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is there a desktop app for dotgrid?

A topic by Derpyzza created Jul 25, 2020 Views: 1,637 Replies: 4
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i would love to have a desktop app for dotgrid instead of just a index.html file!


Me as well. I could’ve sworn there was a desktop app at one point…

There definitely was at one point. No clue why they removed it


The desktop app was removed because the devs did not like the massive size and resource usage of the desktop app, which used Electron (a heavy UI framework). As they said on their website:

While solving some of our issues, Electron was rapidly increasing in size and soon joined the rest of the software that we wanted to do away with. Our focus shifted toward reducing our energy use, and to ensure reliability by removing all dependencies.

If anyone would like to run it as a desktop app, just go to and download Electron. In the folder where you have the index.html, run the command "electron ." and you should be able to run it as a typical desktop app.

Ah, that makes sense