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Looks cute. It is great for study reference. Thanks for making it free.

Thanks for playing. I am glad that you had a really good time.

Thanks. Glad that you noticed it.

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Thanks for playing the game. It was funny seeing you loosing your mind from the repetitive work. I agree it was too long repetitive. (Will keep that in mind for future games). Nice voice acting and spooky knife.

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Thanks! Hope the game was not too dark and uncomfortable for you. The thumbnail of your youtube video is awesome. Great job there.

Nice game. Short and good.

Cool game bruh XD. Could use some sfx and music though.
Looks like there is no win screen after killing all the survivors.

Pretty cool game. Reminds me of old retro pocahontas game.

Pretty amazing game and made in 48 hours. WOW.

I will try to make some other games first, not so sure about the sequel yet. Anyway I am happy that you liked the story.

Thanks for the comment and the rating. I appreciate it.

Thanks, I am glad you liked it.

Very creepy game. Your sound design, lighting and visual effect/post process is super amazing. And it seems the game is made in Unity. Wish I could make such an awesomely creepy game.

Anyway, I love it. Great work.

Thanks. I appreciate it. The plot is unfinished, might make a sequel someday.

Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks. Hope that you like it.

Weird game, I am confused but I like the artstyle. Great and unique experience!



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Maybe..... And thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing the game and the feedback.

Great game, alot of replay ability value. Wanted to unlock all endings but it seems kinda buggy at times to achieve different endings.

9min 52 sec in first try.  That was one fun and unique game.

I only finished playing the demo previously. But I will play the chapter 1+2 version soon. 
Keep up the great work mate.

Congratulation on releasing the game. The art style is amazing!

Thanks for clarifying. 

I am kinda confused. Is the in game model, a 3d model? Or did you baked the 3d Model textures onto different images and made a 2D boss?

Your work is amazing. It leaves a ever lasting  impression onto me. A masterpiece :)

Great game. Fun horror game. I like the art and design. Did you make the art assets for the game?

Yes you can. I hope that you will find my assets useful :). 

Great atmosphere and build.

I hope my criticism didn't come off as too harsh as it was not my intention. I think the game is great, just wished it had more contents. I can understand, as I have done similar things in my projects where I could not add features as I was still learning new stuffs and focused more on polishing. 

Anyway, its pretty good for your first fps game. Wish you best of luck for the game jam.

Good game. It has a good base line, adding more features  like enemy variation and player weapons can improve the game even more. It is hard to kill the enemies in time, and in terms of game design, it is easier to kill the enemies by passing through them instead of shooting them. And the camera shake seems a bit strong to me. 

Overall great job on the game.

Definitely could have done something to tune the game difficulty curve. And thanks for the feedbacks. I will keep that in mind.

The concept is good, the gameplay reminds me of vampire survivors but the player control is hard. The game can be great with some sfx, extra polish and some easier player control implementation. Overall good job and nice background design.

Short and fun experience. Wish the player was a bit faster though.

Short and fun game, satisfying ending.

The two ships shooting when you select the main was pretty cool UI Design. The player control is a bit difficult. The explosion and camera shake is a great choice.(This reminds me, I should have added some camera shake to my game XD). But overall, great game, reminds me of old arcade games.

The changing of direction is a bit buggy sometimes, other than that good job on making the game.

Pretty simple but great game. I like the procedural sections and it gives the game replayability, wish that there was more variations to the level.