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Thank you very much for your review, your critique is much appreciated!  (The translation looks fine to me, for the most part.  Granted I'm no linguist myself.)

It is possible to get past the frogs without taking damage, however I could try slowing them down just a smidge.  I also just realized that I may have made the graphic a bit too big in comparison to the collision box; making it difficult to tell which part of the frog will actually damage you.

I did draw some cracks in the wood that falls that I thought were conspicuous enough.  But, I suppose if you're playing on a lower resolution it might be hard to see them, so I'll see to applying a color change for a future release.

Unfortunately, interface design is still something I'm learning.  Still, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Glad you liked the boss battles!  Yeah, I didn't want the boss fights to feel too frustrating, but I did want them to feel tricky enough so that the player could feel accomplished after beating them.  It's great to know those worked out!

Looking for playtesting/reviews!

I have recently taken a platformer I had made for a jam project earlier this year, and decided to work on transforming it into a complete arcade-style game.  I have just put up a demo for it, which features two levels and a boss at the end of each; with the entire demo taking roughly 10 minutes to finish.

Windows OS required, and the game will take about 17 mb of diskspace (Hopefully not a problem of most of y'all!) XD
For anyone interested, you can download the demo from here:

...  And here are some screenshots, so you can have a glimpse at the game's style!

I've already left my review in the 001 discord, but you've got some promising development skills with the engine.  Keep up the good work!

Just wanted to say...  Great game.  I've been having fun working out everyone's routine, and trying to figure out how to save my family.  (I only bought this a few hours ago, and am still trying to find a good ending without getting killed.  XD)

The horror factor feels real.  It doesn't just throw jumpscares at you like some other games do, but rather the game takes its time to make the atmosphere less settling (and more dangerous!).  Another nice touch is the variety of traps, monsters, and of course death animations this game has.  Keeps me on my toes, and surprises me each time I stumble.

To anyone else just discovering this, I can tell you that this is more than just a simple pixel-art game; it's a complex puzzle with a truly creepy atmosphere.

Wow, this game has improved a lot since it's release in the 2 button jam.  I remember having a pretty difficult time with the controls and being able to read the animations; though I couldn't help but be impressed with the spriting and the concept.

Now, the controls feel a lot more natural, and the animations better convey what my opponent is doing/telling me how I should react.

I'm currently trying to get through day 4, but only because I personally need to take some time to learn the AI and figure out the combos.  The game itself has grown to feel pretty fair, and satisfying now!

This game presents some interesting concepts.  The artwork and sounds are great, and the music is decent (albeit a bit loud for me).  The controls overall are pretty good, but...  Jumping should be either set for the up arrow, or the spacebar; having it as the A key is VERY counter-intuitive, and made the rest of the controls feel awkward.

I also don't know how I feel about the way shots are limited.  I'm not against it, but there needs to be a place where you can reload if the game is going to be relying on it.

Ack, I can't seem to run this game for 10 seconds without having it crash.  Sorry, but I wont be able to leave an honest rating.  X_X

*First attempt playing*
"The 2nd obstacle is literally impossible.  What was the dev thinking?"
*Goes back to the game page to read the comments*
"Oooooh, I was supposed to DROP myself in."
*Clears the game in 40.95 seconds*

Alright, some serious commentary now.  The level design passes, as do the music/sounds.  The fish are kinda tricky to land on, since their collisions make a sudden shift when they turn around.  Overall through, the game actually turned out to be fairly decent.

But yeah, I probably don't need to say it, but you gotta be careful when throwing crazy difficult/unusual mechanics into your jam project; you want people to play through and analyze your game, not have them rage quit.

Beat the game with a score of 1,570.  The theme was pretty cute, and overall I liked the level and boss design for this.  A few things that I feel should be sorted out though.  It wasn't clear at first that I can jump on enemies until I did so by accident; one way you could convey this is to show the player jumping off of an enemy during the cutscene at the beginning (Which would look more professional than just throwing down some text saying this).  Also, a (not-as-big) problem; the cake is too loud!  X_X

I am an eeeevil gamedev.  >:)
Also congratz on beating it wthin 200!

Haha!  Maybe when I turn this into a bigger, properly designed game I'll implement some way to fight back.  XD
Thank you for playing!  :)

Apparently I was the first to actually leave a rating for this game.  XD
This was pretty well done, the music, sounds, and pixel art were well-composed.  The controls were alright, seems a little floaty, but I guess it works with the already bizarre atmosphere.

My only problem with this game is that I'd sometimes land on enemies that I had no idea were there; kind of a no-no in platforming design.  I also wish I had a life gauge of some sort.  But in any case, this project has some promise of being made into a pretty decent (full) game!

(Huh, a pixel art game in a strange/creepy museum full of monsters.  I've seen this once before...)

(1 edit)

I got to the first beacon, but I quit because I kept slipping a lot.  (The amount of slipping that occurs feels like I was in an ice level).  Is there a hotkey for resetting?  Because that would've alleviated some of the frustration.

Otherwise, the graphics were acceptable, for a 3D jam project.  And the layout of the level seemed promising.

Gave it another shot.  Was kinda figuring out how the movements/swinging works, but...  I dunno, the controls still feel sticky at times.

I knew that.  Still, it wasn't always responsive to me, for some reason.  XD

Didn't think I'd meet another 001 user here...  At any rate, this was a pretty decent game.  I can't really find what's "incongruous" about it though.  But the level design, graphics, and sounds all pass.

Pretty fun concept!  The controls are pretty satisfying once you learn how the arrows+homing attack works.

Well, I certainly got what was advertised.  It did feel a lot more like a comedic/parody kinda thing, than an actual "game" (which is fine).  That being said, I feel like a few funny sfx would've done this game well.

True to the theme, level was mapped out well, controls were smooth, and the sounds were pleasing.  Good work!

Wow, this game was pretty fun; and disturbing!  I don't have anything bad to say about this.

Very incongruous idea, indeed.  XD
Level design passes, but I feel like the hitbox for the spikes needs to be a little bit smaller.

I don't really have a lot of criticism for this one; the theme, design, sounds, and controls were pretty well done!  I do kinda wish I had some sort of dragon-power though, like breathing fire or a brief flying ability.

It was an interesting concept.

The concept is interesting, and the sounds are nice.  But...  I don't know if it's just my computer, but jumping was hardly responsive to me, and I couldn't really play this.  :(

If you're going to keep updating this after the jam, I'd certainly like to see how it all unfolds!

Graphics and sounds were great!  Awesome level design, to.  The buildup for running felt a tad slow than what I'm normally used to, but I eventually adjusted.

Also...  *Takes the leap of faith.  Misses the landing and respawns, but somehow wins anyway.*

The graphics and music are nice, and you were onto something with the level design.  But I had this weird window full of error messages running in my background; didn't seem to affect the gameplay?  It was still odd.

I had to stop when I got into a room with a treasure chest that I couldn't seem to open, and was unable to turn back.

The graphics are decent, and the level design also seemed alright.  But the jump command was unresponsive to me half the time, and wall jumping was impossible for me to figure out.

Wow, this is one of the best I've played so far.  Graphics were beautiful, sounds were appropriately atmospheric, and the design and difficulty were pretty well balanced.

This game was alright.  Obstacles were tough, but not too harsh; aside from one moment where I got blind-sided by a walking purple spike, thing.

From the start there was only Col and Roz, and the game was initially going to have a 2 player option.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the multiplayer setup in a timely fashion, so that idea got scrapped; and at the same time, I figured I'd add in Zak and Sue just because I liked the idea of putting out more than just 2 character appearances for the player to choose from.

By this point, most of the level design was already established, and so giving the characters different movement physics wouldn't have really worked out.  Although I've been contemplating putting out a full/properly designed game based on this project, where I'll maybe implement that.

Also, it's an apple.  XD

Okay I'll bite, this got a pretty big laugh outta me, and I was inclined to rate it well in terms of theme.  XD

Heeeey, I've played this game before!  :P
Though, I see that you've added more characters.  But...  This Jam is supposed to be for Platforming games.  :P

Hoooo boy, those are some Mega Man level jumps you are making us do.  XD
The theme was cute, and the graphics are pleasing, and the player's controls were pretty well set!

There's just a couple things that bothered me though; it wasn't obvious at first which parts of the trees you could stand on, I feel like you need to let those areas pop out just a little more.  I also don't like that the platforms that you have to move with the platforms; it's just, sort of counter-intuitive, and made for some pretty frustrating moments.

Made it to the first checkpoint, but I ended up quitting some ways after that.

On the last night of the jam, I noticed impeckable saying he was pushing the submission time *forward* a bit to accommodate people who live further west.  Although, that sounds contradictory to your problem.

I have nothing to do with hosting the jam hosting though, I'm just another dev.  I'm only telling you what I saw on the discord server.  (I also posted this into the discord server.)

I've tried contacting ya man, but we either need to be friends on discord, or we need to be in a server together.  XD
So...  Is a discord server happening?  It'd be a great way to chat with the other devs, and maybe share some inspiration.

About the theme "Incongruous", I was wondering...  Would having your level morph from one atmosphere to a different (polarizing) one coincide with this?  It's the best thing I can come up with right now, for my own project.

Thank you for playing, and recording this!  ^_^

>Yeah, 001 is pronounced double-oh-one, like agent 007.
>While switching between full screen and windowed is possible, it requires a certain area of scripting that I unfortunately have yet to understand.  Sorry about that.
>The rails actually did start off as being procedurally-generated, however repeated playtests have shown that in certain cases a rail may be generated in a way that made it possible to dodge a bullet/reach a target on time.  I had to switch to a more concise pattern in order to ensure fair gameplay.
>There were plans to at least include some Game Over music, but time simply did not allow.  Truth be told, Alder was already crunching to get the boss theme in there.