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Travel through space as a cute asteroids style character and unlock kick ass abilities like the leap drive!
Submitted by Harper Rhett (@theharperrhett) — 3 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#293.6543.654

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Short, but a very solid concept for the game. I really enjoyed what you presented here. Graphics and audio seem fitting well the idea, the style of narration as well.

I'd say I have one issue with the controls and that's about how the rotation works in regards to aiming. I'd probably try to bind rotation to mouse movement in the future updates (you use the left button already).


Super short, but still enjoyable entry. The music it great, "warp" visuals are really nice. Level design it pretty good, but I could just avoid all enemies.


I dig it. The gfx where on point


I enjoyed the game, thought it was well polished and fun to play, I had never seen the zones before where you couldn't fly/or sped up, so that was an interesting mechanic for me.

I thought the flying out of zones should be bounded, but that's a pretty small gripe.


Well, that was a really short experience.

I must say, despite the length of the game, it was fun to play! I very much liked the spaceship controls, which are similar to the ones used in asteroids. They're responsive, smooth, and easy to understand and use. I also like the levels, which are different in those from previously mentioned asteroids, and which are fun to play.

Although the soundtrack and sound effects are very good, the graphics could be a bit better. They aren't bad, and the leaping effects are nice, but perhaps they might be a bit too minimalistic. I'd recommend adding some kind of backgrounds, and maybe adding more colors over the whites and purples.

The main problem I had with this game though, is that it's way too short. Really, I finished this game in under 5 minutes! As I said, the levels are good, but still, there could be more of them.

To summarize, it is a good game, but the length of it is way too short.


Really liked your music!  I have some critique, but overall I really liked it.

The warp effect was really cool!


Interesting concept!

The level design could use some work, I found myself flinging out of bounds from time to time.

The text was hard to read, as it was so small and flying by ;)


A very solid entry.


A well made mechanics (I'm curious what was the third you were thinking about as there was one box locked). There is not much to critisize. 


Simple graphics, but you made them really well looking with various particles and nice effects on leap jumps. Good job. You might thing of some glow, it would look really good as it takes place in space or something so stars would be a good inspiration.


Music and it's transitions are really well made and I really enjoyed that. Sound effects are a bit too loud for that music (just my opinion), so maybe you could make some sliders to have influence on that.


Cool idea that can be well developed. Hope for more puzzle ideas and that third power :P


Good approach to theme, tho more reference to bounds would be perfect.

Great game and hope you work on that :)


Wow! This was a great little experience. Very polished, and very engaging! Really dug the particle effects, the music, and the narration through text in the levels (even if I missed a bit because I was going too fast).

This game has a lot to give, and once I got the hang of the controls I wanted to play more. Simple mechanics, but they provide a great challenge.

I hope to see more levels and controller support in the future. Way to go!


Well done! Very unique experience! Even the characters and the tiles drawings are so simple, but the effects, I think you used particle and shader right? are so great! The level desgin is beautiful too!


Nice job! The game is appreciable in the controls and even if it does not last long it is a good start!


This was one of my favorite entries I've played so far! Controlling the ship felt intuitive and satisfying, as did aiming and shooting at enemies, thanks to the destruction effects/animations you have in place. Obviously, some more levels would be cool, as it's a fun game, but it's a game jam, so... I get it. Nice work!


Really cool looking game, I like the shader effects you used in the game and the narrator that talks to the player! Can't wait to see where you take the rest of this game!


I enjoyed the game. Simple, yet unique. I would really like to see this idea expanded on in the future!


Excellent design and concept. The gameplay felt smooth and I enjoyed the effects. Well done!


Hi, I played the game and this is my review of it. Let's start off by saying that i can see that you put a lot of effort in it, bu the fact is that all that effort is wasted if the game is not executed properly, but i think that there's no such thing as a mistake, just a happy lesson.. get it?.. whatever, The graphics are non existent, and i guess a main menu died somewhere along the development process. The music is cool and the sound effects make the game fun, even with the graphics, honestly I'd say that this game play's better this way. The gameplay could be much better.. if i didn't get lost every other second. Seriously, add a minimap. Everything else is really cool and fun. All and all this is a below average entry for me, but it could easily be one of my favourites. But good job anyway.


Ouch. Pretty harsh but ok. I didn't have time for a menu, more levels, and to improve controls. Maybe when you comment on a game just leave the constructive criticism, no need to tell me my game is below average and that I wasted my effort.


I just did..


Cool little game, the writing really helped to add some character to it. Could have really used more levels but my game is ridiculously short as well so I understand.


I had fun with this, it's a really good concept.

My big complaint is that you used a lot of keyboard controls, and the mouse button to fire? Either need to bind thrust to the mouse, or add a fire control to the keyboard. (Maybe there is one, but I didn't find it.)

But that's a minor concern in a game jam.

I was disappointed when it ended, you've definitely got a good concept here.


I really liked the mechanics to shoot and leap, they are kind of hard to get the hang of it but once you do it's really innovative!

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