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Thanks, glad you liked it

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I liked the rough animation sketch style, suits the feel of the game well.  Also like the music, it sounds like something from an 80s science fiction movie.  The rogue-like events that hinder your characters instead of buff them was cool too.  Added to some tension to the game.  Really nice game jam entry, good work!

Thanks for the nice feedback and nice score and congrats for completing the game!  Really glad you enjoyed it and seen it through to the end.  I might update with strafing after the voting, I took out the strafing because I thought it made dodging traps and monsters too easy and I wanted to have minimal controls on screen but I think your right, this type of game probably needs strafing and maybe moving backwards too.

This took me just under an hour to complete I think, but I'm glad I did if not just for the dungeon crawler anthem credits music.  The RPG tactics combat system was great and the weapon names where very unique (Graph Paper, etc haha).  I got a bit confused with the puzzle room that drops the blue key but figured it out in the end and it gave my characters time to lvl up.  I think some ranged skills would of been good to unlock but it was a decent project for for a week long jam.  Great stuff, had a blast playing it!

Thanks for playing and the video playthrough was very entertaining.  It's always great to seeing people playing my games and their experiences.  I really have to change that infinity puzzle to have more visual clues and be less punishing to play.   You seemed to get the gist of it by counting the grates 1 to 5 to show progress of getting through it.  The punishing thing I'll probably change is that instead of falling back to start from 1 mistake, maybe just going back 1 grate instead.  There is also multiple secret rooms per level, some with extra lives.  You almost walked right into one a couple of times.  I like the idea of a continue option for another way to be less punishing, thanks for the feedbacks.

Very different to the other dungeon crawlers I've played this jam.  I thought the bedroom looked great with lots of cool details to it and the voiceover AI sounded great too.  Took quite a while of popping blocks to find 1 of the puzzle pieces and I played a further 30 plus minutes trying to find another piece but didn't find one.   The bomb mechanics and the enemies where good fun.  I think if this had more Bomberman like game mechanics and less Minecraft mining game mechanics I think players could get through the blocks and find the puzzle pieces faster.  Would be cool to see waves of flames instead of a smaller explosion area.  Great fun either way and had a literal blast playing it.  Good stuff, unique jam idea!  

Thanks for the detailed and positive feedback and for giving it a fair go.  The infinite puzzle is one I wish I'd of made easier, but the people that completed the puzzle enjoyed it.  Yes the doll guy is a bit quicker but also can be more of a jump scare because of how the darkness creeps in on his level.  Happy you enjoyed the puzzle, and yes the robot sound effects are too loud close up, they are quieter at a distance but I agree I should of lowered the overall volume of his photon shots.  After voting phase has ended I'll most likely do an update on Ancient Dungeon because there was quite a bit I wanted to improve using some interesting ideas from the feedback I've had from people and also a water puzzle themed level I wanted to add.

Cool art style and atmosphere, I didn't realise you could do this type of game with RPG Maker, very cool plugin, it's been a long time since I used it.  Very surreal and nice level layout and I liked the torches idea for the campfires that you had to save game with sparingly.  It did give the game doom and gloom feels doing it that way, which added to the atmosphere.  I also liked the timed spiked floors and hostile plants.  Good jam game, nice work!

Nice smooth gameplay and well polished.  Played all the way through to the end only took me 2 attempts.  I really like the minimal number RPG elements and the skills you unlocked throughout the game.  The level layout was good and I liked the textures and colour theme of the game.  I didn't like the way walking on floors would change direction of the player, at first I thought it was a bug but then realised shortly after that it was a game mechanic to make dodging fireballs harder.  The text-to-voice sounded really nice and the story was great too.  I like the way that even though you escape the dungeon there is just a different type of hell waiting for you.  Nice work guys, was good fun to play!

Nice take on the ancient ruins theme, the sprites, textures and audio were very nice.  Completed all 5 levels and sealed my fate, although I had to play more strategically on the 5th level because them rooting squids and demon dogs nearly killed me a few times lol.  Quite a lengthy game for a jam game that only took a week to make.  Had fun experimenting with the crafting spell anvil, great potential for a fun dungeon crawler.  The difficulty curve with the levels was spot on also, nice work!  

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it.   No the infinite corridor is a puzzle where you have to work out to find the exit.  There are clues to loop around the east block and west block in a sequence with an the number of wall grates in the middle of the corridor increasing from 1 to 5 to show you if you walked the correct way, and if not you get reset back to 1 grate.  Looking back I think the wall grates clue was too subtle and I should of had wall writing of numbers from 1 to 5 on the wall and maybe some other clues in there.  It's ok some friends I sent it to also got stuck in there, it's a tricky puzzle lol.

Nice prototype.  Obviously needs some audio, title screen and some UI and some addition features, but a solid start to a fun classic style 3D first person dungeon crawler game.

The pixel art style and palette was nice and clean and the camera lens warp was cool too.  I liked the wavering of the background, was a nice touch.  The drag and drop inventory system was great and movement was nice and smooth.  I feel like there should of been more background audio like music or even just some wind sfx to give it more of an atmosphere.  Cool Jam game, good stuff!

That's fantastic thanks for playing it through to the end!  It's great to hear that someone managed to complete it.  Yes I think looking back I made the final room a bit too large.  My aim was to create a tension of looking for a torch lighter and having the danger of being chased by the statue demons in the dark.  After the voting stage is over I'll probably change this to a smaller hall, I agree that is too large for what was needed.  I did want to put a final boss fight where you use fireball floor triggers defeat it but I ran out of time.  There's never enough time to fit everything in lol

Good game, you have the atmosphere spot on with the audio and visuals.  The D&D dice rolls for object interactions where a fun idea and the typing combat was cool, although it might of been more fun to have the words mean something instead of random letters, like a short sentence or some words of what the character might be thinking or doing to combat the monster.  Nice work!

Nice dark atmosphere, although the evil laugh caught me off guard lol, using Audacity or some other tool you could give it some reverb to help blend it in.  Cool dungeon crawler prototype, good work!

Thanks for playing and the feedback.  I purposefully left out the strafing as a design choice because I liked the idea of having minimal controls for mobile touch screen and it also increased the difficulty when tackling traps and monsters, but I know what you mean.  Also the trick to the Infinity Corridor is you must loop around the east block and west block in a sequence.  An indicator clue of how your doing might of been a bit too subtle, but there are wall grates in the middle of the corridor that increase in number from 1 grate to 5 to show you if you walked the correct way, and if not you get reset back to 1 grate.  I wondered if anyone would of solved this, but I saw this mechanic on an Amiga game called Dungeon Master and thought it would be cool to add it.  It would be a shame if no one reached level 3 because it's the best level I think lol

Great stuff, the voice overs sounded pro, graphics were great and the game was fun to play.  Interesting camera game mechanic and timed event combat is always fun.

Really liked this, nice artwork and smooth controls and combat.  Would only suggest more variety in wall textures and monsters but pretty solid game jam game with some good potential.

Nice graphics and atmosphere was really fun to play.  The goblins looked great.

Love procedural generation in games, I really need to learn how to do this myself.  Great dark Cthulhu atmosphere music and style.  The character movement and Cthulhu model was cool, nice work!

Well polished and nice procedural level generation.  Smooth grid-based movement and nice touch on the camera movement.  One of my favourites so far, great stuff!

Interesting art style of using just one colour, still looked great though.  Nice and atmospheric which is always good.  Nice work, enjoyed playing it.

Cool game, the music fits well with the game.  There's a lot of detail in the character creation and some nice lore to the races too.  Graphics were really nice too.  Nice work!

Nice work!   I liked the roguelike mechanics and the choice of 3 characters.  The names of the zombies made me lol.  Nice 3D graphics and fun game, I can tell a lot went into this.  I would change the movement to be continuous until you released the control, but that's more a personal preference. 

Nice atmospheric  dungeon crawler.   Very smooth gameplay and I like the visual effect of the wall collision.  I just used a bump sound effect for mine lol.   Quite fun to play.

Cool dungeon crawler game.  There's some really nice pixel art for used in this, very impressive.  Very polished and cool story and use of theme, good works!

Good to hear!  I'm looking forward to the next Ludum Dare, only a month to go lol.  I have quite a lot of games on my itch page.  Here's one of my favourites I made you can try if you like, it's a Doom-like FPS I made on Unity a while ago

Crazy cool Cthulu farming game. Very interesting game idea, I think this was one of my favourite submissions so far.  Great work, don't stop creating games, very creative idea!

Very unique and fun idea for the theme!  Really liked the low poly style and the sound effects.  The day and night cycle are quick but it keeps it interesting I think.  Great stuff, was fun to play!

Really nice graphics with fun tower defence gameplay.  Can tell a lot of work was put into this, great stuff!

I didn't touch the image files, I just updated the music loading.  It's strange these glitches keep happening for you, it works completely fine on mine and several other friends I've sent it to.  It could be your browser or your computer just doesn't like it lol.

All the levels apart from the completion music and intro music are by the artist I linked on the description page for Magenta Six, you can download it from there and credit them to use it.

Thanks for taking time to play it and for the feedback!  I've had a look at what could of caused that for you but everything seems to be working fine every time I've tested it.  The music is all there but I've updated the game to preload the all the music at the beginning so it should activate more efficiently now.  GDevelop doesn't work as perfect as other game dev software but I still really enjoy making games with it.

Thanks for letting me know.  I thought I'd stopped that from happening.  It only does it sometimes, most the time it works fine.  I'll have a dig through the events page and find the problem.

Cool platformer game with a nice look to it.  The music was good and the game quite lengthy and the controls felt good too. Nice work!

I liked the intro and music to this and the graphics looked great too.  A lot of random objects to catch made it chaotically fun, good stuff

I liked this, it made me consider making a tactics type game.  Good work and well polished

Nice, it's simpler than I thought but did the job great.  When I played against it, it felt like it was anticipating what I was going to do lol

Fun tank game with some fun levels, I think lvl 14 was my favourite.  I also liked how the AI was tricky enough to not to just wander into a line of bullets and drive the other way to avoid.   Nice work!

Really fun game mechanic to play with and nice effort to getting in most of the themes list in there, great idea, also the music was great too :)