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Soul Grinder

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Nice  tricky platform game, the main character looked pretty cool.  Grats on first game jam and nice work!

Cool concept and fun to play, very colourful, visually pleasing and nice amount of levels too. 

Oh good lol, thanks for letting me know and glad it's working ok now.

Fun game with a decent amount of levels.  I like the level unlock/grade system, it made it more rewarding to get good level times.  I enjoyed the music too, good work!

Thanks for feedback and for playing it through.  I did plan on improving the difficulty on most the levels but ran out of time in the end.  Strange the keyboard arrow keys didn't work for you, it works fine on all the computers I've tested it on.  Glad I added on screen controls then lol

Thanks, glad you liked it.  That's a great idea actually, I might add some hidden levels in a future update.

Thanks for feedback, glad you had fun.  I thought it might of been too easy too but ran out of time to increase difficulty.  Good to hear that a couple of levels gave some challenge though :)

Nice detailed 3D boat yard scene, would look great in a horror or adventure game.

Very creative concept for the theme, some fun game mechanics with bubbles, enjoyed playing this.  Level layout was done well and controls and direction was explained well too.

Really like the graphics on this and fun bubble bouncing game mechanic.  Music is nice and chill too, good work!

Nice game idea, quite difficult but fun to play.  Also like the music too

Minimalistic graphics but still stylish and works great for this type of game.  Nice selection of quick minigames.  Fun to play, nice work!

Cool concept for having arcade machines to access minigames.  Sorry to hear you didn't finish it but to be fair we only have 48hrs so it's understandable.  I also liked the monkey graphic and the questionable title for it's minigame lol.

Cool game, nice selection of mini games, found the cauldron one the toughest to play, the the serving dinner to customers the most fun.  I liked the panic time mode at the end too, nice work!

Nice variety of different type of games, had fun playing it, nice work!

Cool, I like archery games, nice bit of variety challenges and fun to play.  Nice work!

Cool game, I liked the pentagram part and the dark lord popping up at the end.  Nice work!

Nice set of minigames, had fun playing them.  Bird Rush was a more relaxing version of flappy bird to hold the mouse button rather than to keep tapping.  Graphics for this where very good too, nice work!

Loved the animations and the game was very fun to play.  Well polished, nice work!

Really liked the intro pixel art, cool game for 48 hours, nice work!

Cool bunch of minigames, The music, Mochi character and the flavour selector were cool too.  Nice work!

Fun minigames and meets the theme perfectly, nice work!

The sailor guy animation looks cool, shame it lacked audio though.

Was really fun to play, simple but rapid gameplay.  Nice work on the graphics and music too, good stuff.

Cool bunch of minigames, my favourite was the Ficklesplosion.  Nice work!

Fun game, nice work, I like the Nine Hells concept

My Liluo link to this game is

Thanks glad you enjoyed it, sure songs I've created for my games I put on my Soundcloud at  The title music was the only song I made during the jam, and the tracks for the 8 minigames were from other games I've made.

Nice and fast 5 second minigames, actually very fun to play and has a leaderboard, nice work!

Nice graphics and fun take on the theme.  I liked the trippy boss fight too, nice work!

Love the main character graphic and his name.  Not bad considering you missed the 1st day

Fun set of games, I liked the concept for the cars pulling the boat away from the rocks, and the spaceman game was cool too, nice work

Fun set of games, I couldn't get passed the chicken square game but liked the ones before it.

Great minigames game!  Wesley Bird and Press 'em  where great fun.  The dodge 'em was fun too but bugged out after 30 seconds.  The leaderboard worked fine and is always fun to see in a jam game.  The title music and other tracks were cool too, nice work and good luck.

Like the funky graphics and fits the theme great, nice work!

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Knight Metal

Not bad at all for 10 days, looking forward to seeing more :)

Nice and gruesome fun, I like the way you can zoom in on your arm with the mouse wheel lol.  Could be the start of a cool horror game if it was lengthened some more.  Nice sound effects and music too.

Really like this, well thought out platformer using only 2 colours and having lighting, good graphics and an old TV screen bend display.  I got stuck on this level but I'm going to come back to this one and try again later.  Good work and fun to play.

Fun typing game and creepy grandma out of ten lol, quite a funny game.  The voice over sounded professional too.  Only problem I had was when I tried to retry after grandma ate me, the part where it says 'press any key to continue' didn't react to keyboard keys being pressed so I had to reload it.  Apart from that, I thought it was good fun.