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Not at all, always good to hear comments like this, it was honest and fair.  Going to be working on this project for a while before it's finished and add updates each time a new feature or fix is ready.

Thanks for the feedback.  This is just a rough prototype I've been casually working on and not a fully polished game.  There's minor bugs to fix and many features still to be added.  Planning on adding a crafting hall to upgrade guild member weapons and armour using resource items that are randomly rewarded through the quests.  Also planning on having an offline reward system to earn the player gold to come back to and an autosave progress so players can resume their game, and working on making this more mobile friendly too.

Nice score!  Also I checked out and liked your video, it's the first time I saw one of my games on YouTube haha.  Was nice to see someone else playing it.

Really fun and original idea, I like it.  Would play this again.

Thanks for feedback and for playing.  Sorry you couldn't get past the 1st obstacle, quite a few others have found it too harsh also.  Will look into it next time I update.  Was thinking of adding selectable difficulty settings menu on the title screen and adding more variety of obstacles, and a few other things too.  It's a work in progress lol

Cool idea for the on/off theme and also like the LCD detail grid lines which you would get on the screen of an old phone.  Would play this on a Nokia brick if I still had one :)

Thanks for nice feedback I'm glad you liked it :)

Love what you did for the game page theme and in-game graphic animations.  I want to give feedback improvements but to be honest, I wouldn't change a thing.  Good game.

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I would of definitely played this on my Nokia haha.  Fun mini game

Thanks for the feedback.  Yes I agree the restart should be a bit quicker.  Also, what music?  I only used sound effects lol

Nice haha and yes I will be shortening the game over screen next time I update it.

The most amazing Nokia game I've ever seen haha.  I can't believe you've managed to make a 3D racing game whilst sticking to this jam's restrictions.  Great job and was fun playing it.

Thanks for the feedback.  Older games like Manic Miner for the ZX Spectrum (which I used to love playing)  were even tighter on the timing than this, so it was a design choice to make it with this direction to give it a retro difficulty.  It was originally even tighter but I did give a bit of room for error for normal players by shortening the collision and slowing the speed of the game.  I will probably update it with a re-ordering the obstacles though, because the first obstacle doesn't really ease the player into the level.

Good take on the theme and fun game mechanic.   Very tricky and almost frustrating but I like it, nice work.

Fun game, I agree with kidarthur, would be better with score counter

Thanks haha we can only hope to be as good as flappy bird :)   and yes I know what you mean, it does need more variety.  I will probably come back to this in a few weeks with an update .

Nice game and great job on the graphics considering the restrictions.

Nice game mechanic and fun game.  Matches theme quite well. 

Nice work and fun concept.  Less subtle sound effects, clearer sprites for the bullet and ammo pick ups so they don't blend with the background would help improve the game a bit.  Also having added in-game information on the title screen or game screen for pressing R to reload is useful for players who play the game without reading the game page first, of which I'm guilty of sometimes lol.  I always find that putting as much in-game information for the player as you can makes your games more enjoyable.

Hi Oknodian, I've patched the issue with the fuel now, the game should be able to access all 6 levels and land on the moon.

Thanks for playing I'm glad you like it.  Yes getting to wave 11 is difficult, need some skills for that haha.  I play tested it loads of times and only managed to get half way through wave 12 once.  Also thanks for the helpful bug spotting, I've been looking into what you said and noticed that the ammo wasn't set to update on the UI when collected, but updating when pressing fire, so that's why it appears as if it's only giving you 5 ammo, but that was an easy fix.  The Suit Zombie HP was not set up correctly either but that will take more time than I have tonight to finish that off properly, so will update with fixes once it's ready.

Thanks haha, it's what I was aiming for :)

Yes it does, good point actually haha, I changed it to bullet speed from multiple bullets because it made the game too easy, but didn't think to change the Shop button's text.   I'll change it to 'Upgrade Bullet Speed' instead on next update, thanks for feedback.

Good game.  Graphics look great and nice subtle background music.  Game's physics run as smooth as butter.  It's a difficult game but fun to play.  Will add this to my collection to go back to.

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Thanks for playing.  No your not missing anything, it's just not working properly for some people (5 so far including my brother now as well lol) but working fine on my computer so it's impossible to see the problem.  Can't think what it could be, never had an issue with Gdevelop before and have made 34 other games without problems.  Such a shame because it's a complete game with 6 levels and a fully mapped out upgrade progression system that a lot of people can't see because of a bug I can't see :(    The rocket should launch for 7 seconds with 200mph for top speed to reach 1 mile for the first launch but for some it's doing 3 seconds launch with 127mph.  I have already added a tutorial to it and tidied up the script, but I can't upload the patch until after the voting ends.

Thanks for taking the time to play it on different browsers and letting me know, much appreciated.  The screenshot has helped narrow it down quite a lot because flight time should be longer than 3 seconds and top speed reached should be at 200mph and not 127mph.  The game won't let you launch your rocket until you have collected needed items, so you shouldn't be able to get to this screen.  Yes I'll let you know when I find it and update it.

Shooting your self to the Moon, really cool idea.  I liked the intro with the 1980s sci fi style music and panning across ruins on the Moon.  A nice selection of obstacles and variety too, and the speed up fx looked great too.  Fun game, I enjoyed playing :)

Thanks for playing and feedback.  Not sure why your getting 0 gold coins after launch, it always gives gold coins every time I play it and other people I know that I have asked to play test it can't find this bug either.  Your the second person to have this problem so far, so no it's not anything your doing wrong.  Also there's no control key to the boost rocket, just a launch button that activates once your rocket is built and you have max fuel.  It's a puzzler but I will figure this anomaly out haha.  Will release a update after the voting ends with a fix, plus a polish, tutorial and optimisation that I'm currently working on.  Hopefully I can find this illusive bug :)

Here's mine :)

Oh right I see, that's really odd because the default rocket without upgrades is 1 mile distance.  Thanks for letting me know, I'll have to figure out how that can even happen.

Excellent work!  Original and fun action puzzle game.  The Ice Gauntlet is a great final level, tricky and fun.  I liked the graphics for the planets too.  Only improvements to this I can suggest to add would be to have a larger image file for the larger planet sprites to make them slightly less blocky, and to add more levels even though there are plenty to play already haha.  The sound effects and music was nice too, and turrets and homing missiles were done great.

Nice work and cool take on the theme, I didn't manage to switch on the engines, but I did manage to fill the fuel tank.  The music is awesome and the thunder and lightening is a nice touch.  With a bit more information text in game to help lead the player to figuring out the commands would make it easier for people to play.

You need to upgrade your rocket after each launch to get further on this screen.  It appears after every launch and you can access it by entering the building when on foot.  I'm planning on putting a short interactive tutorial for the first level on my next update to make it easier for people playing it.  

Thanks for playing, hope this info helps you have a proper try of it next time :)

Great dark vibes and really fun gameplay.  I like the lighting effects and the main character looks awesome.  Had fun with this, good work!

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

I bet this was difficult to make, the puzzles were well thought out and explained.  I like puzzle games like this, enjoyed it all the way through.  The last level "So Many Colours" was my favourite and took me the longest to figure out.  Really fun and well made, nice work!

Thanks haha I'm glad it did :)  Thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated.

Ah that explains it then, at the bottom left of the screen is says to press Space to exit.  As 2 people have commented on not noticing this I will make this text bigger or in a less subtle place.

Nice work, love the graphics and the interface, well put together.   I managed to get to Earth and became friends with the humans.  I was a bit lost at first with all the controls in the cockpit to mess about with but it was fun to work it out.  I found the zoom feature useful too when looking through the different buttons to press and thought the navigation joystick was cool too.

Nice work for your first game.  Fun to play and more detailed than it looks.  The retro audio works well and the humour in the text is fun to read too.  Good luck with the jam guys, glad you had fun making this. that's what a game jam is about.