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Yes, it takes away part of the pepper energy. :)

Yes, it works on android tablet.

You can play the HTML5 version here ->

Released the mobile version on android devices! :)

You can use the hook with the "C" button.

I always start with a sketch on paper, then scan it and draw on top of it with pixel art. I would like to start a series of video where I show every step for each game I made. We will see! :)

HTML5 version of Chubby Shaman (renamed in Hefty Shaman) is available on my site with more levels!

Play it here ➔

Let me know if you like it! 

I uploaded on my site ( an updated version of Sisão with 3 more levels and some fixes.

Play it here ➔

Let me know if you like the new levels! :)

HTML5 version of Klung is available on my site (!

Play it here ➔

Hi there! Here is my entry, I hope you like it!
Thanks in advance if you are going to try it! :)

Thanks man, really appreciated! :)

Hi! I added 2 more levels and a level selection to this game, you can play the updated version on my site over here:

Thanks! Sure, I always update all of my games made for game jams with more levels! You can find them on my main website. :)

Congrats to everyone guys! :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)

Oh ok, found it!
Thanks. :)


Anyone know how to get the payment pointer on uphold?
Seems I can't find it.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your comment, there are a lot of usefull advice! :) For updates just follow me on Twitter @hav24

Woah that's amazing! I can't even past cave 5! Thanks for playing it, I'll check this memory leak issue. :)

Is it the Benny Hill Show music? lol
Nice aestethic and cool little game, but the quick time event is a little bit too faster for my reaction time. XD

Stuck at level 4, a hint would be really appreciated! :)
I like those kind of games, nice entry!

Hi there! I don't see any download link, how can we play the game?

Wow that's cool! How you did it?

I'm sorry you got stuck! Here is a playthrough made by Warpdoor if need it. :)

I'm sorry you got stuck! Here is a playthrough made by Warpdoor if need it. :)

Thanks! I used Stencyl! :)

It's a known bug, press "R" to restart the level and that should fix this! Thanks for playing it!

Nice game!
I like the way you have animated everything so smoothly! :)
If you just put some sound effects here and there (maybe when you change shape and when you make points) you have basically a mobile game ready for the stores!

Ok I finally managed to play it!
Even with RTP installed the game show the same error missing the "vehicle" file.
So I take the vehicle file from RTP folder and put it in the Graphic/Characters directory.
After that if you try to run it a second error appear " Graphics/System/Shadow" missing.
So I copied every file from the RTP system folder inside this folder and the game started fine!
So I think that you need to put those file and export the game again in order to let other user play your game. Hope this helps. :)

I played the whole game, dialogs are very funny to read (the one that said something like "Schrodinger cat is alive and dead at the same time, this makes me unconfortable" killed me XD) and the music is also on spot.
I wish I had more space, because sometimes cats and fairies in the scene blocks you, and you need to wait them to move randomly away in order to pass.
The story is cool and I like the transition between cat > humans.
I finally found Thomas at the end. :)

Really cool looking game, with good music and sound effects implementation!

The best way to play it is with a controller!
If you have a 360 controller like me you need to have in mind the play station controller scheme while playing!

My only complaint is about the "dead zone" of the stick. Even a little movement of the stick will cause the player movement... maybe you could set a little dead zone in order to avoid unwanted movement!

My high score:

I really like the fact that if you hit a different shape than yours you get a "malus" spawn of that shape.

This could be also used by expert player as a "score multiplier", where you can let multiply deliberately a shape and then switching in that shape making loads of points. :)
I like it!

Hi, unfortunately the game still doesn't work, here is the error:

Maybe try the game on a computer without RTPs (I know that problem because I started making games with RpgMaker2000 XD)

Me too unfortunately...

Hi, where I can get RTPs in order to play it?

Unfortunatelty this game doesn't work, see image attached. :(

Hi there, if you want to play more levels of this game I made an extended version here:

Hope you like it! :)

Thanks dude, really appreciated! :)

Thanks dude! I'm going to release a final version with more levels in a week! :)

Thanks dude, glad you like it! :)