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Soul Grinder

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Nice game, I found level 5 to be the most tricky with the bird thieves but still fun.  Not sure how it fits in with the theme though

Nice simple zombie shooter, I managed to score about 2100ish before I was completely overrun by a screen full of zombies.  Would be cool if it had ammo/weapon upgrades and 8 direction control instead of 4.

The music is cool and the game is simple, a little frustrating and fun.  I thought level 3 was impossible at first but finally managed to get to level 8.

No, it says no hate speech (racism, homophobia, etc) 

This game looks really cool on your screenshots and definitely something I would enjoy but I can't get out of the cage, I tried pushing it like it says to and trying other angles and even tried sprinting at it with Shift key but it stays locked but makes the audio noise for the cage door.  Also tried pressing other keys and found pressing E key does this.   Seeing that other people have managed to get out the cage, maybe it's something I'm doing wrong lol

Thanks, glad you liked it.  Yes the graphics were a bit simple, when I get some time I will update graphics and add some obstacles.  Maybe some lava lakes/spike pits to avoid.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it, yes it's only a prototype at the moment but I'm planning on adding more mechanics, obstacles, enemies and increasingly difficult stages at some point.

Nice work towards the jam theme. A good prototype and like the music too.  Would look good with slightly animated or different expressions for the pictures of Helicopter Guy and Tank Guy for the dialog parts.

Cool game, really enjoyed it and the promotion power ups.  Only thing I would change is the game over sequence, so that on your last warning he says something other than Get Back to Work, and say something like Your Fired and a trapdoor opens from underneath, and then maybe award the player with a rank or grade to reflect how good or bad they played.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing it.   Good idea of timed counter attacks or blocks, something I will update in the near future.

Excellent game quite enjoyed it.  Good to know people are still making C64 games!  My best score was 579 after several tries.  Great idea for the jam theme interpretation and great job on the pixel art for a Commodore game.

Clever puzzle game and I like the art style and use of the jam theme.  Will be nice to see this develop

After a few plays I scored 1280 once I realised you had more guns by pressing Q or E, before that I was scoring 160.  I know now it's on the details page but I rarely read that before I play a game even though I probably should lol.  Having the control icons in game near the gun on the HUD would give the game a better 1st impression.  It is a fun game and the graphics look great.  The player character's movement seems very slightly slower when moving  left, right, up and down compared to diagonal movement.

I scored 22,860, fun game concept and I like the graphics too.  Would be great to see this with wider boards with extra house appliances to put down, like maybe an oven flamethrower or fan that slows enemies down.

Thanks for the feedback.  Yes maybe it could do with a faster paced combat, something for the to do list :)

Nice work on the squirrel pixel graphics and platform placement.   It could do with some enemies to dodge, gaps to avoid or maybe even a timer to beat to make it more challenging.  Also some kind of background graphics and music would give it a bit more atmosphere too.

Nice prototype and graphics, looking forward to seeing this game grow, lots of puzzle game potential.  Good job

Nice work on the animations for the sumos and enjoyed playing it.  I agree with Nicky with it being a bit too easy to win on the hardest difficulty.  More moves or obstacles would be a good to add for future update.

Poor dog haha, cool entry I enjoyed that.  I liked the evil dog graphics at the end, nearly made me jump

It's a nice start of a game, be cool to see this developed into a time attack or some form of shooter

Cool game, with a bit more polish it could be a great little racing game.  Nice work

Nice game idea, great cover artwork of the blooded face too.  Wouldn't change much apart from maybe speed it up a little to make it more difficult.  Good luck with jam

Cool concept, it reminded me of a great Amiga game I used to play called Bob's Bad Day.  Nice work, especially for a 2 day last minute submission!

Pretty cool retro style game, was fun to play.  Nice work on the soundtrack too, works well.

It was my 1st month long game jam so I put the extra effort in.  Usually do weekly jams so it felt good to have more time for this one.  I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback.  After voting ends I will update the space bar fire to hold instead of press, good suggestion.

Very nice relaxing game, and I like endless futuristic city to fly through.  Large amount of upgrades to spend coins on.  Would play again

Cool, it was fun to play haha, and it didn't choke the computer at all, it ran smooth all the way through

Tricky game but also enjoyed the brutality of it, started to suss it out after a few tries but i began to drown in legs and arms after a while haha.  Nice game graphics also

Original idea and goes well with the theme.  I like the character animation before the game starts plus the game cover looks great, very like the Dune sandworms.

Really cool little game, great pixel graphics and sounds.   Especially like the hell hound chase scene.  Nice work

Nice job on the artwork and theme, fun to play

Cool game idea for jam theme, enjoyed playing it, nice work

Ah I see, yes there was a few bats flying too high but I've just updated the game to sort that and a few other things to optimise it.  Thanks for feedback

What do you mean it goes off green?  lol

Good game, nice art style.  Played up until lvl 52

Nice Tamagotchi idea, I like that you need to make sure he is drunk and medicated to stay alive lol

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed :)

Aye, the more prisoners you have on board, the quicker your food/water runs out, got to stock up

Nice game to match theme, music goes well with game.  Maybe some screen fx triggers might be fun to add to it.  Good work