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Adrián Corbalán

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Hey! Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate.

Great job, keep it up!

An incredible job! Keep up the good work!

Yeah, (e.g) .. When they hit me, nothing happens. I don’t know if i’m losing health.

Good theme interpretation. Do not try to implement difficult highscores… With just a few lines of code you have just a simple scoreboard, just locally.

Hmmm I don’t really understand at all. I need more feedback for the player.

Good theme interpretation but the rest, no sounds and with just pressing space you have a score, maybe better when it falls or something like that.

Nice symmetry but nasty controls. Good interpretation of the theme.

Wow! I think is the best of all that I play today, good job in all stages!

A little difficult to just start the game, maybe adding some kind of friction … The rest it’s ok, good jam!

Good theme interpretation! The game with the time it’s a little difficult. Good balance with other points, good job!

Thank you so much!

Oh okay! That’s a good feedback! I’ll change later!

Hahaha that’s the part of the jam! Thanks!


Haha crazy gameplay! Love it. Difficult as never see.

Nothing to play here?

Hahaha great sounds! I like it the theme interpretation.

A better movement it would be great!

The theme is good. But, no sound, no feedback .. Take another round and try to improve picking power ups or something like that.

Space Battle community · Created a new topic Gameplays!

People that played the game.

Hello everyone!

I created the community to hear your questions about the development of Space battle. Is a continuous growing project so it can change if you the player wants something that really matter!

Muchas gracias por compartir y sobretodo montar la experiencia! Espero repetir pronto y seguir contando cosas interesantes!

Thank you very much for playing and sharing the demo!

Thanks to play!

Yeah! The idea to be difficult it’s greatfull for me and all my games. Thank’s to play!

Thank you so much to play!

Hahaha that’s the idea! Thank’s to play!

The main idea is that you need to pick up gas to be able to finish the game ;)

Graphics are good!

Graphics are good bat.. I can’t see sound feedback and it’s difficult.

Great job!

Not bad at all. Maybe improving graphics will be perfect!

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Just a new cover!

Awesome art! Looks super great!