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Can you stay positive through the alien invasion? Play to find out!
Submitted by SamuraiDev — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
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A good game overall. Easy to get and understand, with some interesting mecanics. Sound design was good, and game design overall great, most of all for 2 days of dev.
I had fun playing it, for further improvement, you might want to give the player more feedback when he loses health !


Hmmm I don’t really understand at all. I need more feedback for the player.


I'm not sure what you mean by feedback


Yeah, (e.g) .. When they hit me, nothing happens. I don’t know if i’m losing health.


Very nice.


This is a pretty interesting game!

  • I like how my gun upgrades from a pistol to an SMG to a minigun!
  • I like the pretty lenient damage system, it looks to me that damage is based on whether I'm touching an enemy or not (And not how many enemies are touching me). Which is good as enemies like to clump up into each other and I won't get one-shotted when that clump runs into me when I'm paralyzed
  • Although, a number counter for how many skill points I've collected for all types would be nice (so I know what I'm lacking and what I should aim for)
  • Might want to change how you check your health game over to include negative numbers

I wanted to stop at a high score of 2020.4 because it's April 2020 but close enough.

Thanks for making this game! And it's pretty amazing that you've made over 500+ scratch games!


Thank you! And I think i know the problem with the health! It checks if it's equal to 0, but the boss does 2 damage and it can skip to -1, so the game won't end!


I tried to fix the problem of the health, but i playtested the game a bunch and couldn't find the problem! Though I did add some of your suggestions!


I'm not sure if you have but, it's probably a good idea to message KB first on whether you can update the game first (because the jam is technically still ongoing as the top 3 games haven't been chosen and the streamers hasn't started)


I know!


I had fun with it but encountered a few issues. I wasn't sure what stats the powerups were affecting and the concept of negative balance was confusing at first. Most importantly, I did not die after reaching zero health. At one point I had like -250 health and was still able to fight. I liked the music and the bosses were fun.


Coronavirus is like the #1 influence of games rn but I thought people would want to come to game dev to get away from the pandemic