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We really enjoyed this game! Congratulations!

The art style is pretty good, the music is soothing, difficulty wise is not difficult at all and once you have certain upgrades it becomes a walk in the park!

The twist at the end really made us thirsty for more!

A little bug we have to write about is that the diggers can sometimes fly over the empty tiles while in dig mode.

Thanks for playing the game and for the nice words! :-)

Thanks for the kind words!

Very reminescent of classics like Air Control but in a pirate infested sea! 

Graphically is very good, sounds do the work ;-)

It's a pity this is so unplayable :-( 

The graphics is ok!

This game totally amused us! Congrats!

Maybe having more control on the position of the crabs or on the direction of the shoot could leave an even better memory!

Wasn't expecting a bullet hell :-)

It could use better sprites though!

Beware: could become quite frantic!

Jokes apart, brilliant executions of the messy controls feature ;-)

Quite fun, very refined graphically!

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We all know those birds' thoughts while hovering a parking lot! Well done!

What we don't like the most is the fact of killing crabs :-(

The game is decent, some things to notice: different weapons shoot the same? the waves of enemies always from the same position and outta nowhere? More sounds or visual feedbacks for shots, ammo, movement?

Work on this and please change crabs with something else! 

For the time given the idea is pretty solid and makes a good two players game :-D

After the initial confusion the gameplay was ok!

We got 12 of those diamonds! It's fun trying to guess which of the fishes is going to jump and then... two of them start jumping! :-) Fun, graphics are ok, sounds do the job.

Thank you! :-)

Thank you for the kind words and for playing the game! Love to see people enjoying the game!


Thanks for playing! :-)

It's true, we should've implemented the keyboard input!

Quite the experience! :-)

Starting from the visuals, absolutely gorgeous (the fixed camera is a nice trick to have coherent art around the 3D environment) and very well crafted. The sound does the job, the characters have their background and talk to all of them is a game in the game so... To us, a great entry!

We really enjoy the visuals and the game is quite addicting once you learn distances and sizes :-)

The gameplay is smooth and nothing is better than the classic dodgeball on the sand! :-)

We really dig the idea behind this 3D shapes on the screen :-)

That's very important to us: that you as a player feel the chill and the little touches here and there :-) Thanks!

We always put love in our games :-)

You should definitely try with a friend, on the couch or at the beach :-D

Thanks for the kind words!

Unbelievable it's a jam game :-) Very well done!

We think the concept should be developed further :-) Nice entry!

To us it's a nice experience! Congrats for your first game!

The visual is nice and simple, but what amused us was the background story :-)

The art style it's gorgeous, would play a full game like this!

For us the only downside was controlling the character and directing/jumping precisely!

But very well done!

Thanks for playing it and we're glad you appreciated it :-)

Totally unexpected awesome funny experience! :-) We broke the spacebar!

The aesthetic both in graphics and sounds has something so peculiar it becomes quite good :-)

Well it's the third rage game we found! The cutest one, for sure!

We just love to hear such enthusiastic opinions :-)

Thanks a lot! Good luck to you!

Well the game looks really good, plays quite smoothly but the limitation applied only to enemies well... it left us surprised!

Few things to note: enemies hitboxes looks quirky and the feedback from attack/damage is not enough :-)

Thanks for playing our game!

Another rage game :-D Fun and tedious!

That's for sure a cute thing ;-) Thank you for playing!

We're glad you appreciate it :-) thanks!

Thanks for the kind words and for playing :-)

Thanks for the kind words, we're glad you appreciated the game!

We went for a clean yet kinda rough style :-)

Pretty impressive, aside from the limiting pico-8 look, the gameplay and the presentation are quite at a high level! Nicely done and fun!