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Hi, Pandrine!

This will basically be my backup, because it now provides a copy of Flash Player, and Shockwave Player.


Well. If you ever want to try it, here is the commands you can run.

butler login

This will let you login to itch with butler

butler.exe push /path/to/folder "username/gameurl:os" --userversion 1.0.0



You could always try the Command Line utility that this tool uses, Butler.


I am sorry that it doesn't work for Mac using Wine. Unfortunately, I don't have any way to compile the program for Macs. However, the software is Open-Source, so if you download Visual Studio for Mac, you may be able to compile it for Mac, but it looks for files made for Windows, so I have no clue on how that would work. You can get the code here! Sorry if I cannot provide any help for your issue.

Hi, Cheese Studios!

I have not tested it with Wine on a Mac. You are free to test it though!

Hi. Thank you for your comment!

I built this program in the hopes that people can learn HTML. While I know it can be intimidating to have all the elements for HTML on the right hand side of the main editor window, I think it is a great learning tool. Now, for android, that is a lot harder, as I would need to learn how to use Android Studio. And honestly, I can't read/write Java. Oddly enough this program was made with a very high level programming language (Visual Basic), as that is the only one I can read and write for. If you would like to see the source code, you are more than welcome to. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


You press the ESC key. But the game re-entering the password option was a bug, so it has been fixed with the update that was pushed today. :)

Hello. I am aware of this issue. It will be fixed once voting has ended.

Hello. Thanks for the feedback. I will keep this in mind for the next jam.


The gameplay reminds me of a Source Engine game (Half-Life, GMod, and TF2 is what comes to mind)

So long as it is the same 10 day window, yes! Feel free to.

Also, there is no specific theme for this jam. Feel free to use any theme you want.

Sorry for not clarifying.

No, there is no specific theme. You can follow any theme you want, but there is no specific theme for this jam. Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic RPG Maker Jam!

RPG Maker Jam LogoHi!

Do you have a version of RPG Maker? If so, this jam is for you!

This jam allows you to use ANY version of RPG Maker, Visual Novel Maker, and Manga Maker included! This jam is unranked, so there is no need to feel bad about not winning. Anyone can participate! You may select up to 1 version of RPG Maker! Adult themes/references, swearing, and stuff of that same nature are not allowed. Feel free to make your game using any version of RPG Maker. I am not judging. Heck, if you have RPG Maker '95, feel free to use that! You can work solo, or in small groups (no more than 5 people). If you are working in a group, please credit each persons' rolls. Easter Eggs are allowed. Existing assets (Music, art, sprites, etc) are allowed, so long as they are credited. No specific add-ons, or plugins, are necessary.

Enjoy Jamming!

Hello. Thank you for your review.

I did end up making the game in 3 days, and I really think that shows. I really did try my best to make the game the way it is. I think it could have been delayed a little longer to actually get the game in a better state, but I have another big project that I am working on. Plus this is really the first game jam I have participated in.

Now let me address some of your likes and dislikes.

First I will address your likes.

Most of the music I had in the game can from a guy named Tanner Helland. All his music is under a Creative Commons license permitting sharing with attribution (CC-BY-3.0). Meaning if you really wanted to, you can use his music in YOUR games. Just give him credit. Also most of the art (sadly) is pre-made with all of it coming from the Game Engine I used.

Now I will address your dislikes. (and hopefully this won't turn into a rant)

I am sorry that the story is filled with cliches, but again, this is my first true game jam I have been in. I tried my best. I do know there are choices that may seem like they lead to nothing. But that is just the point. You are bounded by destiny to have those choices have no effect on the story, what-so-ever. Sorry that it also seems that the game tries to restrict you. Honestly, I was not trying to do that. Now for the quiz at the end... It is all pokemon because I had nothing else on my mind when I made it. That is really the best response I can give in that regard. Now for the battle system, that is not really my fault... The way it works is based of off how the engine handles things. Plus with the scripted battles, I am still trying to figure out how in the world they work. For the controls, they are configurable. While in game, you press either the F1 key, or the F2 key. I cannot remember which one. 

But thank you again for your review, I will use this information to try to make better games in the future!

 - TheCrafters001

I enjoyed the game. Simple, yet unique. I would really like to see this idea expanded on in the future!

Just wanted to make sure! :)

The Windows builds are not on GitHub for this version. Why is that, did you just forget to upload them?

Yes. You can use any engine, so long as you publish your code on GitHub.

Yes, it is required.

It ask you for a GitHub repo when you submit your game.

yes, just credit them.

Source code is: "a text listing of commands to be compiled or assembled into an executable computer program." - Google

This means the code for your game that gets compiled. 

To answer your second question, yes. You must post all assets. Like in my game:

Sorry, my bad. I fixed it, but the link was:

(1 edit)

Like this?

Can I make a community thread where I am able to share the progress I am making of my game? I will add a spoiler tag to it, but I would like to share the progress I have made.

Hello. This is the first time participating in a Game Jam like this,

I had a question, Is RPG Maker Allowed?


The way the walls are set up, looks like something I used to make in the TF2 Hammer Editor.

Well, there are a couple of solutions.

If you are using the graphical version, which looks something likes this.

You would need to click Login before updating.

After that, it may work.

The console version works the same. Only, there is no GUI.

What variant of Easy Butler are you using (Console or GUI)



I have a little recommendation for you. I noticed that your installer uses InstallBuilder.

I know a a free, open-source alternative to it. You do not have to use it, I am just recommending it.

It is called Inno Setup.


You have a lot of control on it :)



Just wanted to know when the next version will be ready for release.

Nice :)

I downloaded the ClickOnce deployment, but I am unable to access the files.

Could you please use a tool like Inno Setup (Recommended), Visual Studio Installer Projects, NSIS (Recommended), or Actual Installer.