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Really good and innovative game design. The puzzles were good and made good use of platforming skills. Even with the two buttons limitation, the controls are great. Awesome job there.


Interesting game. Good luck with the game jam mate.

Maybe it was just a false report. It's ok since I was able to see how the save system is implemented as only some files from the library folder were marked as virus. Thanks for the link though.

Thanks! I am glad that you enjoyed it.

Awesome!! Haven't played the demo yet, but I just read boss fight. That was what I would have wanted to add in the original itch version. Wishing you a successful launch on steam. Good luck!

I use malware bytes. 

Hey man, I down loaded your source code to see how the game's made and for some reason my anti-virus marks several of your data as a malware file, could you check into that please.

I also got other feedbacks saying that they struggled at the level, so I will tone down the difficulty there and will also add a delay on the falling platforms. If you want to play other levels you can select them from the level select menu, I made it so that all levels are unlocked from the very start so players can skip levels if they find it difficult. Once again thanks for playing and the feedbacks, I appreciate it.

Yup, probably should have removed the library folders, my bad.
As for the floating platform level, you will need to jump to the highest platform on the right as it is falling down to reach up to the ghost. ( I will make some adjustment to this level to tone down the difficulty).
Thanks for playing the game and the feedback.

Awesome pin ball game. The ball physics feels great and the sfx sounds crisps.  One feedback I would give is that, the game has very few sfx. More sfx (and music possibly) would make the game feel more arcadey if that's the route you would wana go.
Overall great job, especially on the feel of the game. 

Pretty good game. The music and level transitions are awesome. 1 critic I would give is that movement is too much momentum based and hard to control. I could not finish level 2 as it was too difficult to control the player. Other than that, Well done!

Thanks a lot. Saying that my game could be one of the highly ranked game for the jam means a lot to me. I am glad that you enjoyed the game. 

Thanks for playing and the feedback. I am planning to add a short delay on those platform after the jam ends.

Pretty interesting and unique mechanic. Fun game, Well done!

Good game. The blood VFX is awesome!! 

Great story and voice acting.  Cute art style. Great job!!

Amazing artstyle and feel. One critic I would give is that sometimes the car would hit the obstacle even when it is not physically touching the obstacle. I would recommend shrinking the hitbox a little bit. Or it might be just me imagining stuff or some browser lag issues. But overall great game!

Excellent work. A fully functioning chess game with pretty good AI. I was kinda hoping some kind of twist, I thought something will pop out of the screen or something after I win but it just says black piece win.  There is no story in the game and it does not exactly follow the theme. Despite that pretty amazing coding skills there to create a chess game. Well done.

Thank you for playing.

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it.

Fun game, smarpuzzle.

Short and fun game. I like the game mechanic and randomly generated levels, having a batter/resource that is both your life (kinda) and a guide is amazing. Good art-style. One feedback I would give is the content of the game is less. The game can improve with some variation in both places/art and gameplay. Overall great!

Good job! Good game considering it's your first game. Keep it up.

Short and fun game. I like the art style and the simplicity. Also the dialogue system looks great and the story seems interesting. One critic that I would give is its hard to use the crystals the way I want, giving the player a way to control the crystal can be a good idea, like helping the player to throw the crystal that teleports the player by aiming, or changing the green crystal from one time use to having it play the role of a spring or something like that.  Red crystal was the most easy to use and made an interesting powerup. Overall, Good job!

Really cute character design, art  and nice colour palette. Short and sweet game. 

Got up to lvl 15 then that's it. I have suffered enough XD. The movements feel great and good level design. Excellent work at creating rage inducing game.

Good game, fun concept. 

Good concept. Game could improve greatly with some sfx and music. Overall good job! 

Fun game. Love the concept and the story. Well done!

Fun game, Smooth movement and shooting.

Fun game, good puzzles. Great job!

Thanks for playing.


Yeah, since there's almost 1000 submission, there are bound to be  game's with similar concept. Thank you for playing my game.


Fun game and that jump scare got me.

Fun and difficult game. Died 18 times but I finally finished it.  In level 3 dipping in water makes you small and it's really hard to over come the following platforms after that since the player slides and does not jump far in that form, I would recommend tonning down the difficulty there. And In level 4, there are stone platforms that break when player jumps on them falling to death, this was frustrating as there was no indication on which platforms are weak and which are safe. I would recommend giving some kind of visual flare to let the player know on which platforms are weak and unsafe to jump on.
Overall, fun game and great level design and atmosphere.

Yeah, there are also some games with similar game mechanic. Looks like that was the only part, our games had in common. Thanks for playing the game. 

Fun game. I like tools and how you use it to progress in the game. Great job!