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I love the flow of it. Started to lose track of time because I wanted to keep going.

Nice work! Those visuals really messed with me, in a good way.

Totally agree. Seeing all the varying ideas and approaches really got me thinking about how I could improve how I approach things for my next game.

When I signed up I had no clue what to expect. The level of engagement from everyone and the sharing of feedback blew my mind!

What a hilarious concept for the story. Such a fun way to adapt the Vampire Survivor play style. Music was also pretty fun and sets the tone.

What a fun idea for a jam. I thought the gem abilities were inventive and fun and I liked that there were secret areas in some of the levels. The dialogue was pretty funny in places too. Thanks for sharing!

All around a great game. Nice art, fitting music and sound, and controls really well. I like the idea of dying to switch to other abilities. I did feel that there weren't any stakes to dying and switching constantly though. Maybe a challenge mode or a bonus/reward if you beat the level with minimal deaths would give the player something extra to think about as they solve the puzzles. Regardless, that was fun to play though!

Wow what a touching little narrative. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this. And to build it into a game that plays so well and has a nice progression that goes along side your story. I also think the visuals were great at matching the mood and the little details like the change in facial expressions during animations were a nice touch.

That was a fun little twist on a classic! The tables have turned!

Nice work! The third person controls felt good and the sound design was great. I took out the necromancer, but was sad I couldn't open his treasure chest.  Or maybe I just murdered an innocent old man? 

Haha, maybe the storm chasers need to team up with the ghost hunters some time.  Thanks for your feedback!

Hey, really appreciate the feedback. Glad you had fun with it.

You're definitely right about the sounds. That was wayy to loud. I had updated the music volume but missed some of the effects. Should be better now :)

Thanks for the comment. Sorry it made you feel sick  - I'm trying a couple of things to reduce the potential for motion sickness, so hopefully that will be ready for the next update.

Thanks for the feedback!

You're right, that was much too loud. When I adjusted the music, I forget to look at the effects too. They've all been cut in half now, so it should be better. Thanks for checking it out!

Oh shoot, good call about the quit button. Agreed, it's way too big. Will shrink that down in the next update.  Thanks for the feedback. Really happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot! And thanks for sharing your pup too :)

Big thanks! Happy you enjoyed it

What a gorgeous and inventive little game. I love the idea that you can't always have everything and have to make do as best you can. Sounds like you're already working on tweaking the camera, so it looks I have more to look forward to soon :)

Thanks for the feedback! Working on a couple different effects and ideas replace the dizzying spiral. Sadly it's taking a bit longer than I had hoped to get it the way I want.

Glad you had a good time with it. Thanks

Thanks so much for the feedback. Comments like this make the late nights worth it :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

I thought it seemed intentional. For me it added a little extra flavour to have the more limited controls. Maybe it would be helpful to use something to make it seem more intentional for those that might not have as much experience with that style. Or maybe you could make it so the controls are limited or less limited in certain situations like if the player defeats something something extra difficult and negative, you might get a slight extra amount of freedom of motion?  That would be tough to balance though.

I think I lost track of time when I was playing this. Very addicting loop. Every time that I had a good run and made a bunch of upgrades, it felt like what I imagine a super hero feels like trying out their powers for the first time. Great job!

This game has a great halloween atmosphere. Everything goes so well together. I liked that the skeletons speed up when you get close to them to add a little extra excitement.

What a responsible little ghost! The art in this was really nice and I liked the freeing feeling you get after you're untethered and can jump anywhere.

Nice work! You made some pretty cool improvements from the original, like how she changes state as she grows more powerful. 

I made it out of limbo, but part of me wanted to keep breaking windows and making beer overflow :)

I really like the isometric look you're going for here. Finding the right pieces gives it a nice little goal, though the I think adding some stakes to touching the items in the right order might give it some more variety / challenge. Nice job on the game :)

I love the look of everything and the gameplay was smooth and fun. The pathfinding on the character seemed to work really well too. The boss did get a little stuck a couple of times. But I'm sure that's something that can be tweaked if you had more time :)

Aw man, it looks like I'm going to be stuck in heaven! I like the clean iso look to it. I echo Ithions comment about attack radius. Though I also like the idea that it's all inevitable anyway!

Hey I played your game shortly after the submission deadline and loved it, but lost track of it between my own frantic bug fixes and have been meaning to find it again!

You did a great job on the presentation and made it super intuitive to jump into playing. really inspires me to step things up on the intro/tutorial side of things for my next project or any further updates I make to my jam game.

I also enjoyed the game all the way and thought the simple pixel art was super fitting.  Definitely a game that I'd be excited to see expanded upon further.

Really fun core gameplay with tight controls. The visuals were really clean and nice. Also that music was excellent for the neon feel

Really fun core gameplay with tight controls. The visuals were really clean and nice. Also that music was excellent for the neon feel

My super weak laptop could barely handle it, but it was fun bouncing him around with the bombs. Might give it another go when I'm at my main PC!

That was some frantic fun! With how challenging the fight is, the variability of the resurrections really keeps things interesting on repeated deaths. 

Clever use of  ghost replays. Your level design has been great and shows a nice level of progression in challenge. 

What an original idea. That was hilarious and inventive.  Every level got better and better, so I was sad that it was over so quickly. Hope you keep  going with this!

I like the use of the lighting as an indicator that they'll follow.  I was so surprised when the dog ran over to me the first time. I was relieved that he turned out to be a good buddy.  I enjoyed the journey

I got my ass kicked, but I had fun in the process! Nice looking art btw