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Some good artwork and sounds put into this one!  The gameplay is also pretty unique, but still fun and challenging; this was another great entry for the jam!

Thank you very much!  That meant a lot to me.  ^_^

Graphics were all done.  Music was fun.  Sounds were pleasing.  Gameplay was *mostly* satisfying!
...  I do wish the hoping enemies were either more predictable with their movements, or they at least telegraphed their jumps; I had one moment where one caught me by hoping two entire platforms at once.  >_<"
All in all though, I beat daytime mode and made it halfway through nighttime.  I'd love to play a more polished version of this game, because I see plenty of potential here.

That was one angry fish.  XD
Played it for a few attempts, but kept dying after the clownfish evolution.  Had fun though, I rather enjoyed my experience overall!

The pixel art and sounds were great, and the gameplay was adequately challenging.  Play through it until the end.

Looking at the comments, I trust I don't need to mention the hitbox.  X'D
The graphics were nice and it's a decent concept, but I do wish the music didn't reset everytime I died though; because I died a lot due to the awkward hitboxes, and the constantly resetting music made me kinda irate.  :/
I did make it to the end, at least!

The art, music, and sounds were all good.  Based on the description, I'm sure the game might've been fun to play, to.  Unfortunately, the tall cliff that's meant to teach the double dash command felt impossible to climb up and I wasn't able to really experience the game.  :/

The graphics were nice, though I wish there was sound.  Not a terrible use of the limit, either, good work!

I can't figure out how any of the puzzles passed the first two...  X'D

Thank you!!  ^_^

That was a rather thoughtful use of the limitation.

I really enjoyed the style for this submission!  For the most part the gameplay was well-done!  My only criticism is that the jumping mechanics could've been clarified a little more at the beginning part.

Rated 5 stars in all fields, this is one of the best games I've played so far!
(Also had me cussing several times.  I managed to beat the last level though!  XD)

Limitation breeds creativity, so they say.  (Something along those lines anyway)
Thank you for trying out my game, I will say that this is probably my best work so far!  :D

Seems like the pikes (green enemies) were tricky for a lot of people.  X'D
I dunno, I didn't want the player to just vanquish them right on the spot, wanted to make sure the player was working for every kill.  Perhaps I'll tone things down for the first level though, when I put out a "complete" build for this project.

Mad props to Angelo for the music!  Working with them was a good experience.
Glad you enjoyed the game!

The stream definitely confirmed the difficulty for me.  I'm going to be toning things down a little for the full version.  XD

No, I thought that was going to be it.  I didn't think it was going to get harder.  XD

Glad you enjoyed it!  :D

Alright, I was able to play it this time!  ^_^
I enjoyed that entry!  Some nice music and pixel art going on here.  I feel like the shield makes it too easy to chump the waves though, and I kinda wish there was a swish effect to go with my sword swipes; particularly, to indicate the zone my attacks are hitting.

Thank you very much!  :)

Good work on your project!  It's got some unique charm to it, with the visuals and gameplay.

Thank you very much for playing this on stream!  It was great seeing my game through a player's perspective, I felt I got some good insight for how I could improve.

Thank you for playing!
Yeah, after watching this game played on stream, I've got some notes written for how I could maybe fix some of the kinks. later down the road.

Maybe it's not the best game out there, but for the limited time you had to produce this it still had some fun visuals.  Only thing I'd have done differently was not make the enemies' eyes visible when the area grows dark; the game felt a bit too easy and I quit at around 500 meters.

This was tricky, though most of my deaths I had blamed the lack of predictability; seems like enemies will spawn from anywhere, and I can't seem to anticipate the movements of some of them.

The game wasn't bad, though!  I rather enjoyed this entry.

Thank you for your review!
Yeah, I've been really into action-platformers over the past few years.  XD

Gotta work for that high score!  :P
Glad you had fun with it, thank you for your review!  :D

I've got nothing bad to say about this entry.  The graphics are pretty, the gameplay is fun and unique, and the concept is both bizarre and funny.  XD

I can't get the [PLAY] button to work...  Dang, the game looks good, to.  :(

That's great to know!  I wasn't entirely sure how well the blocking would go over in this game.

Thank you for playing, good job making it to the end at least!  :D

I can't seem to reach the 100 mark, the collisions with the shells are rather finnicky.  :|
It was still a fun experience though!

I wish both cannons had their own cooldowns instead of being bound to the same one.  Regardless though, this was a fun challenge.

I'm considering making a separate build that has a few more levels, considering the reception this submission's been getting.
Hope the starfish weren't too aggravating, I actually had to tone them down once already; their attacks used to be more frequent when I first implemented them.  XD

This is the second time someone's mentioned hitboxes, but I can't put a finger on what.  Must be one of those things the player can see but not the dev who naturally knows the ins and outs.

The green enemies are actually supposed to be pikes.  ;)

I feel like there should be a zapping effect of some sort, to indicate the zone my attack is hitting.  Otherwise, not bad.

Thank you very much!  ^_^

Ooookay, tried it again.  Somehow it didn't occur to me that the crabs only move when I do.  That was actually a neat concept.  XD