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I was only 1/2 way through the third project on my first class when I decided to try something for the jam. It amazes me what we were able to build with just some basic scripts and free assets in a little bit of time. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the lessons will lead.

Sometimes the things we reach for to save us, are keeping us from growing. Sometimes sheep are wolves in disguise. In the last level the obstacles can either give you health or take it away. Sometimes the sheep eat the lifelines. I can’t say we did all of that on purpose but it seemed to fit so we left it that way.

Lovely story and artwork. I love games that make you think deep thoughts. Music was perfect and I enjoyed progressing through the game as essence that moved on from one life to the next.

This was the sweetest story and the art work was brilliant. I loved the ending.

It looks so Zen. I don't live very long though.

Now I know how I want to spend my afterlife. :)

Thanks for trying the mobile. It's good to know that is working for others.

I think I made it to the end. I loved your idea.

Nice recovery from losing everything. Great music choice and the crafting is interesting. Good job.

Killing cake is a job I can get behind. I did not succeed. But you succeeded in making me laugh.

Wow, multiplayer is such a challenge. I was terrible at it, but I love the concept.

Gorgeous art and a cute kitty. Loved playing.

Enjoyed you cat detective game!

Very creative.  Fungi games rock.

Fun pinball game with pretty graphics. I enjoyed playing.

Cute characters, lovely art, and  a creative way to implement the theme. I really enjoyed this.

Love your storytelling method with the NPC and the rebuilding with the seeds. Great start.

Love art and a fun, unique take on the theme.

That was fun! I lasted way longer than I thought I would.

Sorry I had trouble driving too. But music was cheerful and graphics great so I kept at it for a bit.

Pretty cool game. Love the art and music.

I can play it on my iPad with a keyboard. Some of the browser games just will not download. But this one loads fast and runs fine. Still being able to play touchscreen would be awesome. I will follow you so I know when you change it :)

This is the first Zombie game I played where I was on the zombie side. I liked that reversal!

Really enjoyed your match 3. I'll save this link to play more later.

I had so much fun with this one I marked it to play again later when I have more time. Good job.

This is a creative and challenging game. The artwork is lovely. Great job. I had fun :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Good luck. You’re very close.

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You have to find the single path across the letter tiles that doesn’t kill you. It is a three-word phrase. By this stage of the game unlocking the chests has revealed two of the words. Those two words are in there and connect to the final word. You need to guess the final word to make it across and find the last books to finish the game. You would also have needed to have found the book that places a bridge to the safe start of the puzzle.

I did not eat any ghosts but they were cute.

I kept dying, lol. I did figure out away around but they still got me in the end.

Cute! I had a hard time reading the story but I figured it out.

Very creative!

Good beginning. I like to walk.

Unique project. The heart idea was pretty cool.

Really unique game!

I died a lot but it was fun.

Game wouldn’t load and I was getting a compression error. :( I will look back later in the week.

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts. Those were our game design goals and we appreciate you letting us know they were met.