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Haha thanks for the review! I honestly didn't know how many people would actually complete it! The patience score is determined by how many bosses you kill without listening to their speech. For example if you kill 6 bosses without listening, then listen to each boss then kill them, your patience score would be 50%

We really wanted it to be a game where you figure it out for yourself and hopefully left confused so I guess we were pretty successful on that front.

Really cool concept and very differnt. Loved comboing juggling the computer player.

It says I need a password to view game page.

Came here from the game jam since I wanted to check out your work. This is a really cool project and looks so different with the 2.5D. I know you said this is your first platformer, but I think it's really good.

The only thing that feels a little funky is the movement in the air after jumping. Once I jump then move to the left or right with a tap, the player moves very quickly in that direction without slowing down. Although it's a little unintuitive and unrealistic, most platformers don't keep momentum in the air since it gives the player much more control. I'd suggest adding some "air friction" or the player instantly stopping in the x direction after the button is released.

Really appreciate this feedback! My recent game jams have been trying to make a simple game with some juice, but I wanted to make something larger in scope, knowing I'd sacrifice some gameplay features and game feel. The idea was to make there be a goal of fueling the ship 10 different species (plants and living things included) then the player's home planet location will be revealed. That maybe would've added some guidance and progression.

The code is jam code, so if you're okay reading some gibberish and nonsensical code then I will gladly send you the GitHub link.

Really enjoyable game. I could tell there was a lot of thought into the level design. There were enough hints that it wasn't too difficult but also some technically challenging spots that made it fun.

My favorite level was the first one where you had to figure out that the water could create a bridge to get over the tall wall. Games that have a seemingly simple mechanic, but take it to the next level are really special.

My only critiques would be that I felt the number of seeds felt like they were too limited and didn't allow room for much error. I found myself getting past a tough spot using a lot of seeds and water to see that there was more platforming that required resources I didn't have - maybe just adding more resources allow for error. Also I felt strangely slippery on the plant growth. I wanted to feel more firmly "planted" but it's not a biggie.

Overall, a very fun, good-looking game with a very unique and fun mechanic!

Thanks! If there was a little bit more time, I would've fixed the planets being too close but it was the least game breaking bug so I left it for future me.

Thanks again for playing!

Really cool idea to bounce things off the wall to get the enemy! I only wish the projectiles were faster when shooting and the fire rate was a little quicker, but I imagine those are only minor fixes.

Cool mechanic! I like the teleporting idea with the puzzles! I got stuck on one of the levels however since there was no way to get on one of the platforms, unless I was missing some important instructions.

But very cool and nice job in a short amount of time!

There should be instructions if you walk around the 1st planet. It is wip but it’s definitely playable.

Try to beat my highscore of 837!!

Thanks for such an in depth criticism! It’s good to know there are obvious, easy changes to make in the game. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that the spikes are a hinderance to the fun and I think that is just due to a lack of play testing. Same goes for the flail killing enemies at slow speeds. Relatively easy changes but I’d never know without everyone play testing. I’m glad you liked the main flail mechanic because I’ve been wanting to make something like this for so long. I’ll definitely be updating this game and hopefully make it worthy of a fun mobile game!

I think I made the classic mistake of making it too hard. I got used to the mechanic and thought it would be too easy for a highscore game. But thanks for the comment! I think I have to work in a difficulty curve into it, gradually getting harder.

Thanks for the criticism. I guess I didn't playtest that much to be annoyed by the spikes. Would you say its the frequency they occur, or just the spikes being there to begin with. I thought the game needed a little more challenge, but I may have over done it a little.

Noticed the same thing. Tried fixing it let me know if it works. Thanks for the catch.

Thanks for the help! SilentWolf's documentation is really great, but your specific example helped me get it working!

yea, it’s not clearly hinted at, but you have to wall jump (aka press space as you hit the wall). 

Fun game! I liked the idea of getting slower the more you had!

Really fun game. I like the theme being used on itself like you made it. Fun to play and looks good to!

Nice game! Cool take on the theme and the minimalism. I know this is a jam, but I like to offer advice as if you were making this a full game: This would be super sweet with more songs/levels and difficulty. Saw a lot of potential for a cool beat game.

thanks! I appreciate you giving feedback and it means a lot! I’m currently working on a mobile game I’ll post here first then on the App Store. I also have a larger full game title in the works.

Hmm I've had no complaints with it not working on other devices before. Maybe it may take a little while to load. No worries though I think I'll be making a final updated version of the game soon anyway.

What are you playing on? It may take a while to load because of the soundtrack. 

Is it just a blank screen? Just wondering so I can debug and help you play.

what platform are you playing on? That may help me find the problem.

Really enjoyed the game! I kept playing until I completed it. I would jut add an indicator when the bubbles hit the graffiti. I was confused in the beginning whether it was me being close or the actual bubbles that removed the images. But overall, great game!

Really cool game. It is funny how our games are slightly similar with such a broad theme. I think you did a great job polishing and making the game seem like a finished demo. All you would have to do is add more levels and maybe longer words and you have yourself a fun mobile game!

Agreed. I was hoping to leave time for audio,  but that is certainly something I will prioritize in the next jam. Thanks!

Really sweet game! I would prefer the bomb to follow my cursor a little quicker but that's just personal preference. Overall really cool!

Nice game and animations. I liked how the length changed each time but I felt the battery had to be a little bit longer. I'd be at halfway thinking. i had time to play, but I should've been heading back. Still a great entry!

Yea this game is fun. I love games that are difficult by skill alone like this. I only have one gripe. I like how the swing has a lasting effect afterwards, but I think it lags a little too much in the beginning. With that tightened up, it's perfect for me. 

I beat the normal mode but definitely could not get passed the first level of hard mode. That's for another day.

Cool game. I played all the way through with 122 pts! I wish there was an upgrade system to be able to hold more items however. I wanted to explore farther and farther but there was no point to go too far. Other than that, the game is great!

This was an addicting game! My highscore was 1000, not too shabby. I felt a lil betrayed when the bomb arrows use up my arrow, but i guess it makes sense. I feel like either a little bigger of a map or a little smaller character/enemies would go a long way. Also would be really cool of there was an upgrade for damage or arrow slots!

Really creative use of the theme! It was fun to play and had a nice difficulty curve which I always like. However, after 5 or so deaths, the levels stopped spawning the little enemies and only spawned the bosses. Not sure why happened again when I reloaded. But overall, great game!

Very cool game and I appreciate how adventurous you were with the scope. It's cool to see some 3d games with more complex ideas being in a game jam. Nice entry! 

This game was a blast to play. I loved the ridiculously hard parts. Sadly I thought I was wall jumping to a secret area, but got stuck out of bounds and didn't want to restart my progress. Honestly if this was a full game, I'd so play. It's very hardcore, with little to no rules. I wish I got to the part in the screenshot with the chainsaws but I must've been close. However I lost hope once I got hardlocked (attached lol). 

One word of advice is while the normal platform controls are smooth, the wall jumping is pretty iffy. That challenge for the wall jumps was HARD. Fun but hard. It was a toss-up whether I'd jump or fall off the wall first. Also the swing seems to not always work when I press the ctrl. I got used to them, but I'd prefer if they were smoother, but I understand given it's a jam.

Very simple game yet fun! Easy to learn, nice effects, and funny sounds. There was one level that really stumped me! Great game!

Awesome game. Reminded me of DBZ running along snake way. Rally cool implementation of there and back and was a joy to play. Other than the relatively floaty gravity, I thought the control were nice and tight. Congats on a nice game!

Feel free to check mine out when you have a chance!

Really cool game. Like others have said, very surprising you fit that all in a jam. Personally, I would've liked there to be a couple less days of the repetitive mining and getting to the end as each day didn't change much. I would also suggest a bigger contrast in abilities when upgrading. I didn't seem to notice any dramatic differences. Besides those minor details, it was a very fun game to play and glad you submitted just in time!

Cool game! i loved the jutsu character the most! Naruto-like? Great execution and fun to play! 

Check out my game when you have a chance!

I think this game took the simple there and back idea and did the best with it. It actually makes sense why you want to go there and back rather than just arbitrarily. Nice execution and fun art style!

Feel free to check my game when you have a chance!