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Tips for new players : Don't press on ESC unless you want to close the game. 

Happened to me 15 minutes in thinking I could "Pause" the game... 

Chill game BTW. 

I have this problem too. I can't reach the upper area at all

Amazing! I really enjoy seeing some star fox love here. Nice job!

Loved your video! Thanks for playing my game!

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Don't know how to get past level 3. 

EDIT: nevermind, I didn't read the description

EDIT 2: Fun Game btw


Yeah like, who doesn't like doom?

And thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it!

Not at the moment. I designed the game with these controls in mind but I will take that in mind for my future games!


You are the gold! Thanks for playing!

Hey, sorry for the late asnwer. I am very busy at work lately.

Thanks for your feedback! I just updated the game to adapt to multiple resolutions. I will think about it for my future games.

As for the mouse support I will not do it for this game since I designed it with these controls in mind and I don't have time to to adjust the script. But again, I will take it in considiration for my future games. It's true that people are used to mouse controls and I should have added mouse support from the start. :)

To add some context, I made this game in only 2 weeks where I had for once a lot of time. I could have polished it a lot more but I had other priorities.

I am sorry to hear you think the game is bad. Is there another thing would like to add? Maybe I can improve on it next time! 

To all people who are strugglling. I advice you to play with a Controller.  At least it helped a lot for me.

Love it! I would gladly play a full version!

This was more of an experience project for my portfolio so, right now, I don't have any plans to make a full version.

However the game is doing really good so I will consider it.😉

Thanks for playing! I think your feedbacks is very valuable since I can see how you play directly. 

And man you did very good on your first try...the game was meant to be hard so I was impressed by how good you did!

PS: no the 69 was no joke haha...I could have lied and say 70 but I think it was funnier to tell the truth.

I am glad you enjoyed it!

I am a big fan of zelda game so it was easy for me to get into it!

I really appreciate the random level generator! Can you tell me more about it? 
Like where did you learn that? How is it generated? Are there multiple scenes?

Ofcourse I will!  

Thanks for playing! I am glad you enjoyed it. ;)

I think the backstory of every chicken hilarious! I was always looking forward to know them better haha. And the game plays really well. GG

Yeah I understand. I also like to make my game look good even if I'm not a graphist.  And I think you nailed it!

Also I just saw your other Jam game with the cardboard game. I really love your style!

Maybe we should collaborate one day. 
I'll be glad to help you with one of your future projects if you want? Like a game jam for example.

At least let me keep touch with you. Here is my discord ID : " Romain Bayer#1745 "
Feel free to add me.  ;)

This game is a platformer done right! The controls were really fluid, responsive and it was really fun to jump! 

The level design was really good and the pixelart was adorable! 

Did you do the pixelart yourself?

Also, I found 2 secret rooms, 850 orbs and finished the game with a smile haha. (I LOVE secrets) 

I wish I could give you a negative point but I can't really think of any right now. 

I loved the esthetics! But the controls were really complicated in my opinion and I almost coudn't go pass the jump tutorial level.

Impressive work! I love the BatRang like mechanic from Arkham City and I think it is cool to have made a game centered on that!

I couldn't kill the ennemies however and since the boomerang is slightly on the side It was a bit hard to aim.

I also felt a bit lost but this made room for exploration and I like that!

This game shows how much can be done in only one week and I will definitely bring it up to motivate some of my friends ;)

Loved every part of it! I could have played it for an hour if there were more levels haha! Maybe the best game of the jam!

The presentation in this game is on point!

I had a bug were when I tried to jump left, I couldn't use the light. I had to memorize the whole levels in the dark.  (Maybe because of my keyboard since I was able to light up while jumping right.)

So the speed run levels were for me a pain in the neck (especially in the dark). Also, maybe you should have made the character less slippery.  If you made this game in unity, it can easily be achieved if you decrease the "Horizontal" axis gravity in the input menu.  If in construct 2 you can just decrease de deceleration. 

Also I don't get it why we have to hold V to light up the lights and it doesn't light up automatically.

It would have been nice if you put the music on loop and not reset it after every game over.

Sorry if I sound too negative, I think your game is amazing and maybe the best one of the game jam. The jump felt good, the graphics were a really enjoyable to watch, good level design.  And while the idea was basic, I think your execution was amazing!

The game is basic but really cool. I enjoyed it. I wish there was a "short hop" because I often was an unnecessary amount of time in the air. And it would have felt more responsive.

I love the theme you have chosen for the game, it suits your game really well!

Cool game ;)

I really like how you put the tutorial by talking to the player during the gameplay. It makes the player less lonely and I don't have to learn in a how to play menu.

You say there must be glitches since you are a beginner but I haven't noticed any.

The spikes part is really hard and I didn't get past it. Maybe you should make the collider of the player shorter than himself to avoid getting hit by a pixel.  ( and add additional platforms)

The higher Jump wasn't handy, I wish I could use it to speed run and pass some platforms but I couldn't reach it most of the time.

Still, you said you were a beginner programmer and I think you did a correct platformer for a beginner. Keep going!

I think it is really funny that the monsters appears when you hear the man laughing.

And great choose of music! 

Cool game!  I wonder how you made the level design? And did you decorate it yourself?

Yeah I understand. I wanted to put my game on webGL to but had a last minute bug where my screen turned black in webGL. 

No I didn't know about the Q option, (probably because I jumped right into the game and ignored the "how to play" button assuming I would know...) I just tried it out and its nice! A good addition would be a "look back" button for when I am driving backwards. 

And thanks for making the game haha

This game is really cool!

Maybe you should have put the game music in loop instead of resetting it after every try. (because I died a lot...)

But this is a cool puzzle/platform game and it looks adorable!

I am really interested about how you made the visuals! It looks really cool!

I am a big fan of Crazy Taxi so It was easy for me to get into the game. I don't know if it was on purpose, but I love how you recaptured the feeling of crazy taxy by exaggerating the turn speed.

I got an audio glitch throughout the entire game so that was a bit annoying, but I admire the efforts.

There were also a bit of framedrop but that is because it is a browser game, and overal it ran ok.

Also, my auto stopped in the middle of nowhere so I assume that I ran ou of fuel, but then I didn't know what to do so I restarted the game. This can be improved with a gameover screen or restart button that pops up in front of the player(or maybe I missed something...)

I also have to mention the camera, it is good! I advice slightly adjusting the field of view to give more a sens of speed! (How faster you go, how higher the field of view )

I it is funny how the NPC stand up after you ran over them haha.

Overall I think it is cool!