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Thanks for the feedback!

The game looks cool but I was playing on a mouse and keyboard so I couldn't really play it. But the graphics look cool and the ambiance in the background sounds good. Also, I would really appreciate it if you rated my game.

Cool game, The music and sounds were really good. But unfortunately the controls for mouse + keyboard felt a little bit unresponsive. Basically whenever I went to jump I would have to spam the enter but a few times for it to actually jump. But overall it was a fun game. I would also appreciate it if you could rate my game.

The game looks cool, but I cant open the .apk file. (Is there something else I need to do?) Can you also rate my game?

Cool concept. The music is good and so is the art. Nice job! Can you rate my game?


Cool game, but early on I just died with no warning. Was that the monster? Anyway I really liked the pixelated graphics and the player looked pretty good. Overall, good game. 

P.S. can you rate my game?

Amazing game, super spooky and super original. Also, probably the best game I've rated so far in this jam. You would definitely deserve to win. Also can you rate my game?

It felt like the jumping wasn't very responsive, but I liked the music. Can you rate my game?

Cool game. But in the game my cursor kept moving out of the window making me not able to look around. Also, I really liked how the scanning worked. It was really unique. Overall its a good game but some things could be improved upon.

P.S can you rate my game?

Really cool! The music fit really well, but as you said it doesn't fit the theme. Also can you rate my game?

Cool game! I kept getting stuck on some of the levels though. 


Cool game, but when I reached a section with a door it said I missed an enemy, but when I started looking for it I realized i was in an enclosed space with no enemies. But overall the dog and the guy looked really nice and the game was unique. Good job. 

Amazing game! I had a blast playing it. The graphics are amazing and the amount of polish you packed into this is astounding. Amazing job!

Cool game, but it would be great with more levels. Can you check out my game?

Really cool. the controls could definitely be improved upon, but I really liked the art. This could definitely be turned into a full release.

Cool game but the controls were a bit slidey.

Great game! I really like the graphics and it was really charming and sweet. 

Cool game. I love how the screen looks and it's cool that the view zooms in on where the ufo is attacking. (Can you rate my game?)

Fun game. I don't know if i'm just bad at the game but the first level felt really unforgiving. But overall it was cool. (Can you please rate my game)

I don't see how the game fits the theme and I don't really know how to play the game besides just protecting the potion I liked the graphics though.  ( Also can you rate my game)

Really neat game! But whenever I don't skip the cutscene the game crashes.

This game feels very polished and the art style is really soothing. Great job!

Cool game! I really liked how you interpreted the theme as something positive as opposed to many other games.

A Mystery game:

Good game! But I think it needs a little more polish.

Great video!

sorry about that.

Really  cool game but eventually I fell through the map and am still falling.


Thank you!

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This is a very unique shooter that really makes you use the other versions of yourself. Also, all of the weapons were unique and it was very fun. Although, I think that the audio could improve because it gets kind of annoying hearing all of those sound being played repeatedly. But overall it was a really fun game and I enjoyed it. Also, I would love it if you could rate my game.

This is one of the most polished games in the jam and I'm surprised it doesn't have more ratings.

Thank you!

The concept for this game is very good but once figured out that I could grab the shadow I didn't know what to do with it, and I got stuck on the first level.

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Thank you for the feedback!.

Thanks for all the feedback and advice. I actually forgot to put the reload button in the tutorial. But I also feel that it makes for a more stealthy experience. Thank you and I will rate your game.

That was an amazing experience. It was really unsettling at parts and it felt so polished. I am really quite surprised you were able to finish that in a week.

Great job!
Can you please rate my game?