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Recent community posts includes a ton of bug fixes.

It was rebuilt from the ground up.



I have a little recommendation for you. I noticed that your installer uses InstallBuilder.

I know a a free, open-source alternative to it. You do not have to use it, I am just recommending it.

It is called Inno Setup.


You have a lot of control on it :)



Just wanted to know when the next version will be ready for release.

Nice :)

I downloaded the ClickOnce deployment, but I am unable to access the files.

Could you please use a tool like Inno Setup (Recommended), Visual Studio Installer Projects, NSIS (Recommended), or Actual Installer. is now out :D

  • What is new?
    • Added an "Easy Wizard". The installer has the option to install and download it, while the zip file has it pre-packaged.
    • "Remember me" settings

Hey, just a little protip.

In the developer area, when you are editing your game, you can include a soundtrack via the adding a new file, and using the dropdown box :)

This is a neat little game :)

However, there is a problem where the audio just makes a clicking sound :/

You are quite welcome! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask!

If you think it is a batch script, I assure you, that it is more than just that. I coded this manually in VisualBasic using the .NET Framework. And I have the source code publicly avaliable under the GNU GPL V3.0 license. That means anyone can expand on it, and distribute it as they like. If you would like to make your own, or expand on it by going to the GitHub repository.

Can you explain what you mean by that?

Hello! I have come to announce a tool I am using to make the use of Butler much easier! Introducing Easy Butler:


This tool allows you to run Butler without having to go through the Command Prompt in Windows. It is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and (if you are using Wine) Linux and Mac. This tool allows you to publish to most platforms, and it does not need any extra downloads. To use it, first you will need to login, to do that click the Login Button.

After that you should update butler to the latest version, to do that click the "Update" button at the top of the screen, or click "Butler" then click "Update", not "Update Game", next you will need to fill in some information. 

Here is a example of what it should look like filled in:

Once your information is filled in, you can click "Update" on the bottom right hand corner to push your game update.

Once you do that, a window will appear, and it will start pushing your game update! And it will do it to the information you filled in, so if you want it to be pushed for macs, like shown above, it will be!

Easy Butler is a free tool, and you can download it here:

Have Questions? Feel free to ask them! brings a lot of new things to the table!

Here is just a small list of the new changes!

  • Updated Look and Feel
  • Added "What's This?" button to each component.
  • Added Multi Platform Publishing support (finally)
  • Added new items to top menu strip!
  • and much much more!

theme posted, sorry for delay, you do not have to follow theme

Easterfest! community · Created a new topic Theme

The theme is: Easter egg hunt

Hi there! Thank you for taking interest in my Jam. It is alright that you cannot participate this time. However, I do plan on having other Jams later this year. So I hope you plan to join them!

Basically the title says it :/

you cannot get me. I am on windows 7, and the BSOD is a kernel panic :)


I was wondering if you were building it yourself, or if you are using a "base".

I am quite interested in your idea.

I put my Windows 2000 Simulator on the Jam just to give a example. It also includes the theme and such. Granted, it was not made during the time of the jam, but it works.

Yes. I would like something that follows that theme, but you can do the newer versions of windows too. I do not care if you follow the theme or not.

I have updated the main page to include the theme.

Bug Report:

On the credits, the Touch here to Exit is broken.

I forgot to mention in my other comment, but I am running another jam starting January First called Windows Jam.

You do not have to join, but you can if you'd like.

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This is a nice little game. I enjoyed it. Sorry that you did not get to finish it, I understand that, once December hits, everything is a rush. I hope you will join the Jinglefest jam next year! Thank you for participating in this year's jam!

Upcoming Jams:

  • Spookfest! 2019
  • Jinglefest! 2019
  • Windows Jam 2019
  • More to be planed.