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A search for the True Hero.
Submitted by Nara Malone (@nara_malone), Neo Cortex, SheepFreak — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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Great job on the voiceovers, they added so much to the experience! I liked the simple level design, and the blocky visuals gave it a very cute aesthetic.


Cute visuals.

Nice game. Great job

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Quite the uniqe visuals in here. Also good music and sounds, even with voice-overs.

For the text boxes it would probably be best to size them for the longest text message so they'll be all at the same size and with the same font scaling.

The book past crossing the puzzly lake was somewhat difficult to spot, it took me several attempts until it caught my eye when I had crossed the lake and not yet moved on. I suppose it's deliberate you can only make it out in the perspective of looking on the lake...

Neat story, nice level design. The gameplay being somewhat simple actually fits the whole impression of the game, IMHO.

The areal view when zooming out at the end is a brilliant idea.


I like it. It's a very poetic game. 😀

I like how the cute pop-up storybook visuals seem to counter the seriousness of the narrative and thus gives it focus. 


Nice work on the game!


interesting take on the theme. I thought it was nice and quirky, yet chilled experience. Quite refreshing! 


Cute game with great narration. When starting the game, it really gives a motivation to keep on going until the end.

Congratulations !


Great story and voice acting.  Cute art style. Great job!!


This is awesome. The voice acting and the way the story progression is activated was an awesome addition. I also like the general look the the game. I think I'm going to come back later and take a deeper look at it.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Wow, this game was a poetic and deep experience, each aspect of the game really emphasises it's theme. Even the things that seem the most innocent can be harmful. But in the end, "I got me".

Thank you for sharing this experience with us.


This was so nice and chill. The graphics are adorable, and the voice acting is a really nice touch. I'm still trying to understand how it relates to the theme of the jam, but in any case it was fun to play.

Also, I cannot get over the fact that sheep and lifelines killed me. Like, I expected that from flaming wrecking balls, spikes and spiders, but sheep and lifelines? That was the biggest plot twist I've experienced in a while :))


Sometimes the things we reach for to save us, are keeping us from growing. Sometimes sheep are wolves in disguise. In the last level the obstacles can either give you health or take it away. Sometimes the sheep eat the lifelines. I can’t say we did all of that on purpose but it seemed to fit so we left it that way.


I actually did notice sometimes I regained life randomly, but I couldn't find a pattern so I thought it was all just in my head.

The sheep eating the lifelines is hilarious btw.


Really sweet story-based game - great job!


Thanks for the game. I really enjoyed the story and the VOs. Great work. 


What a cool little game! I even tried it on mobile after seeing you supported it. Great work!


Thanks for trying the mobile. It's good to know that is working for others.


Hi Nick, I am glad you like our game. I tried to develop it with mobile as a possible target. Most parts even work in portrait & landscape. Just the puzzle in level3 is hard to do in portrait.


I like the artstyle and the game feels good to play.


The point and click mechanic and the camera movement were really cool! Great work!


Great work, everything works well, the voice acting was good.


I enjoyed this little story. Read like a poem! The voice acting was a nice touch.


The movement - it’s so smooth! It’s also beautiful, I love how it looks and I love the narrative elements. Great job!


I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I loved being told a tale in this way. Unfortunately I seemed to get stuck in the 3rd scene when the book was full as I approached the large group of letters. I wasn't sure if I made a mistake or more work was required. Overall I'd like to thank you for making a wonderful story.

Developer (1 edit)

You have to find the single path across the letter tiles that doesn’t kill you. It is a three-word phrase. By this stage of the game unlocking the chests has revealed two of the words. Those two words are in there and connect to the final word. You need to guess the final word to make it across and find the last books to finish the game. You would also have needed to have found the book that places a bridge to the safe start of the puzzle.


Ok thanks, I'll try again now.


Good luck. You’re very close.


Yes I've finished it now, thank you.


That puzzle was actually pretty ingenious. And the jumping animation, I loved that!

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