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Journey To The InbetweenView game page

Submitted by TheJimAndTonic — 1 hour, 4 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#763.5333.533

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
Year tokens are collectable and tallied at the end of the game, i interpreted the theme as time travel, where you travel from there to back.

What was your team size?


You worked alone

Which of the following content in your game is NOT 100% newly made for the jam?


Affirm you have followed ALL jam rules. (Select all below or your entry will be disqualified.)

We have credited all assets used in the game including our own name(s) or team name(s)

All original game code and original assets were made during the jam period

The game does not include NSFW or hateful content

The game works on the web or as a Windows 10 download

We have answered all submission questions honestly and completely

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Nice game! The theme was super fitting and a nice implementation. I will always like platform puzzlers!

Feel free to check out my game when you have a chance!


Excellent game, love the story, puzzle and funky music. Brilliant entry :D


I actually liked that.

I like that you gave both character different mechanics.
I like how the younger version would take out his phone as an idle.
I like the story, and how I felt for them at the end.

-The base volume is very loud, I had to turn my headphones down to min and it was then at the right level.
-There were a number of collision bugs and issues with the old man climbing the lampposts, some times he went fast, and some times he went slow.
-Your text scroll speed is a bit too slow. I'm a slow reader and it was still too slow for me. I imagine a fast reader would get annoyed waiting for dialogue to appear.

It was a great entry for a 7 day jam. :)

Submitted (1 edit)

IN BETWEEN effect so funky :D I'd appreciate it if you rated my game.


Really good game. Very creative and i really enjoyed to mechanics


hahahahha it was super fun. I COMPLETED the whole game. I liked the story and the end XD.

Good job!

I'd love to know what do you think of my game :D


Thanks for the feedback, i'd love to play your game. Can you export to html?


Sadly, I can't :(


Great game. I normally don't like jump'n runs, but this was fun. I even finished it. Normally jam games don't keep me interested long enough.

Critic: It's detailcritcism. In my opinion you chars would have been a lot cooler with outlines. But thats more an opinion than a critic ;)


loved this game great job


Great job!! I played to the end because I wanted to see what happens (I don't normal or simply can't complete most Game Jam games I play). Theconcept had me drawn in, I couldn't help but feel that Billy had the raw deal... who wants to lose their life and go from boy to old man? I loved the idea of switching between characters and each character had slightly different controls. If I could offer 1 peice of feedback, make the controls more different to give each character a specific and unique feel. Did you ever play The Lost Vikings on SNES? It's the same concept, you control 3 characters each with a unique ability and have to use them all together to reach the goal. Great job though!


Loved the cute art and fun music! the mechanic is also fun to use as well as a clever take on the jam theme. Overall, great work!

 It would mean a lot if you could check out my Jam submission if you get the chance. Thanks!