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I really liked this one! it was pretty fun to explore the different planets and the gameplay was decently challenging! there were a couple bugs, like the spaceship bonking itself on a planets gravity field and being ricocheted away, but nothing too major. it would be nice to have more variation on a planet’s contents, like different enemies or different loot or something, but the current amount of content was good enough for a jam game lol a lovely entry regardless! :D

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This was a really interesting experience! Not much going for it in the gameplay department, but i absolutely ADORE how you’ve managed to create a pretty rich and engaging world in just one small room! The player doesn’t get to see very much of the world at all, but the characters have just enough life and, well, character in them to help sell the world! The curing word took me a couple tries to get lol, i thought for sure it’d be “Curing” as a little joke, but the actual word was pretty good too! all in all, i enjoyed this entry a lot. it took less than 10 minutes to experience, but was a good time nonetheless :D

Ps. fai’lure best boi, i hope they dont have too much trouble with that paperwork

ah that makes sense actually! i didn’t think the blocks were timed to the music haha

as for the controller, yeah most likely. my controller **technically** works because it does register inputs, except that’s mostly just the game reacting to stray inputs since it only responds to jump and pause. movement doesn’t work at all ( im on a ps4 controller )

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Didn’t submit so can’t rate but i’ll comment anyway! >:D

I, LOVE this game. The gameplay mechanics are simple, but really fun, and i absolutely ADORE the little spinny bird haha. The levels are pretty well designed too, challenging enough to be engaging while simple enough to not be too frustrating to beat ( save for the last level. curse that last spring ), which is a good mix in my opinion

The game does lack a couple quality of life features though, that i think might improve the gameplay experience:

  • One, it’d be really nice to have a quick restart button to be able to restart the level before you die when you mess up. Similarly, it’d be nice to have a “reset save” button as it’d be a lot more convenient than having to manually remove the save.bin file
  • Two, i’d recommend completely resetting the state of all the entites in a level when you die. The reason i bring this up is ( as of right now, v2.0 that is ) that replaying a level after you respawn is very inconsistent. The colour switch blocks in particular keep on switching their states from solid to transparent while you’re respawning, which leads to a small amount of inconsistency between reruns. So it’d be neat if the blocks followed a set pattern and just resetted to the start of the pattern upon death.
  • And three, controller support please ;)

All in all though, i loved this game. A small charming little platformer that i’ll be speedrunning for a while now for sure haha. Could even be a really pleasant full release with a bunch of extra levels and some extra polish :D ggs on this entry

EDIT: I am dumb and did not read the game page OR the readme.txt. did not realize you could hold c to reset the game

hey there, thank you for commenting and playing!
yeah haha, we decided to go kinda ambitious on this one. glad to see you liked it tho! :D

hello! thank you for the comments, i really appreciate it! im glad you enjoyed our little game, and yeah the bunny was a tough challenge for me hehe.
i did learn a lot from it tho, so it's all good in the end :D

hey there! thank you for the kind words, i really appreciate it :D
and yeah the boss is pretty hard haha, adds some challenge to the game :D

hey there! thank you for the kind words, i really appreciate it :D

the targets were not breaking because you are meant to charge for longer every time you break a target, which we didn't really explain very well whoops heh

beautiful game, i loved the music, and the gameplay was cute and wholesome! it's a really light and casual game, while also not boring the player too much. i loved it a lot :)

P.S this bit was so trippy to read omg lol

i loved this game! the concept was pretty neat, and the art was WONDERFUL! i really enjoyed the amount of juice packed into this lovely little game! really nothing to complain about, just a lovely little casual game :)

P.S i got a highscore of 10888 on my first go. dunno if that's good or not :p

github link is broken :(


you can always "shade" the game via dithering

i have 30 minutes to kill lol idk what to do with them

hey, thanks for the answer! the engine itself is really nice and fun to play with, thanks for making it! :D

can we get a linux build please? ;-; thanks

hi there benji! i came across this engine while looking for minimalist 2D engines to study to base my own engine on, and i have to say i really like the idea of a text based engine, usually text based CYOA games are just handwritten in people's language of choice from scratch, so the idea of a text based game engine is really cool! could you talk a bit about how you came up with the idea and how you went about implementing the engine? thanks :D

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to add to this answer, the sprites are technically 2-bit sprites, since it's only four colours :)

first jam! will be using raylib and c++ :D

i would love to have a desktop app for dotgrid instead of just a index.html file!

i love love love loved this game! great work!

wow, that was a very good game! GG!!

basically what the title says

this is an amazing app! the goose is so annoying lol in a good way tho

what did you use to make this?