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Thank you :)

Cool game ^^

I can't move forward, but this is really funny. The music made me laugh as hell.

Epic game mate :)

I love the style, and the gameplay is ok too. Really good ambience with the style! However, the music didn't really fit and was annoying to me.

Still a great one though!

Oh my god this gave me a fucking hearty laugh!

This game is really well presented, the gameplay is simple but well executed, the artstyle is peculiar but very impressive. The final boss is cool too. Cool short game!

+1 for the sound effects.

Very good ambiance for this game. It feels like a solid game at the beginning. The style is very good, the music is forgettable but really sets the mood. The gameplay feels smooth enough.

The footsteps are so loud, though. And maybe the hitboxes of the trees and bushes are too large.