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Woah, thank you so much for taking the time to make a video talking about the game, and also for all of the cool things you had to say about it!!  I'm pretty sure you're also the first person to ever make a video talking about any of my games, which just makes this even more awesome to see.

Also, seeing you're interested in the game getting more development later on means a lot to me as well.  I'll be sure to keep that in mind going forward!  I'm not sure if I'll get to come back to this one anytime soon due to other projects I'm helping with, but if I can find a good opportunity to come back and flesh it out some more, I'd love to do it!  There's just too much I could come back to that I had to scrap in order to get the game done by the jam deadline, haha.

(Oh, and the security guard footstep sounds at 0:59 were all Tim's idea, so you can blame him for that. :P )

Thank you much!  Great to see you liked the platforming and the animation!  I'm glad I was able to put in the text instructions not just for the player's benefit, but also because I'd sometimes forget what each character could do while I was working on the game, heh.

Thank you!  Happy to see you liked the animation and the variety of the abilities!  I do agree that there are elements in the game where it can be easy to get stuck though.  Designing the level for this build ended up being something I was learning as I built it, haha.  I definitely learned some lessons here that I would try not to repeat in the future though, especially if I come back to this game again someday.

Anyway, thanks again!

Hey, thank you very much!  Glad you like the animation!