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Game Off 2019 (Le Mans '66)View game page

Submitted by Adrián Corbalán (@realcorben) — 5 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1711.8101.810

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The controls were way too sensitive.

If you get half of you maximum speed, and if you'll hold either steering button for not even a second, your car will take a very sharp turn. And if you'll try to counteract that sharp turn by turning in the other direction, that will just throw you off the racing track. I had to gently tap the A and D buttons, just to take normal turns, so that I could finish the race. But, after doing the exact same thing 8 times, I've managed to win the game... and then lose it once the car stopped. Neat.

The gameplay needs some real heavy work in order to be playable. I would advise you, to most importantly, reduce the sharpness of the turns, and to adjust the acceleration and deceleration of the car's torque. There also needs to be some more variety in the maps. Doing multiple leaps on one map is fine, but when you need to race through the exact same map eight times, that just becomes boring!

Although, I must say that I liked the graphics. The low-poly models of the map, as well as the car, look nice and minimalistic. With the combination of simple UI, and the slightly modified standard unity skybox, they actually remind me of my own game that I've made for the previous Game Off game jam! So, kudos for the visuals!

The game has potential, but it wasn't well executed here unfortunately. Good effort, but you gonna need to do some fixing and polishing, in order for this game to be good!


Really cool game. Physics are a bit weird, but the guts of it were there. I kept getting a game over whenever I would try and reverse (which wasn’t a control), but liked it overall. Really dug the audience sound cheering me on and the graphics were really cool.

Didn’t really understand how it related to “Leaps and Bounds”, but thought it was pretty cool.

Hope to see this game taken a little further! :)


Good Game and nice graphics! Thanks


Thanks to play!


Physics games are hard! I think your steering input is too sensitive, it should probably ramp up instead of being instant.


However it is difficult, I got first lap.


Hahaha that’s the idea! Thank’s to play!


Not sure how it relates to the theme, but it was fun and kind of refreshing. Good job!


The main idea is that you need to pick up gas to be able to finish the game ;)


Cool game, with a bit more polish it could be a great little racing game.  Nice work


Thank you so much to play!


I just can't believe you pulled this racing game off for a game jam. It's the first I've seen at this level... ever. Granted... Controls are hard but you've got something here! Well done!


A difficult game I must say! The graphic looks so great!


Yeah! The idea to be difficult it’s greatfull for me and all my games. Thank’s to play!


Looks and sounds great. Unfortunately I had a really tough time controlling my car... not sure if there's a bug or something with my browser but it was almost impossible to handle more than a couple of turns without it seeming to completely lose control and crash. Also would be great to have a brake button.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Just a new cover!


Very good 3D game, has a very good future, I hope to see improvements and updates as soon as GameJam is finished ;) 

You can't play God without being acquainted with teh devil. -Ford.


Revision 0.0.11 - 26th Novemeber 2019

Well! Here it goes, the last contribution of Corben Studio in the game jam, Game Off 2019.

We thought it would be interesting to go over a circuit where you couldn’t win without getting gas and refueling.