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I will be checking out some game submissions on stream later today at 2pm CST If you would like me to check out your game feel free to leave it down below and I'll checkout as many as I can!

stream link: 

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lol that's how my code is as well. I was thinking it worked something along those lines where you would have an empty array that you would append to when a room is created which you could sync through the server with an rset for that variable the only thing im  not to sure about is the instancing the correct players in the correct room.

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Nice. I was quite curious since I'm doing a lot of testing with Godot's high-level multiplayer api and I was impressed by how you managed to create a room system. Was create room system difficult? I haven't actually messed around trying to make my own implementation for such a system but it would be interesting to incorporating it into some of my future projects.

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Its a very interesting unique game good job. The only thing I say could be improved is how you introduce the mechanics to the player it was a bit difficult to understand what I was doing or needed to do.  Also I'm curious since I also made a multiplayer game are you using Godot's built-in high-level multiplayer api or did you use websockets or something like nakama?

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Quick Note I would recommend you read the how to play in the description before actually trying the game as there are some important details explained to get the game to work as well as and the objective of the game.

If you want you can try my game out. Now it is multiplayer so you will need someone else to play with or you could just run 2 instances of the game on your computer. If I happen to be online and you want to play it and there is no other player let me know and I'll join if I can.

If you want to play and there are no other players let me know and I can join that is if I'm awake and not away from my computer lol. If you do message but I don't respond I am most likely busy doing something else so I apologize before hand if this is the case.

Thank  you hopefully you where able to actually get the game to run I did update the server to only allow 2 connections to remove the errors of various people joining while a match is happening.

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If you have time you can check out my game I made it for windows so I'm not sure it will work for Mac since it is an online multiplayer game that has some bugs here and there already lol.

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A way you can actually test it out if there are no players is by running 2 instances of the game yourself and joining the server with both of them. I'll probably have a instance of the game running on my end so that there as at least 2 players that way so you can actually test it without running another instance yourself.

Nice simple little game good job! The only thing in my opinion that could use a little bit more  work is the movement it feels a bit janky at times other then this great job. Also nice lose screen lol.

Awesome Job

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Awesome game man for the limited time we had to to make our games you definitely did a great job. It looks great! Way better than mine where I ran out of time to do all the art so there be a bunch of default icons lol

yeah I noticed that it was set to draft for whatever reason and I changed it to public and now it shows

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 so I submitted my game with 2 mins remaining and i got this notification but when I check to see if I can find my game in the submissions its not there and I don't know why. Did my submission not go through?

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Thank you for the feedback and i do agree with what you said. As for the theme I was originally gonna have objects you find unlock your abilities like dashing and double jump etc.  that way the player would have to explore the map and come back to areas they couldn't reach before to collect the pocky. I spend a lot of time on the player movement to make it feel good however due to this I ran out of time to implement everything i mentioned above and I didn't want to waste the work i did so I submitted what I had.

Really good game. Very creative and i really enjoyed to mechanics

NIce game simple but effective. I like how you implemented different mechanics for the red players

Overall not bad just felt that the movement was a bit slow also an indicator of how much health the enemy has would be nice or some kind of feedback that you are actually damaging the enemy

nice little puzzle game only issue i have is that I randomly wouldnt be able to double jump some times not sure if its just an issue on my end but good job overall.

lol very creative ideas thats for sure. I love how you simply used the godot icon for some of your obstacles which makes your game more of a meme lol good job

Pretty cool game my only real complaint is that the movement could use a little more work it's pretty difficult to get into the spaces sometime . Maybe polish the movement a bit more or make the collision for the player a bit smaller so he doesnt collide with the walls as easily while trying to get into a space

thanks for the feedback

the only thing I can critique is the lack of explaining what the controls are and lack of music but given the time you had it is understandable if you didnt have time to implement overall good game.

oh lol that actually slipped my mind

interesting concept the movement for the presents is a bit iffy but with some more polishing it'll get there

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I also had the same issue apparently my game didnt manage to submit in time but I did only have 2 mins left to submit so that could be the reason. If you manage to upload your game let me know I would like to check it out 

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I was trying to submit my game to the jam with 2 mins remaining and it seems my submissions didn't go through it sucks that it didn't go through but all well hopefully next time I'll have enough time to finish the game with enough time to spare. And I did learn alot so all is good. If you want to checkout my simple little game  even though it didnt go through you can check it out here:

Thank you so much for the feedback. And yeah we were going to make a system that checks if the player did perform the action but we ran out of time to fully implement it. I do want to work on it some more and see if we can finish it how we originally intended it to be.

Very good game. Really creative using the assets like this the only feedback I can give is that it would be better if it was more noticeable when the player missed an input also the difficulty felt very easy.  Besides this very solid game.

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Tried running your game but it doesn't seem to work each time I try to run it all that shows up is a blue screen nothing else. Not sure if this is an issue on my end or there might be something wrong with the export

I really like it, the game mechanics are quite enjoyable and the controls feel pretty good. Good job!