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Have you tried N and M for attacking/rolling?  I tend to use the arrow keys a lot, but I set those controls up as well for W-A-S-D players.

This game is hilarious.  And challenging.  And overall fun!  XD

Thank you!  ^_^

This game was alright.  Not too challenging, but kept me on my toes.  The sounds were kinda hard on the ears though.

Overall, this game has potential.

That was pretty fun!  Definitely a nice mashup between Pong and Break Out.

It was a little tricky to grasp the commands at first.  (In my first run, I accidentally got the "theft" ending)  XD
But it was fun to experiment with the different materials.  I liked the little stories that went with them, to.

This was actually pretty entertaining.  Puzzles like these are right up my alley!

Thanks a bunch!  You can also thank Will for the music! ;)

A magic game that forces me to utilize attacks that I'm not accustomed to in order to survive and beat the game in a timely manner?

I love it!

If I were to scale my screen up to a 320x288 resolution, and then have a 2x zoom on my screen, would that be appropriate?  The entire game would basically be designed as if it were 160x144, just with a zoom during gameplay, because I hate tiny screens.  XD

You are your own worst enemy.

Just finished making my first browser game!  Come check it out if you're interested!
Wanna get a little competition out of this?  Why not post a screenshot of your highest score here!

And here is a video of my own personal playthrough!

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Download the game here!
I am here to announce the release of my latest project; The Minute Gamer!  This project was created out of inspiration of various old-school games, especially games seen in an arcade environment.

In this project, you will find a series of minigames which all range from fast-paced action games, to stealth and puzzle games.  The theme for each game is that they must be beatable within a matter of minutes, and maintain a consistent and simple control scheme.

This is an ongoing project, which will continue to have minigames added into its collection as it gets updated.  As of right now, there are 4 minigames available to play.
Download the game here!

I really liked this game, the graphics and sounds were good.  The gameplay was also pretty fun, but it felt a little too challenging.  While I could reach the boss door, trying to get the silver key was too frustrating for me, leading me to quit.

Overall, I'd give this an 8 out of 10.

The puzzle design was simple, yet challenging.  And the graphics did well to bring out the classic feel of the game.  I could see this turning into a good, full-blown puzzle game with multiple levels.

A couple criticisms (Really, just me nit-picking), the controls could've been a little smoother; controlling my avatar felt difficult.  Also, the overall chamber looks too much like an obvious Zelda clone.  I'd make the blocks/tiles a little different next time, to maintain originality.  The avatar, boxes, and chests all looked good though.

Overall, I'd rate this as a 4.5/5.  :)

Wow, that was confusing at first, but I finally figured it out!  Great work on the puzzle design, it was simple, yet challenging enough. 

I just put a game together where the enemies progressively get faster as your score gets higher.  I think that counts?

I'm trying to think of what this is supposed to mean as a game theme.  Could someone explain/provide an example?