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The lanes the deodorants are spawned on is randomized because I didn't feel like setting it up. Hindsight is 20/20 right? Thanks for the feedback :D 

The game is very visually appealing and I especially love the reflection and water ripple effects. It's short and simple but sweet. The little GIFS in the tutorial scene were also helpful to clear up the mechanics. Good job!

Amazing game! It's very polished and has no glaring issues. All the sound design, art (which is beautiful), and gameplay form an entertaining experience. Great job!

Good game, movement feels slippery and definitely chaotic. I got to the end but couldn't reach the trophy because it was too high. Nice experience though! The game kept me on my toes.

Great game with a creative concept. With a few tweaks to the player movement like making the jumps a bit less floaty, the game would definitely feel a lot smoother!

This game is incredible! My only note is that the camera is a bit sensitive and moves a lot but besides that it's amazing! I especially love how you incorporated the tutorial into the story with the backpack storage. Phenomenal job!

Yeah, I challenged myself to use the first prompt I got so I had to work with it.  That's a good suggestion. It was my first attempt at a rhythm game so I'll definitely have to work at it a lot more. Thanks for the feedback!

Oh yeah, I definitely struggle with difficulty too.  Something I heard Vimlark say is to make the game feel easy for you. Since you're playtesting the game all the time you'll be a lot better at it than other people so your perception of difficulty will be warped.


It's definitely nowhere near perfect. Thanks for playing though :D

Yeah, I should've made it clearer that you're dodging the deodorant instead of collecting it like a normal human being XD

You did an amazing job coming up with a creative concept out of the prompt and developing it into a wonderful game. The first thing I noticed was the UI, I loved it! It's something that's less of a priority in game jams so it was nice to see how much effort you put into it. The mechanics took a while for me to get the hang of but you slowly get used to it. I love the art and animations, it gives the game feel a humongous boost. The SFX were also great and just made everything more satisfying. The game feels so smooth and polished, you could probably publish this and nobody would realize it was only made in 10 days. Great work!

I love the different music tracks, they all add to the game in their own way. I love the style too, all of the art works perfectly together. The lava rose a bit too fast for me but I'm probably just not used to being a superhero yet. And finally, milk (I  had to mention the milk concept, it's amazing XD)

I genuinely don't understand why nobody has made a TV Show about the amazing adventures of Deiry. Lactokenisis is such an underrated power 😔

I love the concept and the mechanics. The idea was definitely very creative and you did a really good job connecting it to the prompt. The game is a bit hard to understand at first so a slightly more in-depth tutorial level would have been helpful. Of course, it's a game jam so you didn't have time for everything. I personally love the art style and think it fits well with the game. Good job with the story too! A backstory always improves the game experience.

Weird Head Man is amazing.

I take back my comment about the difficulty. I finally defeated the hamburger overlords after I figured out a strategy: Dash a bunch. They can't hit what they can't touch >:D

The music is great, I love the sound effects, and I absolutely adore the art. The story and endings also add another level of depth and comedy that really elevates the game. I love the tiny footprints and the abandoned airport setting, all the tiny details collectively add so much to the experience. Everything works beautifully together to create an amazing experience. Honestly, I have no complaints besides the difficulty. But maybe I'm just bad at eating burgers.

I love the SFX, especially the enemy death one XD. Experimenting with the movement a bit would definitely improve the overall feel of the game but besides that, you did a good job!

Great job on the mechanics and good music choice, it really fits the tone of the game. I tested the game on mobile too and the movement feels smooth and fun to play. Great job on exporting it to mobile! I preferred playing on my phone so it was nice to have the option.

Great level design and good job making the levels progressively harder and slowly adding more mechanics. I love the music too, it's a great fit and doesn't get old which is exactly what you need for a longer game like this one. I tested it on my phone and it worked! Nice work with the compatibility.

Shopping malls definitely get really chaotic (especially during sales) so great job conveying all that madness in the game. Great job on the art and music too!

I got to wave 18 before I had to stop or else I'd be playing it forever. Love the art style, great music choice, and wonderful concept. It's beautiful, I can barely believe that this was made in 72 hours.

Very original idea, it's not something I would've thought of myself. Great execution too! You really pushed the limits of Scratch and challenged its stereotype.

Love the game! You turned a simple idea into a finished fun-to-play product. Love the art style as well, it's very clean

Everything came together in a really fun and polished way. Amazing job on this!

Super fun game. I enjoyed becoming one of the biggest fishes in the lake. although it was a bit more difficult to destroy enemies once I reached my Big Fish status.  Besides that, the skill tree was well-implemented and the game was really solid.

Thank you! Yeah, the AI overlords were not having a good day when they gave me the prompt

Who doesn't love a challenge? I just had to make it a less frustrating experience for anybody who isn't a pro gamer like us 😎

Great job conveying everything the player needs to know without a huge wall of text. Music isn't for every game but I feel like some ambient noise would add to the dark atmosphere. But maybe the lack of sound was to intended to emphasize the isolation in which case it did.  It feels really polished too which is sometimes hard to do in a game jam. Good work :D

This game is hilarious. You turned a simple idea into a fun and polished experience. It really feels like something you would think up when you're bored and you just keep laughing as you expand the world and create characters.

Side note.....who's gonna tell the turtle that the snail ate all the cabbage?

Thank you, thank you. 
Pro tip: Throw away all your deodorant and don't take showers 👍

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Of course you are Sheriff Bonsamu 🤠

Thanks for pointing it out. It was an export bug, should be working now.

Lol, that wasn't intended XD.

I love the art, it's very cute, simple, and clean. Amazing work on the UI as well. Great job on the sound for the car engine and coin pickups although some music or ambience would be appreciated.  I like how you had different sounds for when the car engine was running and when you were accelerating (pressing down on one of the buttons). The car is a difficult to control at times, but the controls are straightforward and easy to learn. I also noticed that you left all the levels unlocked which is useful if someone is having trouble during a certain part. I like the transitions too and how the car drives off to the side in the menus. Very polished experience overall.

Thank you so much! I appreciate you noticing the movement because I spent the first 2 hours trying to get it right. This video by GMTK heavily inspired it.

The idea and mechanic are fun and engaging and make it easy to play this game for a while. However, this could use some polish. I know you made your own game engine so I'm not complaining about the lack of sound. Overall, it I had a good experience and didn't follow step 5 of the install instructions. I'm genuinely impressed and look forward to the future of your game engine.

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The idea is pretty cool and making it 3D automatically gave it a different experience from a 2D game. I was a little disoriented at first but eventually I got the hang of it. I which there was a subtle spring sound effect but the tutorial is obviously amazing, and the music is spot on. Well done!

Awesome game! I'm not sure if it's a glitch on my side but I couldn't hear any sfx or music. The game is really well-polished besides that, and it was easy to get into a rhythm once you understood the mechanics. Great job on the art, physics, and UI and fantastic game overall!