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Thanks for telling me, I thought I was supposed to include both. Thank you for playing my game!

I set up the windows build a while ago. Is it too late for me to submit?

I added the .exe and .pck separately just in case

It should be a windows build. It's in a .zip file because I had to include the .pck

Here is the link:

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Okay, Thank you! Let me upload it first

My game just finished exporting, but I couldn't make it on time. Is there any way I could still submit my game?

Game jams are a real time crunch. Hopefully you can add it after the jam

The visuals are cool and the mechanic is really interesting. Great job!

Great game, I love the visuals and the mechanic is interesting. I wish you didn't have to have full ammo to be able to shoot but the game was fun to play and the music and SFX really added to the experience. Interesting interpretation of the theme and great game overall!

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Thank you, I might add more polish after the jam ends.

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The dialogue and storyline is very intriguing. The graphics are simple but clean and the music is fun to listen to and fits the theme of the game. Great interpretation of the theme and interesting mechanic. Very polished, well-thought, and uplifting game! I hope the story will only expand after the jam, this is a very interesting idea.

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The graphics are clean and cute and the dialogue at the beginning is interesting though a bit slow. The mechanic and gameplay if very engaging though and the music really fits the game. Great job on your first game! Hopefully it's not your last.

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The font and UI are very clean. Amazing work on the models and SFX. The game mechanic is really fun and interesting with a cool story to go with it. Very well polished game!

Well if you feel that's best for your game, who am I to judge? Ambience would probably fit the game best anyway.

The pixel art is simple and clean. Very cute sound effects and great level design. I love how the dead blocks slowly fade away instead of staying there forever. I would recommend some music but the UI and transitions were appealing and the mechanic was interesting. Great game!

Nice quick game with a top notch tutorial. I would recommend some music to improve the experience but the sound effects were simple and fun. Amazing work!

Your interpretation of the theme is interesting and the models look really cool. My PC isn't the worst but it couldn't handle the graphics that well so it was really slow. I would recommend some sound effects but the visuals and screen shake are really polished. Great job!

Great music and storyline. The game could use some better pacing but the art is cute and the mechanic is interesting. Good work! (We should really get someone else to answer the phone though, it's boring)

Very fun game, cool interpretation of the theme. Some sound effects and smoother movement would be nice but the game mechanic is fun and interesting. Great job keep up the good work!

The particle effects are very appealing and the SFX are cute. I would recommend some music and it took me a while to figure out how to decrease my score but the mechanic was really interesting. Awesome game!

The models are amazing and the music is great. I think it should be more clear to the player how to find hazards but once you figure it out the game is really fun. Outstanding work!

Fun short game with amazing music and clean pixel art. I would recommend some more SFX and a bit more difficulty overtime but other than that, great game!

I love how you first explain the instructions of the game if it was played normally, than throw it all away.  The graphics are simple and clean with nice music and sound effects. Great job!

The art, SFX, and music are very cute. It's a bit challenging but hey, I learn as I go. The movement is smooth and the game is well polished.

The game gets a bit challenging as you progress, but the level design, art, and music is amazing. I would recommend some sound effects but your interpretation of the theme and story was very interesting. Great work!

The art, music, SFX, and movement were very smooth and clean. I wish there was a better tutorial to the game but there is a lot of polish and it was fun to play. Great job!

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The music, SFX, and art were obviously paid attention to. The pacing could be improved and I would love some more story because it is a very interesting theme and world is incredibly interesting but the game is amazingly polished and it's hard to believe this masterpiece was made in 72 hours. Outstanding game!

The game is a little challenging but the art, music, and SFX are great. Amazing job!

Very well polished game with amazing music, art and SFX and an interesting mechanic. Outstanding work!

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The visuals, SFX, music and mechanic are amazing. The game is simple and fun. Great work!

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The mechanic is very interesting and the sound effects are amazing. It's really hard to land carefully and I would recommend some music but the visuals are very appealing. Amazing work!

The mechanic and interpretation of the them is fun and unique. I would recommend a more interesting way to explain the game instead of the dialogue in the beginning, but once you understand how it works, the game becomes quite fun. SFX would be nice but he music and visuals are amazing. Great job!

Thank you, I'll probably fix that after the jam :

Oh okay, cool game though!

Thank you!

Interesting mechanic and interpretation of the theme. The particles are a bit dizzying and the UI and colors could be better. But the music and SFX are great and the game was pretty fun. Great game overall!

A fun and simple game with amazing visuals, music, and sound effects. The movement is very smooth and the level design is perfect. Great job, definitely one of my favorites!

The visuals and music are very appealing. I'm looking around in the comment section and I hear there is a secret ending? I never got to it though, it's really hard to get 0 coins. But the game idea was interesting and the movement was smooth.  Amazing game!

Nice job! The movement is kind of slow but the game idea is really interesting. The customers are very impatient but it gets easier once you get the hang of it. The sound and visuals are amazing! Overall, great game!