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Slay the ancient evil that has caused ruin to most of the life
Submitted by Sodoj, TrAceX, Derpyzza — 17 minutes, 37 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#333.7503.750

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Three of us (Sodoj, TrAceX, Derpyzza)

Software used
Unity, VSCode, Krita, Blender, Photoshop, MingW-64

Use of the limitation
Main goal of the game is killing the enemy in one hit. Player increases their strength by destroying certain targets using one hit. The player character also dies in one hit

Cookies eaten
None at all ._.'

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Woahhh!! The role playing element was amazing!! The player animations and assets were cute<3
Loved the game<3
Good luck with the jam I hope you like other games in the jam too<3


Good game ! The art is great, the boss is great ! 


A nearly flawless game, placing a 2d character in 3d game is no simple feat, and there's a TON of depth and fine-tuning here. Walking towards this enormous boss felt suspenseful and the boss fight DELIVERED. I've never seen anyone do a colossal boss battle in a game jam before, it was so cool.

One of my favorites for sure.


This is really cool, and also one of the games that really stood out to me during this jam!  The visual design is nice, the story is simple yet does the job, and the gameplay has some variety and depth to its mechanics.  I found connecting attacks, landing jumps and dodging to be a little on the finicky side, but what's here is still super impressive to me considering the 72 hour turnaround time of the jam.  Awesome work!! :D


Nice game, the boss is also challenging. I thought we need to get through all of that again if we died while fighting the boss. Oh boy I was wrong. The story is also quite interesting. Looking forward for more story. The character design is also cute, and make it like 3D character is blowing my mind. Keep up the good work!


Pretty good game for 72 hours. I really liked the mechanics of charging and shooting

good work!


Wow...This is amazing work for such a short time. I am in love with the main character sprite. It has so much bouncy personality which contrasts so nicely with darker, more mysterious vibe of the world. Really cool game, great job!


This game has the best AD and game feel!


Reviewed live at


I really enjoyed the style for this submission!  For the most part the gameplay was well-done!  My only criticism is that the jumping mechanics could've been clarified a little more at the beginning part.


The art style it's gorgeous, would play a full game like this!

For us the only downside was controlling the character and directing/jumping precisely!

But very well done!


Really cool way of creating a boss fight with limitations, the player art is beautiful, as well as the skulls from the boss attack, really enjoyed this game. only improvement would be that the Boss attacks reset after killing you cause I had 3 death spawns in a row


This game is amazingly polished! It puts the limitation to good use, and the art style is unique! Keep up the good work!


This is one of my favorites in the entire jam. You three should be very proud. Seeing the skeleton in the distance and having to work my way toward him was such a cool feeling. Nice design.


This absolutely rocks! I especially loved the intro with the music and story. The boss is very impressive and cool looking, Awesome job!


Visually is amazing, a bit hard for me but because I suck at these kind of games. If you did this in a weekend, congratulations!

Submitted (1 edit)

THIS IS AWESOME, I love it!! I absolutely love how you managed to make a boss fight not only with the time constraint, but also complying with the one-hit limitation. The power level thing is such a genius way to make a boss fight work with the one-hit limitation thing and I LOVE THAT. This is really awesome, I love every bit of it!! <33

And the player character is SO CUTE. ASFDFSDFSD. I LOVE THEM. SO CUTE!! 


Very interesting game, I like the platform style but felt like the combat needs a little more polishing. It's hard to see the enemy attack coming at you, and the player skill felt a bit underwhelming.

Other than that, I had a blast trying to kill the boss, it's a very challenging fight and I think the game is good for just 3 days. Good job!


Really nice mini game - impressive what you’ve done in this short time. Killing the end boss really took some time and is really hard.


hey there! thank you for the kind words, i really appreciate it :D
and yeah the boss is pretty hard haha, adds some challenge to the game :D


Great story, great teamwork. Everything is perfect!

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