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What is this Jam?

This is a jam where you can make a game using ANY version of RPG Maker. (Visual Novel Maker, and Manga Maker ARE allowed as well, as they are made by the same people) Please select only ONE version of RPG Maker.

Are there any limits?

Yes, any version of RPG Maker is allowed, however, if they use MV, they cannot have a browser, or iOS/Android. You must use Windows and Mac OS X. Adult themes/references, swearing, and stuff of that same nature are not allowed. Easter Eggs are allowed. Existing assets (Music, art, sprites, etc) are allowed, so long as they are credited. You can work solo, or in small groups (no more than 5). If you are working in a group, please credit each persons' rolls. No specific add-ons, or plugins, are necessary. If you use add-ons, or plugins, please give credit on who made the plugin, and the plugin name. If the plugin is custom, no credit is necessary, but it is recommended. Also, if the plugin is custom, please describe what it does. No late submissions are allowed. Only work within the given time period. State on your game page that the game is made for this jam, and link back to the main page.

Other information

If you plan to make your game open-source, please state so in the game's page, and a link to the repository. If you are making a closed-source game, that is perfectly fine, no need to state it. You can leave the option blank or write N/A in the text box.


Q: Is there a specific theme?

A: No, there is no specific theme. You can use any theme you want, but there is no specific theme.


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