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Thank you for playing! It's great to hear that the game can be picked up relatively quickly, especially because I didn't add any tutorial or instructions other than the one line controls text.

Wow, thanks for playing! I'm happy you enjoyed the game! I'm also glad to hear that the art style matches nicely, especially because I don't know the first thing about game art, so I followed the KISS design principle.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had fun! It took me a good half of the day of studying other games (mostly Enter the Gungeon) and some blank paper before nailing down that door core mechanic, so it's reassuring to hear that it turned out well.

Thanks for playing! I'm happy you enjoyed the game. I wanted to add a bootcamp style tutorial area to the game but ran out of time. You know what, it's about time I started implementing some basic volume control in my game jam games. I'm going to place it high on my priority list on the next one.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked the core mechanic I decided to build the game off of! Pretty much the main reason why the graphics are simple is because I'm hopeless at digital art, so I mostly made do with the default Unity shapes. If I had the competency to do art on a similar level to The Lost Mummy, I would do so in a heartbeat.

Thanks for playing! Oh dear, I hope the lag wasn't too bad. Although, it's reassuring to hear that the game is still enjoyable even when it runs poorly!

Thanks for playing, I'm very happy you enjoyed the game! "SFX/s" is not a unit of measurement I expected see in my lifetime, although I estimate this game has an average of 2.5 SFX/s.

Thanks for playing! Now that you've mention it, this is kind of rogue like game. I can't believe I didn't realize it up till now because I forgot the term rogue like exists. Anyways, that's good, because the initial inspiration for this game is Enter the Gungeon.

Thanks for playing! Yup. I feel I should make the game start easier with less enemies and lower stats, so it's more forgiving in the beginning to newer players.

This is a pretty interesting game!

  • I really like how the main menu changes as I complete levels, and how I can unlock the menu doors in any order I want. (Am a little sad that all the doors are locked again when I refreshed)
  • I also like how sound effects and victory jingle sound very spacey, which I feel fits nicely with how the game looks
  • This puzzle design interpretation of the theme is great 5/5
  • Although I'm curious, is the time at the bottom used for anything? It would be really neat to see my best times for each level
  • The end button color's having a rainbow color change, like the player's,  would look cool

Thanks for making this game, I hope you had fun while creating this!

This is a interesting game!

  • I like the little animations like the guy's hands raising every time he jumps
  • I also like the sounds effects used, as well as the music as it doesn't feel repetitive after listening to it for a while
  • Although, some coyote time would be nice. Especially on the 5th room, where there is a lot of jumping parkour
  • Might want to add 2 arrows facing opposite directions on that flipper portal thing, as I thought it only flipped gravity one way (in the direction the arrow was facing)

Thanks for making this game, I hope you had fun while creating this!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game! Yeah, invincibility frames would be good to reduce the difficulty a bit as well. Right now, only the guns firing causes screen shake, I plan to make kills and hits do that as well.

I'll like to add one more thing to that list as well, some touchscreen controls.

This is a interesting game!

  • I like the little animations that plays before the door launches and when the coffins land
  • As well as impact of the screen shake when the door launches
  • C'mon man, you're killing me here, a rectangular door on an arched doorway
  • Is it intended for the blue coffins to produce green splinters? Because the other two types (initial and regular) produce splinters of their respective colors
  • One fun thing I like to do is wait for the last 5 seconds and start flinging doors like mad, turning the whole room brown

Thanks for making this game, I hope you had fun while creating this!

Yup, now I just got to remember to make that change in 2 days. Now, I'm curious why left ctrl is the default for Fire1.

True true. I should have definitely spent more time tweaking the spawn area, especially the green room where shotgunners usually spawn.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked the game! Super Monkey Ball looks like a fun game, so it's great that this game reminds you of that.

This is an amazing game!

  • The use of PostFX here is so beautiful, I just shed a tear. When I played with it on, I just couldn't play with it turned off again
  • The camera zooming in to the right when the ball falls is very brutal (and causes 90% of my deaths) and I like it
  • Thank goodness the ball moves right on its own which has saved me a couple of times
  • I like how you gain points faster after being in the air after some time, otherwise I would have just played it safe all the way
  • This game reminds me of Dune! on the play store but this is more exciting

Thanks for making this game! I had fun while playing it and I hope you had fun creating it!

This is a pretty interesting game!

  • The grappling hook is a very cool mechanic, and it's used really well throughout the level
  • The controls are pretty intuitive and I got the gist of it pretty quickly
  • Although, here are some tips that I feel would improve the gameplay experience,
  • Adding some "coyote time" would be godsend especially for the longer jumps between platforms
  • Visually differentiating the climbable and non-climbable walls would be nice so you don't have to use text (for example, using different colors)
  • Having a box collider for the top would be helpful (the edge is rounded so I keet slipping off the edge)

Best I can get is 16:03, oh well.

Thanks for making this game! I hope you enjoyed yourself while creating it!

Wow! Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Tbh, since I've played this game for almost 6 hours total while play testing, I've gotten pretty used to it. The jump in the gameplay gif was part of my first recorded run (I decided to use that jump part cause I thought it looked cool).

Also yes, the level is randomly generated and the algorithm it uses is pretty basic. The level can be broken up into "pieces", like Lego pieces. Here's an example of one type of piece prefabs I call "DownLeftTurn",

The game chooses a random piece to spawn next and connects it to the previous piece at one of the bottom red nodes (And this basically forms the string of pieces you see in the game). On the other hand, the prop spawning uses a separate system, it spawns a random number of random props at predetermined points on the piece.

Something small but, the sun in the game points directly down, so you can to use the shadow to kind of gauge your current rotation.

Thanks for playing! That's weird, I've just tested the web and windows version and the arrow keys work the same as WASD, so I'm stumped on what's causing that issue. Also this game is evil and tests new players' abilities unexpectedly through trial by fire. ha ha ha ha!

This is a very engaging game to play!

  • The game's name is a pun on balance so this game instantly deserves 1st place
  • This is the first game I've played in a long time that actually as a web version and I'm thankful ;v;
  • Pretty intuitive controls, I got the gist on how to play pretty much instantly
  • I really like how every action has a "weight", for example jumping (I like stomping the land seesaw down)
  • Details like the recoil when shooting and jumping stretch and squish are pretty neat
  • Sometimes, I go back to the main menu and the high score displayed is 0, and I get a heart attack

Thank you for making this game! I had fun while playing it and I hope you had fun while creating it!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! In the first version, the player would actually lose if they went on the underside but I decided to scrap that and allow the player roll on all sides, and I'm glad I did that.

This is a very thrilling game!

  • Thanks for the free "Builds" shortcut in the GOOM Windows zip, I'll be sure to cherish it!
  • I really like the "All Time" and "Past 24 Hours" leader board feature! Not many games have the "Past 24 Hours" one and I appreciate that
  • I also like the details of the screen color tint change and  player moaning when you're very low
  • Not sure if anyone reported this already but I found a small bug feature

While still holding down the fire button, swap the gun (works normally), but swap again (and only the model changes, the gun still fires the last selected type)

You can make the base gun shoot acid and vice versa. (Swapping twice again will make the guns shoot the correct type again)

Thanks for making this game! I had fun and I hope you had fun while creating this!

This is a pretty funny game!

  • Very initiative gameplay, I got the gist of it pretty much instantly
  • The jingle that plays whether I get a score in the top 5 is pretty neat
  • The animal obstacles and the ways to deal with them are interesting and requires skill to multitask (which I'm not good at)

Funny thing I've found while messing around, not sure if this was intentional. If you hold puff while tapping tilt right, the elephant sprite will remain in the most left puff you've went, but its position still changes right. So you can make the elephant sprite float or sort of sit on ball.

HeFloatsHe Sits

Thanks for making this game! I hope you had fun while creating it!

This is a very interesting game!

  • This game has a really good interpretation of the theme! A balanced diet, genius.
  • I really like the detail of the nose snot as health decreases and the unhappy face as the happiness decreases as well as how they're separate/independent from each other
  • The magnet is really cool, especially how it only attracts the things you need to make the bars balanced
  • Having an online leader board is awesome to me as I'm not capable of doing one properly yet
  • Although, you might want to fix the scroll sensitivity in the manual, I spent a few minutes scrolling to the end (it was worth it)
  • What do you mean eating knifes are bad for your mood and health? I eat one for every lunch!

Please help, I can't get the game to recognize that -2626 is the superior score to save in the leader board compared to my inferior score of 5718

Thanks for making this game! I had fun playing it and I hope you had fun while making it!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and managed to get into the flow. Yeah, I was getting desperate for time so I decided to reuse the same sound hit effect for everything. I'll probably take the time after the jam completely ends to find more appropriate hit sounds for the respective objects.

Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it! Although the visuals wouldn't have been as great without the MVPs Kenney assets and Unity PostFX.

I'm not sure if you have but, it's probably a good idea to message KB first on whether you can update the game first (because the jam is technically still ongoing as the top 3 games haven't been chosen and the streamers hasn't started)

This a great looking and fun game!

  • I really love the atmosphere of the room combined with the glowing lights!
  • The detail of the music fading out when you're about to lose is pretty neat
  • Very thankful for the leniency of the clickable area of the button, especially the further ones
  • Having an online leader board is amazing and you have my respect
  • And after 3 minutes of clicking, I've  realized that this was not a game about dexterity but a game of endurance
  • Another 5 minutes and I gave up on clicking the lights on the top 2 levels and just focused on the bottom level
  • Another 10 minutes and I let my poor wrist rest by focusing on a single light
  • Another 8 minutes and I decided the honorable way for me to lose was by making every light the same color
  • At last, I lost with a respectable score of -53480

Thank you for making this game! I've had fun and I hope you had fun while creating this!

This is a very interesting game!

  • This is a pretty clever interpretation of the theme! And pretty hilarious as well
  • I like how this game tests your memory, and I realized how much I sucked at remembering the drink
  • Pretty lovely bar background and a very useful arrow indicator!
  • Although, personally I would have preferred to be able to freely choose between the two instead of being forced to talk to the one selected alternatingly

I don't think this is the intended design, but I've discovered surefire strategy to get at least 2000 points: 

  1. Start the game
  2. Run away from the table without starting conversation with first girl
  3. Enter the table with the second girl but don't start conversation with her
  4. Both of their timers should stop ticking
  5. Wait for time to run out
  6. 50 * 40+ is at least 2000 points

This might also be a bug, but after a few more attempts to break the game replays, the orange-hair girl just refused to talk to me (maybe she found out about the double date, I wish the guy best of luck)

Anyways, Thanks for making this game! I've had fun and I hope you had fun while creating this!

Someone revoke the truck driver's license please, he's clearly shouldn't be behind the wheel. (Or he might be the best driver in the world getting a truck to 214mph)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game, it's reassuring to hear that the game does become easier over time. I need to think of a way to get players used to the camera control mechanic quicker.

Btw what do you mean by "the game dev is definitely breathtaking"?

This is a stressful but engaging game!

  • Useful how-to-play tutorial with illustrations, I got the gist instantly
  • The time limit on the machine choosing is really good and keeps me on my toes
  • The last time I was this stressed about numbers was in school, this game gives me ptsd :thumbsup:
  • In the end, I just resorted to a system where any number above 50 goes to the lower number machine and any number under 50 goes to the higher number machine and it worked for 8 minutes
  • Although, the game's resolution was a bit small and I couldn't resize it to be larger

This is also the first game I've played in a while with such a interesting take on the theme! 5/5

Thanks for making this game, I hope you had fun while creating this!

Once you've spent the same amount of time on game development as I currently have, I'm sure you'll be equally good, if not better than me. So don't fret over it!

I agree with you on the lack of coins. I'll have to remind myself to increase the coin amount and update this game after this jam competition completely ends.

This is a pretty funny game!

  • The background music is nice, it isn't too loud and in your face
  • I liked discovering the hidden ways of losing other than through the normal "trash can" way
  • Death by fountain is my favorite way to lose
  • The hand drawn game over images is also a nice touch
  • Although, you might want to label the high score numbers and make them a bit more prominent

Considering this is your first Unity game, I'll say you're doing really well (My first was a roll-a-ball tutorial clone). If you keep working hard daily over a few years, I'm sure that you'll be to create those amazing games you look up to currently.

Other than that, thanks for making this game, I hope you had fun while creating this!

This is a pretty interesting game!

  • I like the use of PostFX  in this game, especially in the main menu with the chromatic aberration
  • The movement controls and bouncing height dependent on the ball's momentum, very nice 10/10
  • Thanks, I haven't been super angry at circles and rectangles in a long time
  • Although, you might want to rename the game from "ScoreSpace Game Jam" to "dart Down" 
  • Some visuals in the how-to-play so players can see what you're talking about would be nice

A high score of 40 is as good as I'm going to get by myself.

Thanks for making this game!

Wow! I rarely see a game made purely in HTML and JS so I feel this is quite impressive in and of itself.

I like the detail on how the cells get converted into virus cells upon contact (I also hate it because that's when I usually lose)

Although it took me a while to realize that you lose the game if a virus cell reaches the bottom, so I was confused for some time wondering why I seemed to be losing randomly.

Thanks for making this game!

Thanks for playing!

I didn't intend the game to be this difficult so I tried adding things to make the game easier, like the fences in the snow area to act as guardrails. Although I guess this means once someone gets the hang of it, they'll feel extra rewarded?