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Can’t wait :) And nice job with the video!

Nice game entry! Enjoyed playing it, but I guess it still could be a bit easier regarding the increasing difficulty.

A few small things:

  • it would be nice to “regain” a bit of the money you spend at the previous island
  • a slight variation of the sharks would make a big difference (e.g. small (weak) and big (strong sharks)
  • also some variation in weapons or so
  • add a finish overlay
  • and add some ambient stuff (wind, birds, a bit of variation in the water shader)

All in all, really nice game!

Nice work, keep it up! Love your assets/work and can’t wait to check out your game!

Funny, I’m building something quite similiar with a bit more focus on the racing mechanics.

Lovely job on the graphics! Is there a WebGL or MacOS version available?

I’m also interested in this topic. Kinda confusing when you load it up in unity.

Thanks for the detailed response - it’s always really interesting to see the “how”s.

Nice concept with a lot of potential. Some things seem unclear to me:

  • It is really hard to escape the enemies since there is practically no way around them.
  • The waiting time for the enemies without seeing them feels weird. Also I skipped my own turn quite a few times while trying the skip the enemy actions.

Can’t wait to see what’s coming. Keep it up!

Really nice concept, artstyle and music. Love it, keep it on!

Nice concept - I died a few times until I got the concept of the robots and the capsule ;) all in all a nice little game - a bit more variation would be nice in terms of gameplay, but the current state feels pretty polished. Nice job!

Looks like a nice defense concept. However, I got stuck on the dice with the sword - nothing happened there.

Nice mixture between randomness and actual interaction. I like the concept, keep it on!

It took me a while to figure out the controls, but then I started to like the concept. The random generation of the levels really feels on point. However, sometime the colliders feel a bit to harsh.

Nice idea with the folding/rolling the map - the colliders seem a bit off and it’s even hard to master the initial jump. But with a bit polishing, this can become a nice project - keep it on!

Nice concept with a simple puzzle mechanic. Cool entry, keep it up.

As mentioned before, the main missing thing is the player interaction. Besides that, this seems like nice concept with pontial. Maybe add some simple player controls in addtion and you’ll have an enjoyable prototype.

I really like the concept - something unique with the random, but chosen attributes. However, I find it hard to “guess” the proper specs combined with the luck setting. Maybe it would be nice to give the player at least some control over the movement besides the attributes.

Haha it really took me a while and the comments here to actually understand what was happening, since I also just rolled the dice for quite a while. Maybe you should add this interaction to the description or trigger the appearance of the wizard after X dice rolls.

Besides that, cute little game. I also like the simple artstyle and dialogs. Keep it on!

This looks like a nice concept, but I don’t fully understand the game logic while playing:

  • As pointed out below, this seems confusing:

I don’t see the point of picking less than 3 dice, or having 5 dice to pick from (they’re all random, anyways, so increase the amount of chances you have?).

  • It is not clear what the enemies do

  • I don’t understand the middle step, after picking a few dices.

Besides that it seems like this concept has a lot of potential, but some tooltips and a bit clearer UI would be helpful for this.

Nice idea with the randomly increasing specs. The gameplay itself is missing a bit of variation.

Unity can handle pretty much everything in the webgl version. Only stuff such as the gyroscope APIs and video textures are a bit tricky though.

Could you also build a webgl version? :)

Absolutely stunned. Nice artwork, nice sound and nice game mechanik! Awesome job.

Haha awesome, especially the end! love it

Nice job! Loved the artstyle

This is one of the most awesome concepts I’ve seen in a while. Sadly, the speed is way too fast. Even the first round is hardly playable. Start a bit easier and this will be a lot more fun!

The menu music is absolute killer. Nice concept and really fun to play!

Haha nice game! A bit more variation in the gameplay would be nice. Also the unicorns were suprisingly fast.

Anyway, nice work, cool artstyle and simple music. I like!

Nice work! Cool gameplay, sounds and soundtrack. Love it!

Nice concept and nice music. A few animations on the character would change the feeling while playing a lot

Pretty nice game. The mouse controls are something different and definitely need some time to get used to. Nice work!

Sounds promising, but the WebGl version is not loading

So simple yet so catchy! nice job!

Hey, thanks for playing and the feedback! You too :)

Hey, thanks! You too!

Thank you, means a lot!

Thank you for playing and reviewing :)

Thanks Cobbie - much appreciated!

What a nice job - really fun to play with nicely stacking mechanics. Only the visual 45 degree steps in turning and the weird colliders feel a bit off. also the music is not looping, which is sad, because it’s quite good.

Awesome, works now. Nice game and lovely art-style. Gets a bit repetitive from time to time, but I enjoyed playing it anyway. Nice work!

I would like to play it, but the web version isn’t loading. Maybe disable compression?