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Thanks dude, glad you like it! :)

Woah, that's a huge score, congrats! :D

Thanks, I'll try that!
I hope it works! :)


I already sent an email to the itch staff but never got a reply.

Someone have a list of domains that we should use in order to sitelock our games on this site?
There is an old post about it but with an outdated domains list (I think outdated, because I've tried sitelocking some games but it never worked).

Thanks in advance,

The drill mechanics is really cool and you also managed to implement it in a clever way designwise (for example when you need to drill terrain like a ladder in order to being able to land on a much higher platform).
Very fun and well put together!

ARRRGH, this is the classic ragequit game that keep you trying and trying just for the challenge!
To beat the first level I died roughly 20 times. XD
The main problem is that the main character is slippery (and that's ok, it's a sort of icy thing) and sometimes you die because there is no way to stop its inertia in time.
I really liked the "creating platform" mechanics and the fact that this affect your size and "health".
Maybe you could remove the timer because the game is already hard... adding another difficulty layer like this could discourage some players. :)

There are only two levels right? I beat the second and got back to the title screen...
I must say that this is pretty fun! You need a little bit of time to understand how the jump works but, once you get used to, the game runs smooth.
I also liked how you handled the slide graphically, I think it wasn't easy to render this properly but you did it, so nice job!

Creatures reminds me a sort of demorgon from Stranger Things serie, isn't it? :D
The overall visuals are cool with nice textures and models (maybe a bit too darker even with the torch enabled) and the horror atmosphere is indeed there.
As already someone else told you, the main problem is the inverted way you handle the mouse and the camera tha tmakes the game a bit unplayable... but I think it's an easy fix on your part after the jam! :)

Tried the game a few times but I didn't survive from the beast! I tought inside the house hole would have been enough, but... nope! XD
A reset button in the gameover screen would have been usefull (I had to close/reopen the game in order to retry).
The game is good, there is the right amount of tension and the music sets the mood very well.
Maybe disable the house description when you are inside it, I clicked on it a few times by mistake. 
Good job, keep working on it!

Now it works! have you changed something?
Is a good starting point and is fun to play, my record is 55. :)
My only advice is to make a proper anticipation animation for the red bullets so the player can think a way to dodge them.
Something like... growing the red bullet from 0% to 100% in a fixed point and when it reaches 100% start moving it towards the player.

Really solid entry guys!
The main mechanics (rays that can be changed in direction) is cool and unique, also you put together a well made art style with an on point audio.
Keep it up!

Ok thanks, now it is working! :)
There is no way to go out from your room, right?
It seems I can't do anything else...

Sorry for what? My statement about the character was not intended to be "it's a bad looking sprite", it's just funny to my eyes. XD
But the character movement is cool itself, so if you are not an artist you did a good job here! ;)
Well you did all the floors procedurally so kudos! 
It's never easy, considering the limited time of the jam, making something procedurally generated.

Didn't managed to get to the boss unfortunately, I keep getting killed in the "second" wave (after you pass the wall that you need to destroy with a shot).
Yes, as Justcamh said, it's a bit unbalanced because of the random spawn point... but you already know that! :)
Btw, the game is playable and has an unique artstyle (i love the design of archs) and overall is a good starting point.
It's a bummer that I didn't get to the boss that, from the screenshots, seems to be really cool.

The intro is top notch: I like how you told the story with impact images, good music and a lovely voice over. :)
I like the grappling mechanic, even if it didn't worked every time to me... but maybe it should be used only a certain number of time and must be recharged?

My best score is 684 feet, cool little endless runner! :D

Maybe you should put at least the controls on you game page (you can edit this through your dashboard).
For anyone interested in this game you can jump/double jump with "W" and, after a double jump, you can use a sort of jetpack by holding "W".

Same thing...

See my first post (I have attached a screenshot).

 The page says something like: "Oh no, our server got lost. We can't find the page you were searching, please double check the url"

Yes, I tried right now and it doesn't work. 
I never used Scratch but maybe you didn't published the game?
So only you (the developer) can see the game?

No problem dude! :)
Yes, I'm using chrome, unfortunately it didn't work.
(use the reply button to my comment so I get notified when you reply)

Hey there, I tried your game but I can't pass through the second desert (after speakead with the barman) when there is lots of lava and some sort of pillars and you need to land on it perfectly to pass.
I like that you had enough time to make different tilesets and music between  "stages" even if it is only a big level with no loading involved! :)
My only advice is to make the hitbox of the player a little bit slimmer, at the moment is is too much pixel perfect and sometimes you hit the lava with the hitbox but your eyes didn't see this graphically.

The sprite moving animation is somhow funny to me. XD
I think the game is in an early development stage, the only thing that you can do is to running around (searching for the next ladder) and in the meanwhile find some bottles of water, right?
It's a good start, especially if you managed to make all the floors procedurally (they seems always different, but I reached only floor 7 so i don't know).

Hi, unfortunately can't play and rate your game (see image attached below).
I even tried your new link in the game description with the same result, maybe update it.

The page says something like: "Oh no, our server got lost. We can't find the page you were searching, please double check the url"

For a gaming jam almost 1 gigabyte  download is a bit too much if you want people to try it. XD
Btw I did it and I must say that the game is really cool visually. 
The atmosphere is there and puts the right amount of anxiety! 
I think the game is really heavy (graphic wise) and I had sometimes some fps drop... but nothing too serious to make it unplayable!

The ending screens are just hilarious. XD
I also liked the contrast between the puffy graphics and the badass rock soundtrack when the game starts!
You need to make the juice in a certain way right? 
Something like: bottle > juice > drinking straw > extras
Beacause sometimes my juice has been reset (i think) for this reason.

Nice story over there, this setting reminds a sort of mad max!
Maybe give the ability to the player to skip dialogues or just speed them up a little bit.
I don't get why, when combat starts, I can barely moving... It seems that enemies trap you instantly when  they approach.
Btw I like the atmosphere, audio and the setting in general!

Hi there, maybe update your game page and put at least controls to play (with "E" you can interact with houses).
I liked the animations of the wolf even if I don't get why it's a wolf. :D
It's a bit confusing that you can use only two times the cooling spray before refill it.
Sometimes you just want to cool down a house just little bit, but you use a full slot to do that.

Woah, nice little story for a game jam entry!
I really liked it a lot, and also I liked the overall animation of characters (the icy "wolf" are amazing and well animated).
I got a little bug in the intro: after reading all the text the game didn't move forward. I had to restart the game in order to get it work.
The game is good and well put together, the only complaint I have is about some controls choices: Why not binding the dash onto another button instead making it down + jump? It's a bit counter intuitive.
Aside that, solid entry!

Hi there, unfortunately I can't play the game since I got this error when I press on "continue":

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object obj_Init_settings:

global variable name 'fstrangeness' index (100088) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_obj_Init_settings_Step_0
stack frame is
gml_Object_obj_Init_settings_Step_0 (line -1)

Jalapeno are badass and evil D: I got killed by them 2 times. XD
Movements are fluid, the theme is there and the audio part is pretty funny (Is it your voice when enemies shot?)
The only complaint i have is about the level size that is really huge and there is nothing that hints you pieces' position.
Nice little touch the minimap!

Really fun game! My best score is 12250! :)
It would be cool to have some sort of "malus" that could prevent the player from clicking continuously without thinking. maybe a princess? If you make her explode you will lose some points?
Good job!

Really thanks for your video, you are good at entertaining! XD
I'm sorry that you struggled so much at level 3, but you just need to NOT split yourself and use the solar beam to reduce your size in order to pass under the water.
Maybe I didn't make this feature enough clear. :)
Anyway thanks again!

Congrats for the entry!
I think the theme fits really well in your game and the story behind is a good touch (It would have been awesome to see this ex-hero behind the bar counter XD).
My only complaint is all about the graphic coherence, for example in the level selection you have those high definition stars and then all the other stuff with a lesser resolution.
Btw good work dude! :)

Thank you very much man fro playing it, really appreciated! Is it that hard? Maybe I didn't noticed because I made the game and I repeatedly played all levels! XD

Thanks for the feedback!

I think that this entry is really fluid: I like in general fast and responsive input!I really miss a sort of map or an indicator where units are located, so I just keeped moving randomly hoping to find some unit to cool down. Loved the randomly monster that sometimes popped out!Another thing that would have improved the gameplay a bit is to give the "pumping" mechanic to the player, maybe by pressing repeatedly  a button to recharge it faster! :)

I love the overall polish of this entry, I also like how you managed to make it visually interesting and unique, in particular I like the pixel art flames effect!
Nice game, keep up the good work!

4790 is my best so far, I'm not a pro. XD
I think it's a cool little game, the theme is definetly there. It reminds me a sort of space invader, maybe because of the flames' movement!
Am I missing something or there is no sound involved? 
Some sound effects would have improved the overall experience for sure!

Good entry! :)

As always thanks for the review and for the video! You're awesome and I'm glad you liked the game! :)