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This game looks really good, although when I tried to get clue #2 I was get a NullReferenceException in the browser based-version.

Art looks awesome, and really liked the tone it had with the graphics, ambient sound, and idea.

Thanks for playing! I actually found that same bug when I recorded a video for the new version. It’s on the fix-it list now.

Welp. That was a bloody fish massacre! The bear was eating well with my skills.

Really liked this. Made me LOL when it started and found the music and application of the theme very interesting. Good work.

This is a cool idea. I really like the idea of making changes to a bunch of stats and seeing how things change in real-time. Very cool and would love to see this sort of style applied elsewhere.

Really liked this game, even though I’m the worst at “horror” games. Glad I didn’t find any jump scares. Really liked the use of the theme. Great work team!

Really dug this game and the mashup. Using the chess pieces is brilliant. Well done!

This was the answer I was looking for. I’ll hopefully get a browser version up this weekend! :D

Really cool game. Physics are a bit weird, but the guts of it were there. I kept getting a game over whenever I would try and reverse (which wasn’t a control), but liked it overall. Really dug the audience sound cheering me on and the graphics were really cool.

Didn’t really understand how it related to “Leaps and Bounds”, but thought it was pretty cool.

Hope to see this game taken a little further! :)

Managed to score 100, which I’m quite happy with. Liked the visuals, but I had a rough time distinguishing between the “left” and “right” sometimes. Overall very neat little game, but would have loved some music to play along and speed up with me as it goes.

Good work!

This is a really fun, but challenging game (with a mouse). I somehow managed to get 21, although I could never do it again.

Very fun little game. Reminds me of Downfall, except with a Pong/Breakdown style to it. Well done!

Any update on the fix? It sounds pretty cool and would love to give it a try. :)

Really liked the gameplay, but the browser version doesn’t seem to be rendering a large enough screen to see the full view.

Overall though, really loved the graphics and music. Was a bit confused on why I was carrying a sword and couldn’t use it, but overall was very cool.

Wow! Very cool! Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback.

My thoughts are the same. My gut is telling me that I need to take this game a little further. Needs a bit more polish (like audio and animations, as you said), and a bit more visual gameplay over narrative gameplay.

Also, thanks for for the comment about the humour. It made my week. :D

Thanks for playing Nicky! Your feedback is really appreciated. :)

I found that same bug the day AFTER the submission deadline. I’m going to ask if I can submit a fix, but don’t want to break my submission for the game jam.

I really liked this game. It helps that I’m a fan of sumo, so it definitely caught my eye right away. Great sport to use with the theme.

Managed to dominate on easy, only to be destroyed on medium and hard. The controls felt like I wasn’t always in control, but that might have been the point of the game.

Would love to see some more of this game. With a bit of AI tweaking and polish, I think there is a solid game here. Well done!

I had a real “a-ha” moment with this game. I loved how the theme was interpreted to break beyond the leaps and bounds of the axis. Reminded me of a sort Fez meets Sokoban sort of game, and I really liked it.

Level design was very well done, with it teaching you the basics as you play.

Managed to get stuck a few times, but that might be my lack of keyboard game playing experience (I’m more of a controller person). Also, I kept wondering what kind of music I would like to hear while playing.

Great entry! Well done and keep up the awesome.

Wow! This was a great little experience. Very polished, and very engaging! Really dug the particle effects, the music, and the narration through text in the levels (even if I missed a bit because I was going too fast).

This game has a lot to give, and once I got the hang of the controls I wanted to play more. Simple mechanics, but they provide a great challenge.

I hope to see more levels and controller support in the future. Way to go!

Really got hooked on this game for a while, once I figured out how to play (on a Windows PC, in browser).

A couple of notes:

  • Loved the level of polish, complete with a tutorial, music, and solid grpahics.
  • Kept on clicking off screen and getting locked up (although would not be an issue on a mobile device).
  • Made it to three bad guys, but would have loved to see some variety in the colour palettes

Overall, great submission and very well done! Great job!

Hi Voltaia. Thanks for the feedback and taking the time the play and share.

I totally agree. I think my writing needs to be tightened up to speed things along.

Thanks again!