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It was very risky making an online game for a jam but i think it really works, the power up mechanic really fits the theme and the visuals are super cool, great job!

This is so great for just a week's work! The atmosphere is perfect and i really enjoyed it, the theme fit, the mechanics were there and it's very polished and professional looking. the only thing i'd critique is the controls but even then that's just my preference. Great job :)

Thankyou for your great feedback :)

Noice game! I haven't played many 3D games this jam and i really liked the mood and music. The only thing i'd critique is the movement it just wasn't for me, but still really great job!

I think the theme was cohesive with the music and graphics. The idea of working with ur past self was cool even if it's with a dead body XD. Good job!

I love the gravity effects, good job!

The only things i think it needs are sound and music, but i really had fun playing this.

I rlly like the red panda character you should use him in other games

I really loved the animations in this and the music fits really well, i am obsessed with the pickle sprites, but i couldn't find the last one! I've left a good review, i hope you get a lot more. Here's my game if you'd like to give it a go:

Thanks for the feedback, i'd love to play your game. Can you export to html?

I must admit that i really love this, you are going to get very far in this jam i feel it, i love the gameplay, visuals, music and inspiration to create! Impeccable!!!

Here's a link to my game if you'd like to give it a try!

I'm not a big fan of vertical shoot em ups but i really liked this. The art style is slick and i love how you incorporated the theme, i'll be sure to leave a positive rating!

Here's a link to my game if you'd like to give it a try!

This game is really nice! The visuals are lovely and it really fits with the theme, i'll be sure to leave it a good rating! Here's a link to my game if you'd like to give it a try!

This is so cute and a different interpretation of the theme, i really enjoyed both the gameplay and the stylisation so i left it a good rating! Here's a link to my game if you'd like to give it a try!

I think the game is really fun and the ghost character is adorable, i think you should add checkpoints to make the game a tad easier, other than that i love it! Here's a link to my game if you'd like to give it a try!

really difficult but fun! I like the skins and the game really fits the theme and restriction so i have left a good rating. I'd appreciate if you gave my game a go:

this game is so so cute and the gameplay is simple but effective, i gave it a good rating! I'd really appreciate if you gave mine a look too.

I wish i had enough time to implement a use for the collectables in my game!  I was going to do different endings depending on the amount you get but had no where near enough time. But i think i settled on a good ending, i'd appreciate if you checked it out and gave it a rate!

it was simple but fun! The music and style really gelled. My submission is a similar style and i'd appreciate if you could check it out!

that's just how i felt, i was going to make different endings depending on the amount of timers you got but school and homelife were more important. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

The art style and concept is so cute, i was wondering how you incorporated the theme until the wolf started chasing me back and i was like ahhhhh! loved it.

So jazzy and the gameplay is clever, just love it!

I thought that this was great, really cute graphics and interesting concept!

This was so fun, the visuals were beautiful, the game play was smooth, and the humour was niche but hilarious. I had a really great time playing, i hope this becomes a potential series!

I’ve just started making games and this is my first jam, I’m so excited, Vimlark is one of my favourite YouTubers.