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I loved the demo that was on Steam a while back. This version doesn’t seem to have working sound on mac though, which is a huge bummer since the sound design is great.

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What a stylish game! The transitions are all super smooth (I especially love the square brackets surrounding the menu item I’m hovering over), and the online leaderboard is a super nice feature. I’m impressed that you got so much done in such a short amount of time (especially having a Quit button this time! 😛).

There were only 2 issues that I had with it.

  • On a Mac, I had to go into Terminal and do
xattr -cr path/to/

to get it to run.

  • In the Settings menu, the Background Music label overlaps the leaderboards. It might just be an issue with my display resolution (2560x1440), but you never know.

Me as well. I could’ve sworn there was a desktop app at one point…

That's actually's button.  I didn't realize it was active, but I've disabled it and tweaked a few settings so the game attempts to be fullscreen by default.