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Hop Hop Miner is an action-procedural-permadeath game where you need to collect as many golden gem as possible!
Submitted by havana24 (@hav24) — 11 minutes, 13 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#64.2084.208

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
For collectables I decided to go for the gems that are crucial in this game since you need them in order to buy upgrades and proceed. For the theme "there and back" the player need to collect the golden gem and carry it back, with a funny "two phase" game.

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We have answered all submission questions honestly and completely

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Great little game! This needs to go on mobile!

There are little tweaks and things that could make it better but overall I really like it. In some areas it seems that its impossible to go through without losing a life. 

I really like how with breaking stuff you can lengthen your rope and you can go a long way without upgrading your rope too much if you are good at the game.

I think it definitely needs to be easier in the beginning though to hook players. If they get stuck on the second gold gem they won't play for long.

Also I think the players hitbox should probably be a little smaller.

Overall great game, I like it! If you decide to continue developing it where can I follow the progress?


Thanks for your comment, there are a lot of usefull advice! :) For updates just follow me on Twitter @hav24


A great feeling calmer downwell-like experience, but with an awkward/uneven progression curve.

-My favorite part is the theme tie-in, having to go back up after you reach the bottom, while dodging enemies you didn't defeat on the way down and the spikes on the underside of platforms. And the wobblyness of the pickaxe/collected gem just help make the screen even more lively in-action.

-I feel the rope lengthening of defeating enemies/blocks could have been made a lot more obvious, and more integral to the experience, and just removing that purchase from the shop. It feels more grindy and boring but mandatory of an upgrade when you're already essentially grinding for the other upgrades and trying to improve your 'run' each time.


Hard to put down, even harder to master. Sometimes the bumping around flings you downward too quickly.
No doubt this game will take a top spot


Great game, a little too hard. 

Graphics and sounds are great, the animations make everything feel substantial. Cool idea for the theme. Descend rate was too fast I think, even after getting the powerup that slows it. Otherwise so fun i kept trying even though i couldn't beat the 3rd level.

Check out my entry if you have the time!


Really beautiful. It's so addictive. Well done!


This game is A W E S O M E!

I hope you play and rate my game and have some fun too!


Super fun game! I loved the feeling when breaking through rocks. Very impressive. I look forward to seeing what other gems you create! 


That is by far the best entry I have played! I really liked the music the art the concept... Nothing more to add :)


Fantastic game. I could totally see this on the app store very soon. Character design is brilliant! Great job!


If you don't win, this is rigged.


Great game that feels very polished. Perfect use of the theme/limitation :)


Very fun game with an idea that's very well fleshed out imo. Very polished and has a lot of potential. It's difficult but that's pert of the joy of it. One thing I might change is if you get hit by an enemy while rising you can get stuck so phasing through it/killing it in exchange would be nice. Overall though this is a great entry!


Great job on the game! It's really well polished and having to dodge things on the way back is a really cool mechanic.


All around fantastic! its fun to play, its nice to look at, and its a really clever use of the theme! my only complaint is the music can be a bit rough on the ears but it does fit the style very well. Great work!

 It would mean a lot if you could check out my Jam submission if you get the chance. Thanks!


Impressive work.  Quite polished.