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Very nice, and very impressive. It's amazing how much you've done in just one week

Thank you!

It's a really nice prototype. I like the style. And I like the idea. It would be great if you keep developing it.


Yes, I have to improve the jumps.

Thank you :)

I really like the art. I think it's a little too difficult.

Really beautiful. It's so addictive. Well done!

I like using 3d to present the playing field. Hourglasses should give you more time. I like the importance of memory in order to win.

I don't understand why he has so few votes. It's a nice game with a simple but effective dynamic. I like music and sounds. Maybe a bit difficult, I don't have enough patience: D

Very interesting idea. The levels a little too difficult. Maybe changing the parameters to jump can improve.

A nice game. The jumps are a little weird but the game has the potential to be fun.

Thank you. And thanks for your advice

Thank you!

I hadn't thought about controlling the force of the jumps. I think I'll have to try to change something.

Thank you :)

Your game is fun too

Thank you :)

Thank you

The levels are very few: I didn't have time to create them because the game mechanics took me longer than expected.

On the music and the sounds I agree with you. I hope I can improve them.

Thank you!

I also really like your game. (And to be honest, yours is a lot more polished than mine :))

Thank you!

Yes, after playing it a little bit you are right: the screenshake caused by the swords is confusing

I really like the atmosphere: the character is well drawn and the temple is very deep and complex. Maybe a map would have helped :)

Great game. The levels are fun. Music is relaxing. But when the lights go out, the game isn't. I think it's a little gem.

I love how you control the frog. I would have made the tongue more visible and added some shake. I like minimal graphics in this kind of games.

I really like the interpretation of the theme, the music and the sense of urgency it conveys. The minimal graphics make the game difficult but I'd love to play it again. Well done.

A small game with interesting possibilities. It can get a lot of fun with a few more maps and maybe an easier way to figure out which trees to pick apples from. I like it

Thank you. 

The original idea, however, is not mine, it is taken from a Japanese game, Magical Drop (マジカルドロップ)

Thank you!

The menù is badly done. But I had not thought about the ESC key: in the browser it removes the full screen ... 
Thank you for your suggestion

Thank you!

In the third version there is a level advancement system. But ... it doesn't work: D In the offline tests there was no problem, but in loading the version of the jam I must have done something wrong

Thank you!

My inspiration came from the japanese game Magical Drop (マジカルドロップ).

I like this little game. Music is addicting. And I like the animation of the shot, and the explosion.

I like this variant of Snake. I think the first level is too slow

I like the concept behind the game. Maybe some sound would have made the game more fun.

(I'm glad to see another game created with Construct 3 :)

Thank you

Yes, without a tutorial it is complicated to understand the purpose and operation. And yes, the menu is a bit bugged.

I'm waiting for the triple trijam votes to end, and then I'll try to fix it

Thanks so much :)

In my intentions, it should have been a little more difficult. But only after uploading it, and playing it a bit more, did I realize that I did it a little too simple.

Furthermore, the levels should become more difficult. But I must have done something wrong because it doesn't work in the third build. 3 hours are few. But even 9 hours are few: D

I like the concept of the game. But I only managed to understand how to play by reading the comments.

Perhaps making the competitors a little bigger, and evidencing the front, would have made the game easier.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it

Thank you :)

Yes you are right. I thought about colors too late: with the red background they didn't look well and I would have to recolor everything. Maybe in a future release.

Thank you :)

Very beautiful. In spite of the theme, she snatched me a smile.

I like that the level is generated from the player's name. But the longer the name, the longer the level. To win just enter a single character.

It seems interesting but ... q and e don't work?

I like how "enemies" move. I don't like not being able to move myself: D

Wow! How did you manage to do all this in just 9 hours?

I like it very much.