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Jarrett Ang

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Yes, the circle would later become the wheel and be the greatest invention of the century for shapekind.

Thank you for playing, glad you liked the design! I enjoyed playing your game too especially the multiplayer aspect even though it was myself and 3 instances of the game.

That's weird, let's try to narrow down the list of possible problems.

  1. What browser were you using? Does the game work on other browsers?
  2. Is there any errors or such in the console?
  3. I'm guessing no but is the loading problem occurring on other Unity WebGL games?

I hope your loading problem gets resolved soon.

Sorry to hear about that, it was hard for me too, finding my own self-worth but I pulled through and I believe you will too . Thanks for your support for this game!

Other creator of this game here. Yup you would be right, the game's design was inspired by the Stanley Parable, especially those hallways. Although I have to say I like your game too. In my opinion, I felt that your game's pacing was better and a lot more interactive, also pretty cool that you can walk backwards to door 1 if you wanted to for some reason. 

I was also surprised when browsing the submissions that room 60 had an almost identical concept to us. Well you know what they say, great minds think alike.