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Race around the city delivering passengers, but don't run out of fuel!
Submitted by Slick Games (@bgillettsmith) β€” 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1573.0503.050

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
You start and end at the same location, but have to collect passengers and fuel from all over the city. You literally have to go "There and Back" multiple times!

What was your team size?


You worked alone

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All original game code and original assets were made during the jam period

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The game works on the web or as a Windows 10 download

We have answered all submission questions honestly and completely

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Absolutely love the art style and the music sounded great. This would be a really fun game if the steering at high speeds wasn't so sensitive. That's my only complaint tho, really nice game for 7 days, good work


I love the graphic style!! Maybe you can reduce the turn sensitivity, i think it is a little hard to control the direction right now.

I don't know if it is only on the web version, but the sound glitches a lot.

It is a great game!!!


You have a keen eye for visual design, the menus and How To Play screen look really nice. I would put the back button on the left though.  The car controls are nice, like a real physics object you have to control, it's also funny when things go wrong, like running over a person when you're trying to pick them up. The implementation is very good. The choice in kenney assets and music is great. 

There are only a few issues. I didn't understand the arrow on the ground at first, because it was behind me when it appeared. It's an equilateral triangle so before I realised it rotated around the car, I didn't know which way it was pointing. The arrow should always be visible, so maybe incorporate it into the UI somehow, perhaps a 3D arrow like in Simpsons Road Rage? Also I feel like I really needed camera control, especially when I needed to turn around.

Other than that, I rated your game very highly.


Thanks very much! Always great to have constructive feedback, and I'll definitely take that on board for the post-jam version... When you say "camera control", what level of control do you think would be appropriate? Would a simple rotation work (that reset when you started driving)? At the moment you can toggle camera position and distance with the Q button.

As for the arrow, I think I know what you mean (though I had to Google Simpsons Road Rage!), I will see if I can't move it to a better location and do something better with it, though not sure how to achieve that sort of thing in Godot!


really cool game!great job!

It'll be nice if you check out our game too😁


Thanks very much for playing!


Super fun and cute! Reminds me of Crazy Taxi from back in the day! The little city and cab was adorable. There's a lot of people having affairs with the clergymen over at the church...they may need to do an internal audit of who they've employed haha


OMFG Thanks so much for the video review! I did do it all solo but used a few assets from a couple of different places - for the initial taxi, road tiles and people models, plus music that I already owned and some sound effects from a free site. All the buildings and trees etc I made using Asset Forge, and obviously all code and UI etc was all me.

I'm so pleased to watch someone else play it as its really interesting to see how people interpret the challenge... There is a timer for each level, which fills the gauge in the top-right. The blue bit around this is the fuel level and the fare counter sits within it. The 4/3 bug thing is something I found after submission (typical), but will fix for the next release :)

Sorry for posting this in the video and here, but thought that I should clarify to others too!


Wow! I haven't delved much into 3D game dev, but the city you created was incredibly polished. The main mechanic of the game also worked perfectly. Even after I... may have accidentally mowed a passenger down he still wanted to give me his fare AS LONG as I was within the circle haha. 
If I had something to suggest it's like others have said.
The car mass feels like a feather at high speeds. On a long straight way it feels like you'll get slightly airborne and rip to the left or right. 
Also some way to have the direction indicator always be showing would be nice. 
Some sort of game over and restart after running out of gas. I actually got lucky my first time I ran out and after some mindless drifting about I ran into a gas container! But it was a short-lived victory. 
Great jam submission, well done. Cheers! 


Not bad for my first ever 3D game and only the second game I've ever published then?! πŸ˜‰

Thanks very much for the feedback - all points I'll be addressing once the jam is finished!


Nice work. I found the controls a bit too sensitive and wobbly.  But maybe I'm just a bad driver!


Cheers! Yes the car becomes quite hard to control at high speeds (kind of like a real one πŸ˜‰). I find that using the brakes before cornering is a sensible tactic. That being said I'd like to implement controller support so I can use the analogue controls for steering and acceleration!


nice 3d game you have here :D , loved the fact that this was made in godot ;)

 the game  concept while straight forward it perfectly matchs the jam's theme limitation :)

couple of bugs I found:

1- when your fuel gauge gets empty you still can slide from the inersia you have to the point I stoped caring too much for it >_<

2- also the arrow that indicate the direction is not visible to the player if it's pointing directly in front or behind :O


Please consider checking our submition as well ;)


Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you liked it! This was my first 3D game and I have to say, Godot made it fairly painless... It could do with a bit more polish but for a weeks worth of development time I'm quite pleased with it! To address your points:

1. The inertia was intentional, as it allows you to coast for a bit to collect another fuel can. That being said I will add a timeout to the game that basically only allows you to coast for a short while before failing the shift.

2. Yes I agree that can be a bit annoying - but I tried to mitigate that frustration by allowing the player to change camera angles with Q

I totally intend to do some more work on the game after the jam so will take your points on board!


I saw your prototype in the discord earlier this week. This was such a great game to play, reminded me of the gta cab mini game, great job. Also love the music and different stories the passengers have to say, feel bad for the guy who is being followed or the guy whose wife had an affair. As for improvement, the controls were very sensitive and i went flying when i first played haha. Also fuel is sometimes a big problem as it runs out very very fast. One annoying thing was if you accidentally hit a passenger when picking them up, they would wobble for a good 5 to 10 seconds before getting in which was a bit annoying. Overall this was a very fantastic game and I would like to see you expand upon this idea.


Thanks for the feedback! Yes controls seem to be the most important thing to improve upon... It's so difficult to gauge turning speed, especially when you're driving fast... It sounds like people are literally caning it down the streets, as the fuel only depletes when you accelerate... πŸ˜‚


Hey you said we are cab drivers so we have to be speedy haha.


I had fun playing 😁 but I feel the fuel runs out too quickly or maybe I'm just still getting used to the controls πŸ˜„ the steering was a little too quick for me and I took hard turns a lot when I was just trying to slightly nudge my direction.

I think I broke something in all of my customers cause I would drive into them, haha! πŸ˜€ Good job! 


Thank very much! Glad you enjoyed it! I think that having analogue steering would be better - I totally intend to add controller support after the jam as I think it'll be a lot more fun to play with one!


Nice style with smooth graphics and camera. I like the physics of the cab and the controls were easy to pick up and I can see it being difficult to master. I think I ran out of fuel at one point though as I sort of stopped but couldn't tell but overall it was an enjoyable game. 


There is a blue gauge, top right, that surrounds the timer... I may need to add some icons to them to add clarity... Thanks for playing!


I am a big fan of Crazy Taxi so It was easy for me to get into the game. I don't know if it was on purpose, but I love how you recaptured the feeling of crazy taxy by exaggerating the turn speed.

I got an audio glitch throughout the entire game so that was a bit annoying, but I admire the efforts.

There were also a bit of framedrop but that is because it is a browser game, and overal it ran ok.

Also, my auto stopped in the middle of nowhere so I assume that I ran ou of fuel, but then I didn't know what to do so I restarted the game. This can be improved with a gameover screen or restart button that pops up in front of the player(or maybe I missed something...)

I also have to mention the camera, it is good! I advice slightly adjusting the field of view to give more a sens of speed! (How faster you go, how higher the field of view )

I it is funny how the NPC stand up after you ran over them haha.

Overall I think it is cool!


Yeah! I love Crazy Taxi too, and it was definitely an inspiration! Sorry you had audio problems, the web version definitely has issues but I felt that including it would be better exposure overall and get more people playing the game. Sadly the browser, OS, and machine specs all add factors to WebGL, it seems.

Re: the camera - did you try the alternate positions by pressing Q? Also, to get to the "pause menu" just press ESC - you can restart the level from there. I probably should have put that in the "How to Play" screen... I'll drop it into the page description to try and avoid additional confusion. I could have triggered a screen when you run out of fuel, but quite liked the coasting mechanic that meant you can go a bit further and possibly collect more fuel, even when there's none left in your tank.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!


Yeah I understand. I wanted to put my game on webGL to but had a last minute bug where my screen turned black in webGL. 

No I didn't know about the Q option, (probably because I jumped right into the game and ignored the "how to play" button assuming I would know...) I just tried it out and its nice! A good addition would be a "look back" button for when I am driving backwards. 

And thanks for making the game haha


The game does is quite enjoyable. the main thing that stands out to me has to be the smooth camera! the sound and art choices also meld very well. My main criticisms would have to be with the UI and controls, while they are by no means bad they could have used some improvement to help the game overall. Great job on the game!  It would mean a lot if you could check out my Jam submission if you get the chance. Thanks!


Thanks very much for the feedback! I was hoping to add controller support in the future as you really need analogue controls try drive properly πŸ˜‚


...I meant to ask, what did you find needing improvement with the UI? Was is something specific or was something unclear?