other than that, nice submission! (I forgot the music, very good too)

I played this far to long, this is the most underated game of the jam, seriously! The graphics could be better but the game idea is just so cool, it would be a great mobile game!

No problem, no need to apologize!

Thank you so much, very kind :)

Looks like a fun concept, but the camera is way to close and at one point it crashed completly :(

Real sad that it doesn't work, looked like a fun game, but it crashed my browser. Maybe include a downloadable version

lol funny game, water mechanics are very well done

Cool idea, nicly done, a bit laggy (probably my potato pc). I got stuck in menu though, it stays in that state and you can't click anything, it just rotates!

Cool idea and an interesting twist, the controls could be a little better(you often get stuck on ledges)

Haha the one level got me so hard, It took me 5 minutes to realise that you can just walk through.

Real cool game, also the mechanic that you cant jump with a body on you makes it so much more interesting! Great Job!