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If this is your first game nice job! The ambient music is relaxing and the platforming mechanic is fun to play. Maybe next time more levels but still a good job! :)

Nice art style and pleasant 8-bit music. The core mechanic is brilliant and matches perfectly the jam theme.

A little too hard maybe (especially the cannons that could throw you farther) and the spikes make you run for too long.

Overall, good job! :)

The art style is really unique and interesting, and the music is pleasant.

I like the RPG style and the hilarity in some lines (damn you can cook a bowl of 1-minute rice in 58 secs!).

Not too intuitive the first time (I didn't understand you command the enemies) but the game is well made!

I really love the art style of the game! The ambient music is so calm and relaxing and the gameplay is enjoyable. The face of the chestnut, when you jump, is adorable!

Fun to play tower defence, I really like the 8-bit music and the angry face on the enemies.

Maybe the music is a bit too loud and the wall of text at the start is a little too much but nice work anyway! :)

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Hello, please take a look at our game.

Thanks, I will definitely rate back! (or just only send me your game to try and I'll rate it) :)

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Hello, please take a look at our game. Thanks! :)

I found really hard to understand what you have to do instead of running towards the knife.

The art is amazing and the style is awesome, also I love the concept to find ways to die (also the jumping crowd is super cool!).

Maybe next time some background music (Zapsplat is a good place to start), and lower the speed of the messages because they pop out and I cannot finish reading the phrase.

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This game is cursed! And I like it. The gameplay is a bit monotone and repetitive but I like the art style and the cursed music background. 

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This game is hilarious, I love the button SFX when you click it. Oh yes, also I live on the sun.

Thank you for the video! I missed this tutorial from Blackthornprod, I will definitely check it out! :)

This game seems really fun to play if you will finish it, I love the shooting mechanic where you have to charge the bow to throw the arrow far, how did you calculate the trajectory of the points where the arrow will land? :)

Also, a bit less camera shaking and a background sound should be great!

It was a strange gameplay and I found it hard to find my way out around the map but the visuals are good, I like the balloon pop sound when you die (really satisfying, I want to die more!!!) and the ambience sound dungeon like. Nice job! :)

YOU ARE DEAD! (well done) hahaha

I like you have to escape from the priest thing (goddamnit let me die!!!) and the ambient music is pleasant.

I found some bugs (like the mushrooms on the trees, or if you walk toward a tree trunk you start to crazy) but for a 72-hour jam, it's a fun game :)

Nice idea to use death, sometimes a bit frustrating but I like the level design.

The tutorials on the walls were a bit hard to read but still fun to play.

The art is really cool (the particle when you destroy an enemy is a great idea) and the movement is smooth.

Maybe you could add background music for more engagement (Zapslat is a good free audio/music source) and some camera shake.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback, the Cinemachine camera is definitely the next fix! :)

Thank you for the feedback, the Cinemachine camera is definitely the next fix! :)

Thank you for the feedback, the Cinemachine camera is definitely the next fix! :)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks for the feedback, definitely the Cinemachine camera is a must fix! :)

Thank you for the feedback! Actually yes, after the week vote we will try to maybe fix the cinemachine camera. :)

Thank you very much for your feedback! :)

Thank you! I hope it wasn't too buggy. >.<

Thank you for the feedback, we will think of a good implementation to help find the hazards.

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If you are here just to insult the other games you are in the wrong place!

FIRST: This is not the Google Play store, this is a game jam, so if you want to give feedbacks give it constructive and not just insult the game for no reason.

SECOND: You are insulting us and you say that the game is the worst but you neither complete a project for the jam and your game page is just a blank page with a stock photo.

This is a place where people enjoy to stay together and not a Fortnite toxic playground.

Oh, I see, I didn't get it. :)

Also, I can become addicted to coin pick up. hahaha

I love the kind of humour of portal game and also the mechanics/visuals and sounds. I'm stuck at the level where there is spikes and minions because is too difficult :(

Anyway, good job! :)

The game is really cool and fun to play. A little repetitive after some levels but the concept is really creative. I love it!

I don't really understand how is the game related to the theme of the jam but get the coins is really satisfying. I want to get it all!!!

Very funny game, collide with the balls is so satisfying, I love the sound.

Also, I love the troll thing that you followed the Jonas example but instead, there is another game below. xD

Awesome and really fun to play! I love the fact that you have to die to get an upgrade! Also, the 8-bit sounds are really pleasant and helps you to fight the "frustration" to die constantly. Super fun puzzle game!

Really nice concept, the idea of gravity change is so cool! Maybe better looping music (if you need some I use this website: and maybe an arrow or something that points you to the goal, because I was lost a second after the tutorial was over.

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I like the art and animations and also the changing of the level every time you die. The player controller is really smooth and easy to move.

Also, the instructions at the start it's a nice touch.

What I found difficult was the difficulty of the game, maybe to hard to complete the first level? I tried so many times to progress, and I know that when you die you jump higher, but at some point, the frustration was too much to handle forcing you to quit.

I tried to understand how to play it as best I could, but it was tough to do it.

The map maybe is too big, the font is pleasant to see, but hard to read, and the field for the carrot I don't understand why there are only 2 spots. Also, I really love that there is a tutorial. :)

Really nice use of the idea of the theme.

Also really fun to play despite the simple graphic.

A bit too loud music but I really love this puzzle game!

Thank you to play it! :)

The problem with the mouse sensitivity can be the browser, please download the standalone version on the bottom of the page.